Wednesday, 4 July 2018

#MacronInLagos: 7 Takeways from President Macron's visit to Nigeria

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History was made when French President, Emmanuel Macron paid a visit to Nigeria. The 39-year-old, who became the youngest president in the history of France, was delighted to be hosted by Nigerians. As we awaited his arrival, all was set to make an indelible impression on the French president. 

His first port of call was at Aso rock where he met with President Buhari. Of course, this visit to the most populous country in Africa would have been incomplete without  'touching' the center of excellence- Lagos State. The meeting point was the New Afrika shrine in the heart of the Ikeja, the state's capital. 

In an event tagged as 'A celebration of African culture' being hosted by Nigerian singer, Banky W, the French president in the company of the Lagos State governor, Akinwumi Ambode played the guests. Surrounded by music enthusiasts, Nigerian celebrities, diplomats, the media, the shrine was lit up to the highest climax of entertainment and infotainment. 

With thrilling performances from the artistes particularly from Femi Kuti, son of the Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the afrobeats legend, guests were held spellbound by the quality of good music and live performances. 

It was not just another occasion for merriment. It was also a good time to establish contacts and make lasting networks. To the fashion conscious, it was time to make fashion statement. Trust Nigerian celebrities, who were present, they 'did not fall' hand, they didn't not only make their presence felt, they made their fashion statements. Notable among them was Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde, Joke and Olu Jacobs, Rita Dominic, Ramsey Nouah, Desmond Elliot, Alexx Ekubo to mention a few who came decked up in different stylish attires.

The French president's visit to Nigeria left many imprints and they include:
-Nigeria reclaims its place in the world map not as the known corrupt and 'Shit-hole' country that it has been linked to but as a nation of hardworking and accommodating citizens, who are open-minded and industrious enough  to establish ties with their foreign counterparts

-In essence, the bilateral ties between France and Nigeria would become stronger. French investors would have no issues in doing business in Nigeria and vice-versa. With this integration, all barriers and limitation to trading and business ventures are now broken. Basically, free trade zones have now been established.

- Tourism, a thriving sector of the economy is being tapped into. Ever since, crude oil was discovered and became the mainstay of the Nigerian economy,other sectors suffered neglect. However, the French president's visit to Nigeria particularly to the Africa shrine has shown that tourism is very lucrative venture that can attract and serve tourists from far and wide .

- It has made Nigerians appreciate and embrace their culture more. With the introduction of westernization, the African culture, arts and music became relegated to the backseat. However, the French president's visit has made us to value and appreciate our culture more besides it  is our pride and identity.

- He serves as a big inspiration to the younger generation. It was gathered that before he became president, he worked as an intern in the French Embassy in Nigeria in the early 2000s before becoming the number one citizen of France. In other words, "if you can make in Nigeria, you can make it anywhere".

- With Nigeria housing over 180 million people and producing two million barrels of crude oil per day, this is an indicator to France that the country is a key economic partner for business investments and opportunities.

- A major merger between Nigeria and France to fight insurgency facing the former has been established and is another visible result of President Emmanuel Macron's visit.

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Monday, 11 June 2018


Leading Lingerie brand, SSHHH Boutique Ltd announces the opening of its first store in Abuja to meet growing demands for exquisite and affordable lingerie in the region. The store exudes sensuality and feminine prowess, definitely a first of its kind for Abuja!

The craftsmanship of every piece of lingerie at SSHHH is impeccable which makes them desirable to all women.  The 64 square-foot Boutique top sellers are foremost high-end brands representing beauty, comfort and durability.

The SSHHH Brand, which already has a store in the heart of Lagos, carries brands that are sultry, has feminine allure, and intricate details in redefining the African woman's sensuality through innovative and cutting-edge products.

Joy Adesanya, CEO of Sshhh boutique, commented that: "We look forward to becoming members of the local Abuja community and building our reputation as lingerie experts, with exceptional customer service in a lush boudoir atmosphere both to the locals and international visitors on holiday in the city”.  

Find fashionable and fully supportive Bras, Luxurious Sleepwear, Effective Shapewear, Hosiery, Swimwear and lots more from “In Demand” Nigerian and International designers such as Coco De Mer, Mimi Holliday, Bluebella, Nubian Skin, Bfyne, Andrea Iyamah, Curvy Kate, Magic body Fashion, Va Bien, Vedette and Revel Lingerie most of which are exclusive to the store in Nigeria and Africa, SSHHH remains the one-stop center for lingerie in the Country.

Located at Ruby Center, Amino Kano Crescent, Wuse II, SSHHH will officially open to the public today June 11, 2018. Business hours will be 10am - 7pm, Mondays through Saturdays. 

All customers are invited to view our various collections, sip, shop, enjoy free gifts and 10% off all purchases made between 11th and 16th June, 2018.
Facebook: @sshhhlingerie
Instagram: @sshhhlingerie
Twitter: @sshhhlingerie
Interiors designed & executed by @interiorculturebyobiageli
Photographer: @thecannonphotography
Store Number: 080 989 77774

Sunday, 10 June 2018

"Awoof dey run belle"

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What do you make out of a situation where you get to pay less than the original price? Probably a rare offer to jump at quickly? Or do you rush at the offer or pause to weigh your options before making a choice?

Sometimes having to pay less than the original price ( what we call 'Awoof') might not necessarily be a bonanza spree. It might be another bait to dupe unsuspecting customers. And as the saying goes, 'Awoof dey burst belle' which when translated means freebies/cheap things do not give optimum satisfaction or pleasure.
In essence, the beneficiary does not get to enjoy what he/she paid for in true sense after all.

My conclusion is based on some experiences proving that  it is better to go for quality and pay higher provided you enjoy what you paid for than pay less then end up spending more.

Forget Monday morning runs, Sunday morning runs also holds in this part of the world. Ever since church service included a special early morning series on finance, I deemed it necessary to attend all the series. Normally, I would have taken my time and gone for other later services where I would have time to dress up, makeup, eat and stroll into service.

However, the introduction of early 7 a.m finance series with top seasoned speakers in their fields giving financial insights, got me on my toes. Throwing away all my conveniences, I became more disciplined to make it all for the special Sunday series. After all, they said that the secret of great men is in their stories. Being an area, I would say I was kind of struggling with, I just had to make sure that  I attended all the series, learn and applied my learning. No data to burn to watch videos or money to buy tapes. I believe there is an anointing that comes with physical presence.  And that was my motivation.

I had two options: cab services or public transport. I opted for the later.  Don't ask me why. Early Sunday morning, the sleep was so sweet, I wished I would have continued but my alarm clock in the opposite room was disturbing. I had to get up to shut it up, that is how the sweet sleep left instantly. Preparation for Sunday service started immediately. Thankfully, I was done in the nick of time, I was sure I would get to church in time.

Everything was going well from when I got to the bus stop until I saw several buses beckoning me to fill up their seats. With so many bus conductors persuading the available passengers, I decided to go with the one with an unusual 'abnormal' low fare. First of all, this driver was taking time to leave the bus stop, he made sure his bus got completely filled with passengers. As I sat patiently without complaining, I felt satisfied that in the long run, I would have some change to keep.

Then, the  journey commenced and the normal tradition of transport fares were being collected by the bus conductor. All was going on well until the bus abruptly stopped on the way!

Without apologising to his passengers for the inconveniences caused, the bus driver came down from bus to change his tyre. Who does that? I mean, he knew quite well that he had a bad tyre but went ahead to carry unsuspecting passengers, no wonder the bus fare was 'unusually abnormally low' and we fell for that bait.

It was unwise to demand a refund, after all, on a normal day, the money paid was enough to take one to where the bus stopped. I could not wait for the bus driver to change his flat tyre; remember I  had a Sunday series to catch up in church. I jumped down from the bus and sharply looked for another. I ended up paying twice the normal bus fare based on my calculation. If I had followed my instinct, I would have paid once and for all and saved some money!

This brings back to another experience. As an undergraduate, I needed a pen to some assignments.  I got duped in broad daylight by the pen seller. She was selling a pack of pen(of a brand I have never heard). After tactfully convincing me to buy them, I ended buying the unidentified pen brand. To start with, she gave me one that was writing to test its effectiveness and that how I swallowed her bait.

It would have made more sense if I gently went for my bic pen but no I wanted a cheap one.  In my mind, I would have enough change to  buy other stuffs. In the end, the pack of pen bought were useless, had to buy another set and that meant spending more.

Would you go for quantity over quality? Do you jump at every offer without weighing your options? Do you follow your instincts or go with the crowd? One has to be careful because 'Awoof really runs belle" True or False?

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Why do women dress up? For themselves, men or other women?

Photo credit: SheKnows
One debate I find worrisome is the issue of  women dressing solely to attract a man?  Based on their status, it has been concluded that they do dress up only with the expectation of attracting the opposite sex.Why should this be the case? Can't a woman just dress the way she pleases provided it is not provocative?

Some time ago, an aunt, who came visiting, was literally dressed to kill. She was fully made up with her hair was on fleek. Now, this aunt was still single then. Side talks flowing from all corners said that she was dressing to 'sell her market' no wonder she was 'packaging'. 'Packaging' or not, she wanted to look good and feel good, so she owed no-one an explanation or apology.

How about married women? On a television programme I watched recently, most of the married women who called in to speak on the matter, said that they were basically dressing for their husbands.(On the flip side, there have been reported cases where at the dating stage, the woman remains hot and steps up her dressing game but after the marriage, she seems to care less of how she looks anymore). There have also been some conclusions that there are certain ways married and single women should dress.

A co-worker came to work agitated. I noticed she was not her usual self so I asked her what the problem was.  It was then she started narrating to me how she how the bus conductor has harassed her because of her clothing. According to her, the bus conductor had accosted saying that she should not be wearing a short gown after he sighted her wedding band. He added that such wears should be for single women and not someone of her status. She was confused as she was there anything wrong with her dressing? I replied that she should take it as one of those days; she should not take it too personally. Funny enough, the short gown was bought by her husband, case closed.

At times I wonder whether it is only married woman who should wear only loose clothes and the likes. Then the skin-tight dresses are for her single counterparts? And if she tries to switch then that makes her irresponsible or what?

What is the real essence of dressing? Basically, if it suits and complements one looks, one should go for it regardless of one's marital status.  With the woman created for the glory of man as revealed by the Holy Book, that appears to be another indicator that a woman's desire might just be for the man only. Besides, men are visual beings, so it is most likely that women who just want attention would do so by their through her dressing?!

How about other possible cogent reasons for dressing up? We must not forget that looking good is good business. It does not necessarily require breaking a bank but it just requires the right combination, knowing what suits one, the carriage and the personality of the person rocking the outfit.

There are other reasons why an unmarried/married woman would want to make a fashion statement. It might be that she is very passionate about fashion. What we would call a slay mama aka fashionista. It might also be to make her presence felt or leave a lasting impression with her adornments. She might also be dressing based on the climatic and environmental condition(even though at times you wonder how a lady would wear a sleeveless lacey gown in a fully air-conditioned room?)

A woman would also dress for identification based on her sex, occupation and status. One major reason any woman would want to  dress up is to cover her nakedness, after all, we have gone past the time in garden of Eden. Sometimes, she might be overdressed, other times she is underdressed; the rule of the game is to be modest. If fashion is her thing, then let her express herself the best way she can especially when she can afford it and has the body and confidence to rock it. It is not all about attracting the men. Personally, I do so for myself and to compete with other women.  Do you dress for yourself, other women or men?

Did I shake any table? ):

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Lagos State hosts first ever Tourism Summit 2018 (Photos)

Tourism, another thriving and key sector of any economy, needs to be more tapped into. As part of measures to grow this sector, the Lagos State government held its first ever Lagos State Tourism Summit that took place at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island on April 16. It was also an opportunity to showcase Lagos State rich heritage and culture.

The summit which was tagged "Destination Lagos: Towards A Sustainable Tourism- Driven Economy", had the Lagos State Governor , Mr Akinwumi Ambode deliver a special message with focus on developing a masterplan to make Lagos a mega city-state which is culturally attractive and functional. 

Another keynote speaker at the event was the former President of Ghana, Mr John Dramani Mahama, who noted that Nigerian and Ghana could collaborate to grow their tourism sector. According to him, Ghana ensures that 1 percent of taxes  go to the tourism of the country and the film act of Ghana, among other laws.

Foul panel sessions where papers were delivered and discussed by Nigerian tourism bigwigs and other invited guests,  included CEO of Access bank, Herbert Wigwe, Professor Pat Utomi, Honourable Desmond Elliot, Mrs Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi, Mo Abudu and others, was was one of the high points of the event.

Other guests included Nollywood stars, Monarchs and other Lagos State stakeholders. 

See more photos below:


Photo credit:, Instagram@akinwumiambode

Thursday, 5 April 2018

#AriseFashionWeek2018: Highlights of what went down

Why do people attend fashion shows? To stay updated with latest fashion trends? To meet with the who and who in the fashion industry? To establish connections and build relationships? To see the works of established and upcoming fashion designers and collaborate with them?  To slay and make a fashion statement?  To expand one's creativity? To get free souvenirs?  All these and more were obviously some of the reasons why people from different walks of life made it to Lagos Intercontinental hotel, Victoria Island - the venue of the Arise Fashion Week 2018.

After taking a long break from inception in year 2012,the Arise Fashion Week returned with a bang with stellar appearances on the runway from international top models particularly  Naomi Campbell and Oluchi Orlandi.

The  mind blowing  three day event made it an Easter to remember if you ask me. Even though, day one started on a slow note with the organisers starting pretty late, it picked up in the following days.One fashion fabric that stood out for me was the #Ankara, in different styles and designs, it left one completely mesmerised. It was creativity at its peak.

The red carpet ws another area that was bubbling with activity. It witnessed the arrivals of  fashionistas/guests all slaying their looks in different outfits of different colours and designs. The videographers and the photographers had a field day, as in there was no 'dulling'. Every opportunity was perfect to get the right shot and video.

More so, the show was the perfect opportunity for A-list and upcoming fashion designers to show case their creativity in their works. Some notable designers present included Gavin Rajah, Ozwald Boateng, David Tjale, LaQuan Smith, Lanre DaSilva, DEOLA, Jewel By Lisa, Ituen Basi, Odio Mimonet and more representing Africa.

The show featured over 45 designers from 15 countries (South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, France, Morocco, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Caribbean and Nigeria) that included:
  • Abaya Lagos / Nigeria
  • About That Curvy Life / Nigeria
  • Amine Bendriouich / Morocco
  • Andrea Iyamah / Nigeria
  • Aurora James / Canada
  • Banke Kuku / Nigeria
  • Bridget Awosika / Nigeria
  • Bukola Akomolafe / Germany
  • Chularp Suwannapha / South Africa
  • Colrs / Germany
  • Dzyn / Nigeria
  • Fashpa / Nigeria
  • Funke Adepoju / Nigeria
  • Gavin Rajah / South Africa
  • Gozel Green / Nigeria
  • House of Divas Lagos / Nigeria
  • House of Irawo / Nigeria
  • House of Nwocha / Nigeria
  • Ilare / Nigeria
  • Imad Eduso / Nigeria
  • Ituen Basi / Nigeria
  • Karolynne Ashley / Bahamas
  • Kenneth Ize / Nigeria
  • Kimono Kollection / Nigeria
  • Kluk CGDT / South Africa
  • Koko Kamala / Botswana
  • Lahnayo Midnigi / South Africa
  • Laquan Smith / USA
  • Laurenceairline / France
  • Lanre Da Silva / Nigeria
  • Lisa Folawiyo / Nigeria
  • LOZA Maleombho / Ivory Coast
  • Lulu Lingerie / Nigeria
  • Mai Atafo / Nigeria
  • Maxhosa by Laduma / South Africa
  • Maxivive / Nigeria
  • Moofa / Nigeria
  • Mustafa Hassanali / Tanzania
  • Odio Mimonet / Nigeria
  • Orapeleng Module / South Africa
  • Ozwald Boateng / UK – United Kingdom
  • Prim By Michelle Elie / Germany
  • Quiteria & George / South Africa
  • Rich Mnisi / South Africa
  • Rokus London / Ivory Coast
  • Style Temple / Nigeria
  • Sunny Rose / Nigeria
  • Thebe Magugu / South Africa
  • Tiffany Amber / Nigeria
  • Tinie Tempah / United Kingdom
  • Tokyo James / Nigeria
  • Tsemaye Binitie / Nigeria
  • Tzar / Nigeria
  • Vonne Couture / Nigeria
  • Weiz Dhurm Franklyn / US
  • Washington Roberts / USA
  • Yutee Rone / Nigeria
  • Ziva Lagos / Nigeria

It was also an array of models, both local and international, of different sizes, shapes and complexion bringing it on on the runway. Guess who made the models up? None other than House of Tara and they are known to represent professionalism. 

Speaking of the runway, it was quite broad enough. So no matter where one sat, it was possible to get the perfect view of everything happening at the show. The ambiance of the hall was another detail to not be forgotten in a hurry. It was spiced with abstract and latest music from Nigerian artistes-thanks to the DJ in the house.

Personally, I think the Arise Fashion Week 2018 deserves a round of applause for creating a world class event. It has come and gone but the experiences it left attendees to savour can only make them look forward and anticipate for a bigger Arise Fashion Week come 2019.

***Check photos of some of the attendees: #IShotIt

Check also some designs on the runway:

photo credit; roberttaylormedia