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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Who English epp?(Unfading of our Indigenous language)

Growing up was fun. From infancy to adulthood, every experience has shaped me into the individual I have become. However, my life story is incomplete without a sheer regret.That is my inability to be fluent in my native dialect. Even with both parents from the same tribe and same village, I should have been in better position to be a Pro in my dialect but the reverse is the situation. Well, I'm still very much a learner. Shey it is better late than never.

I was surprised when I visited a colleague in her house, her two-year-old daughter was speaking Yoruba language fluently. Mind you she is from a much learned family. I was like wow. Had to ask how come? Her mother told me that her grandma made it mandatory that from the onset that it is good for children to know how to speak their mother tongue. At home was strictly for their mother tongue, then in school she could learn swi swi swi...wanna...gonna as it applies. Not bad if you ask me.It was the ease at which her daughter spoke the language that really caught my attention.

While some parents would frown at the idea of local dialect as unrefined, some others value the need and importance. I choose to go with the latter. No matter how educated you are, you should still go back to your roots. It is an advantage if both parents are from mixed tribes then their offspring could learn both languages if not one, abi?Some indigenous languages have dominated the minority ones. If proper care is not taken some indigenous languages would just fade out and nobody would place them in history.

 The English language is not bad itself but it should not replace what is rightfully ours. After all who English epp?(On a more serious note,It helped me pass JAMB, WAEC,  land admission in University,get toasters??? pass my exams and get a job) I must say that someone who cannot speak English fluently is a big turn-off sha.  The English language is our lingua franca and mode of communication no doubt but our indigenous language still have their roles and relevance in our society.

I think I was made to believe that knowing how to speak oyibo made you appear polished and educated. Well, it might be true to an extent but we all know that indigenous language is deeper than what we imagine. It has broken enmity. In time past, people were saved from war and ethnic disputes because of their ability to converse in their native tongue. Indigenous language creates a bond. It is a means of identification. Our identity. Our word. It is our culture. Our pride. It is our heritage. It promotes unity and mutual trust.

There are many scenarios native dialect has helped. Is it in the market when you can form ally with seller just because you are her town's person? Or is it when you want to speak in codes to prevent amebos(gossips) from prying into your matter? Even our proverbs sound better and meanings pass across deeply in our indigenous language? Have you tried worshipping/praising  God in your native dialect, it is sweeter and deeper?After all God understands all languages.

What of our native names? Names are better expressed in our native dialect. Long as they may seem, they hold deep revelations and strong affirmations.Their meanings are deeply felt.Even the shortened forms are lovely...

What do you think of our indigenous language?

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Rural versus Urban

 In the Oba's palace

Sometimes I question myself on which is better-rural life or urban life? Having gone on a trip to the rural area, Apa settlement to be precise in Badagry West local council area, I was kinda confused. Seeing women twice younger my age with children. At a point, I was like which is important-  education,career or raising children. We both had something that made us envious of each other. Seriously, it appears that there is a trend that we seem to follow. It is like during adolescence  and labour years the urban centre proves attractive but at retirement there is need to return to the rural life.

So what makes urban- urban? It has many infrastructure in terms of good roads, medical facilities, better communication network, housing, recreational facilities, financial and educational facilities. It has prospects for better job opportunities. Take the case of Lagos, it has been reported that daily about 3000 people migrate to the centre of excellence daily.  What exactly are they seeking for?  Greener pastures! There is the perception that the urban centre holds possibilities for many business ventures. Surprisingly, when one persons hammers in a one industry, others follow suit e.g pure water business, make- up,event planning e.t.c. There is competition for virtually everything.

On the other hand, the rural centre is basically devoid of everything that is obtainable in the urban centre. The habitants are used to primitive ways of doing things. Well...we are in 21st century and things have taken a u-turn. Nevertheless, the rural cannot compete with the urban in all ramifications.There is a knowledge gap. Most of the populace are into blue collar jobs. The white collar jobs are being reserved for their counterparts in the city.

The good thing about rural life is that it is devoid of congestion.  They play a key role in the development of any society. Rural areas are the food basket of any society. Their focus is primarily on agricultural activities. They provide the raw materials for industries to transform to finished products for consumers.

 Urban areas tend to be overpopulated. Traffic and housing congestion is peculiar to the urban centres. There is also high rates of crime and lawlessness in the urban centers.  There is competition for who lives in  the biggest mansion, drives the poshest cars, wears the designers and works in the best organisation.The rural people are in no competition with their neighbours. Unlike the urban centres,  there is the rush to hammer. The air in the rural area is fresh doesn not constitute carbon monoxide emissions. Food stuffs are cheaper and fresher in the rural areas because it is from the source. Land full brekete but some people would prefer to buy land in the happening areas in the city. Land remains an asset and  is invariable affordable in the rural areas.

My trip to Apa settlement in Badagry West left me thinking on the subject of rural life and urban life. Would I love to live in a rural area and forfeit the strife, stress, excitement and dramas of urban areas.Back to my expedition to Apa settlement, the people were very homely and accommodating. They were willing to oblige me and my accomplice. We went there for research mission but took time to visit the Oba's palace. Trust me, it was the right thing to do. We had to remove our sandals before entering the palace. As I lady, I was told to remove my cap. Funny enough, we didn't get to see the Oba's but we were able to grab some snapshots at his palace as you see below.

Is the rural areas meant for people who have retired and want to stay away from the stress of city life? Can the youth make it in the rural area? Why does the rural area seem so underdeveloped? Why is there large influx of people into the city? All these questions are not JAMB questions but require honest evaluation and reply.

As far as I am concerned, both the rural and urban area are important. Concentration should not only focus on the urban areas at the detriment of rural areas. There is the need for the creation of prosperous cities. rural areas should also be made attractive  and developed for human capacity building.
 Pictures are below;
 In the midst of  the Oba's awards and throne


 And  a Holy Bible was on the throne and the  two  seats at the sides had the Holy Quran

 Some portraits of the past Obas
 Beside the portrait  of the current King-Oba Oyekan Ajose Ilufemiloye Possi III

Visitors shown around

More portraits

 More awards and artifacts

The king's subjects seats

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

When he is not just in your league???


So there are some people that cannot fill in the gap no matter what. But they are also God creations naa. Brings me to the story of Sheneneh.

She is a Masters degree holder and works in telecommunications company. Sheneneh is not your everyday lady. She has ambition to go for a PhD degree.She is what we call a very independent woman.Shoes on her feet-she bought it. Clothes she wears-she bought them. House she lives in-she bought it.  For her relationship is 50/50.

That's how the other day, someone came to block her. It was in the bank. She had gone to deposit some money into her account. While she was removing the money from her bag, a flier dropped. She had picked it up and it drew attention she did not expect.

The security man could identify with the flier. It was for an upcoming programme in a church that he attended too.

The guy summoned courage and that's how he started chatting Sheneneh up.
" Do you also attend CCA?"
"CCA?" She answered back with a question.Nigerians and answering question with question.
" I mean Christ Church Apostolic?"
Now she could not lie or feign surprise so Sheneneh answered in the affirmative acknowledging that he must have seen the flier.

It didn't end there he went on .
"I also attend CCA. I am in bible study unit?"
In Sheneneh's mind she was like did I ask you. That's how the security guy was talking until the bomb dropped after she had done what she needed to do at the bank and was on her way out.
"Lemme have your number?" The security lad asked.

Sheneneh had already calculated...two plus two must add up to four oo.This security guard has liver to chike her even with her class.
Sheneneh did not want to appear like a snub so she was "politely rude". In the end,she ended up giving the security guy ela. Meanwhile an onlooker, another customer in the bank started singing "nobody wey no fit too make am" by  Patoranking. Her conscience would not let her be so she went back to the bank to collect his number than give him hers.  At least that was fair enough if she needed him he was among her contacts ko?

It doesn't go because he is not in her league.
Am sure sisters out there can relate to this. There are certain occupations, permit to list them that are not in your league especially if you are educated e.g ("comment reserve")you know now???
But wait shebi Rome was not built in day.And we know that these people are human beings also created by God. Personally, if you are not in my league i might not be good enough especially if you are someone that I would not be proud of. Mind you I am not a snob cos I'm very approachable.
Some guys be like- be doing shakara when you get to a certain age then you realise man na man(any man would do?) because oko won lo de ( translation men are scarce)# Well that's another talk for another day. Back to the matter, are there people you regard out of your league? It is not snobbery, I think its what we should call  ones standard.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Stereotyping...a human thing?


 Take a good look at the picture above. You have already formed stereotypes without blinking twice. The guy in the left would appear to you as someone  obviously into drugs because of his dress sense and looks. On the other hand, the guy in the right would strike as a banker or  a lawyer or any white collar job person. Reason that he is wearing a suit. But he could also be into drugs but the suit has formed a stereotype already.

We just cant seem to get over forming stereotypes. I think it is part of human beings. Sometimes it is wrong , other times it is true. It just kind of guides the way one would accept the other person... Other stereotypes that I have come across are listed below:

 Supposing a lady all made up with long nails and short dress should start preaching in a bus, people would raise eyebrows because they have formed stereotypes that she can not be "born again" whereas if another lady covers her head and is dressed in " mary amaka" one might be tempted to believe that she is really a brethren#Stereotypes

It is usually assumed tall guys are basketball players. might be surprised  that he is no where near  Michael Jordan.

 Another one is that ladies with beard are very wicked. Apparently it is like I have beards ( just three or four strands down my chin). Didnt even know until one guy drew my attention to it when we were discussing one day like that and ever since then the blade had been my best buddy weekly. But I am not wicked  that I am certain of.

And that any politician/government official /police with pot belly is corrupt, really?

Guys who have several foldings at the back of their head(kpomo) must be very wealthy. It is assumed that they amassed so much wealth that it had  gone to form folds at the back of his head. Please do you research and lemme know if it is true.

 This one is standard- Ijebu people are tightfisted. I have been in the midst of people from this part of the country and I think it holds oo. They don't like waste and dropping money is always an issue.

Edo people are into voodoo. Hmmm...Every Nigerian tribe virtually has witches and wizards but it looks like their headquarters is in....

Ibo people and money go together.  The Ibo people are so money conscious. Don't blame them, money makes the world go round. I am not Ibo but I like money too or don't you?

Other stereotypes include:
-Calabar girls make good cooks

-All bus conductors are school dropouts

-All tall girls are models

-Short people are aggressive and don't like intimidation

-Warri no dey carry last

-People from Ondo/Ekiti are very learned

-Left handed people are very brilliant...well, i  have not confirmed but so I heard. And then...

People who wear glasses are intelligent and first class materials. This one is very deceitful. Back in college, I was drawn to guys who wore glasses because I assumed they were very brilliant. Some people have developed tactics and started wearing glasses to create an illusion and impression to people....At a point, I wanted to wear glasses by force.

 How about every young unmarried woman in church prayer point is for God to give her husband. I mean there are other things that are pressing her like her business, visa, promotion,employment, money, a car, traveling abroad, education ...must it be that all she wants in life is just a husband???

 Please are there other stereotypes you can think of? Lets share....

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


    • You use the toilet without flushing.

    • You defecate in the bush along the express way
    •  You urinate by the roadside and by people's fences.
    • You throw waste from your vehicle or from inside a bus.
    • You think using swear words is fly.
    • You make noise while eating.
    • You don't apply what you learnt in school.
    • You go through school but do not let school go through you.
    • You scratch your groins in public.
    • You yell at the top of your voice when receiving or making calls in a public place.

    • You disobey traffic lights.
    • You take one-way roads.
    • You don't mind spitting anywhere and anyhow.

    • You are one of those guys that think a woman's place is only in the kitchen and that she is none other than a baby producing factory.
    • You blame the government for everything!
    • Add yours please...