Tuesday, 18 December 2018

14 Types of People You Find on Whatsapp Groups

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It was a painful exit, but I had to move on. Knowing I am still guilty of this till now, I have decided to make changes. It was just when I thought I was getting accustomed to the group page that was when I got the shock- they removed from the Whatsapp group just like play.

I could have heaved a sigh of relief with the action. But then, the Whatsapp groups were becoming so many and monotonous on my device. They were killing my battery with their notifications and occupying my storage space. However, after carefully thinking through, I think I didn’t do well to have at least contributed to that particular Whatsapp group because it kind of aligned with my purpose and the members were of like minds, same interest and age group.

I consoled myself that after all I had other several Whatsapp groups I was part of. But really, it could be tasking when there are so many of them and then you decide which is important to stick with. So have you been in a Whatsapp group you were not participating that the administration had to remove you?

 I came up with a list of people you find in Whatsapp group, see them below and identify yourself:

1. The Talkatives
They are the ones who run your phone battery chats with their posts whether relevant or Dr irrelevant. They have something to say. In a way, they give the group life and keep it active. One would wonder if we don't hear from them throughout the day.

2. The Cliques
When a member of the cliques makes a comment, it is hard for another outside the cliche to contribute. It is only for the known cliches. An 'outsider' that tries to join the conversation would be ignored or made to feel they said something inappropriate.

3. The Silent ones
They keep mute. The only work they do is to go through other people's posts and comments.They say nothing probably because they have nothing really to say.

4. The Anonymous
No display picture, no status update.... for crying out loud, it is social media; they supposed to be social but no they are not. They are just been secretive or some would say they are displaying a high level of maturity?

5. The Stalkers
They are there to know what members of the group are up and about. Sometimes they go through the display pictures of members of the Whatsapp group just to feed their curiosity and 'taste buds'

6. The Smileys
They rarely say anything. Most times they use smileys to convey their thoughts. They are very good with the use of smileys.

7. The Rule breakers
Most Whatsapp groups have rules and regulations that guide the group but the rule breakers take no heed. From hate speeches to inciting religious posts to blackmailing posts, they break rules until the admin remove them from the group.

8. The Private chatters
It is group for crying out loud, must they announce that they would private chat another to make others curious or left wondering? They could have silently message whoever they wanted to without letting others know what they what up to.

9. The Bored ones
They are only active on the Whatsapp group to ease their boredom. At other times, they are busy with other activities with little or no time for Whatsapp messaging.

10. The Oppressors
The display pictures are always on fleek. It is a show off of their daily or life activities. This is for mostly the fashionistas or those that engaged with many activities.

11. The Impatient ones
Yes, they are impatient. Who gets added to a Whatsapp group and after one or three posts, leaves? It is more annoying when you make a comment, and suddenly some one leaves the group. You would be like- did I say something wrong?

12. The Lazy ones
They are lazy to type. I mean, how would one still be using social media shorthand to write? That's the height of laziness. Good enough, phones have auto correct to help typing fast, so what's the laziness about?

13. The 'Shellers'
They don't want to be left out. So to show  they have a voice and are 'English professors' in their own right, they end up 'shelling' on the WhatsApp group. Sometimes they are excused because it could have been the fault of their device or autocorrect became autowrong.

14. The Latecomers
They are usually the last to chip in their thoughts so that other members of the group would record that they added their comment. They might just end up starting another chat history.

Who did I leave out? Add yours

Saturday, 8 December 2018

My Trip To Olumo (God Moulded) Rock (Photos)

It was D-day for the Olumo rock trip -one I anticipated and was eager to go to ever since. The opportunity came and I jumped on it gladly. However, that very day I woke up feeling like a log of wood. I hit my snooze button thrice and on the fourth touch, I got up when I remembered that the Olumo rock trip was not free, it was a paid trip, ding! So would I sacrifice my sweet sleep for a day at the beautiful edifice? Definitely not. I wondered why of all the days the sleep was not as sweet that very day. 

After my usual morning routine, I hit the road dressed in sleeveless black top tucked in Ankara trousers on rubber Gladiator heels. Trust me, I went prepared with my knapsack. Inside it, was my face cap and sunglasses to protect me from the ranging sunrays, a bottle of water, and a book to read if bored, my earphones of course, my music playlist, my phone, a note book and handkerchief. 

We were to take off after church service from the church premises. I could tell it was going to be a good day, first all, I slept well then I bumped into a long time schoolmate that morning, for me that was a good omen and it sure was. 

I think the excitement of going to Olumo rock robbed my concentration of the church sermon. Immediately after service, I rushed to meet with other people going on the trip. As usual we didn't leave at the 'appointed time'. We fell for the 'Nigerian time plague' because logistics and planning was still ongoing. Finally, we left for Olumo rock. 

I must admit I had fun in the journey going because of my interesting bus mates. The journey to Olumo rock from take off point was approximately 2 hours.

Alas, we landed on Olumo rock. The sun welcomed us as it intensified its rays. The tour guide was a jovial chap who was glad to tell us the history of Olumo rock. According to him, Olumo  is Yoruba word 'God moulded'. He also took us down memory lane of the Egba people of Yoruba land who sought fortress in Olumo rock during the time of war in the 19th century. He also show us lovely art works, art designs, tie and dye(adire), accessories, books(It pained me that I didn't buy any), artefacts and others. 

Olumo Rock is located in the ancient city of Abeokuta in Ogun state. For more information,please check Olumo Rock

From the Olumo rock trip,  I learnt that if you want to go fast, you go alone but when you want to go far, you go with others. It was not easy getting to the top of the Olumo rock. I would not lie that I was scared of looking down or climbing the rocks but I overcame my fears. Yes, I learnt strength and overcame fear of heights. 

The laws of motion was applicable it wasn't easy climbing up but  it was much easier going down- same with life, isn't it? 

My shades and face cap were handy, the sun was so overjoyed it baptised us with intense heat but that the stop us from enjoying the adventure. I made new friends, I got a new perspective, mostly I saw the world from the peak, hence I would not be myopic minded anymore..... 

See more photos from the Olumo rock trip below:

Saturday, 3 November 2018

When The Scammer Tries To Outsmart You

Photo credit: VideoBlocks

Scammers, a.k.a 419ers, have upgraded. With the improvement in technology and social media, they have devised several strategies to dupe unsuspecting victims. It is at times like this that you need to ‘shine your eyes,’ lest you fall prey.
I’m not sure how scammers get the personal information of their victims, but they somehow always have the data. Recently, I received some annoying messages asking me to call certain numbers or give away certain information. My first instinct was to cover the sender with insults. Another move, if I had the time, would have been to bless them and preach the gospel. After all, they needed a change of lifestyle.
On this fateful day, an incoming call came in from someone not on my contact list. I actually thought it was a business associate. Since the environment was too noisy, I told the caller that I would return the call.
As I promised, I called back when I got to a noise-free environment. After a brief introduction that left me puzzled, the caller told me the purpose of the phone call. It was obviously a middle-aged man. I could tell from his voice. I decided to play along, play Ms. Nice.
It was with an intense irritation that I found out that it was a scammer. How he knew my name is what I still don’t know.
So what did he actually say?
He wanted me to serve as an acquaintance to lodge in a hotel where I would meet with another ‘business partner’ to ‘seal a deal.’ They had arranged that I get a certain percentage from the supposed business meeting. However, two things were involved:
I had to provide my bank details and I needed to be available to accompany them to the business meeting.
Who was I meeting with? No concrete explanation. How did you get my number? Still no valid response. And the man wanted me to just jump on his offer. Did I mention that he tried to lure me with a mouth-watering commission? Looking at my current account balance, I might as well forgotten my home training and given in. Thank God greed didn’t get the better part of me.
Come to think of it, I would not have granted the caller audience if he didn’t call back. As soon as I suspected foul play, I ended the call, but he remained adamant and called back. After allowing him to make a fool of himself for like close to 20-25 minutes, I politely turned down the offer and moved on with my daily activities.
That is just one of the many cases. How about Facebook friend requests? How someone with whom you don’t share mutual friends finds you and sends a request is quite surprising. The painful ones are the ones who start begging for money. I almost fell for those scammers. This time around it was not from an unknown person. It was from a schoolmate whose account got hacked. I was happy to receive a message from Tina. It had been long since we last saw or spoke to it each other. Our last meeting was during graduation. We lost contact during the compulsory National Youth Service Scheme. Thank God for Facebook, we reconnected and stayed updated with each other.
For a while, she went mute. Out of blue, she resurfaced. When my phone beeped, it was a message from Tina. I was so excited to hear from her. After we exchanged pleasantries via chat. Boom! She landed. She said that she was in need of a certain amount of money. According to her, she needed the money to send to a niece. She added that she was having difficulty sending money because of network issues on her mobile banking app.
I almost fell for that scam. I almost wanted to send the money; she promised to refund the next day. But something held me back. My instincts told me that it was possible I was being played. I turned her down politely. The next day, I got a message from Tina that it was a scam. She disclosed that her account had been hacked and it had been dormant for quite some time. No wonder she had been mute on social media. She left me wondering what I would have done if I sent the money requested. Imagine the pain of being duped. Thank goodness!
Have you been scammed before? How can you identify a scammer?

Saturday, 13 October 2018

13 Things You Would Find In My Hand Bag

Photo credit: Vogue Fashion

A woman's dressing is never complete without her handbag. Don't know about you but handbag is a must for me when I am going out. If at all, at all then I must carry a purse.

I know some guys be like whatever! duh*!@??? wetin concern me? and all that but notwithstanding decided to share. what is always in my hand bag. I also heard that men are not supposed to check a woman's bag. Probably for the fear of seeing the unexpected( like P.A.D and co...)All join.. .

Nevertheless, women have been known to carry all manners of things in their handbag.

A little flashback, a friend of mine came visiting and she was all dressed up. She was literally 'dressed to kill' and to add more elegance, her handbag totally slayed her looks. Playfully, I took her handbag to scrutinise its contents and then something made me to open it. Lo and behold, the only thing in her handbag was maize cob.:...Hmmm laugh wan scatter my belle that day.

So I asked her why now?
She was like the bag was too big and that she had to put something inside to make it balance.

Okay, that being said, I was like showing up prepared and don't want to be stranded in any situation so allow me to let you into things in my bag:

1. Earphones: As a diehard music enthusiast particularly of the new school, I may state that I can hardly do without my earphones. Music is like food to me. I hear it everyday. It gives me joy, energizes and motivates. Asides music, I use my earphones to listen to sermons and podcasts.

2. Biro: I love writing. As an undergraduate/Postgraduate while others would be photocopying notes, I would rather spend time copying notes in my handwriting. I just love writing. Biro or pencil helps me write ideas and my to-do lists. Remember, the shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory.

3. Notepad: Biro and notepad go together definitely. They are complimentary.

4. Powder: There was a time I dreaded looking at the mirror because I was always having pimples. Thank God, gone are those days because now I carry my powder that comes with mirror to occasionally look at myself and appreciate God's beauty and also to do touch ups.

5. Hanky: For those of us who sweat-thanks to the tropical climate in this part of the world where we come from. Handkerchiefs helps to blot oil and clean sweat.

6. Purse: It contains my ID cards, passport and key. And then, I keep the money for daily use in it.

7. My phone: This is another item that I hardly forget. As humans we must communicate so I always ensure that my phone is in my bag.

8. Bottled water:  Water is the universal solvent. Studies show that a large percentage of the human body is made up of water.More so, water has been proven to help the body immensely in a number of ways-good skin, relieves stress, aids hair growth and more.

9. Mint chewing gum: I tend to keep these in my bag. Sometimes I experience dryness of the mouth so I use mint chewing gum to the rescue. It also helps my breath stay fresh#IDoNotHaveBadBreathSha

10. Book: I tend to carry book(s) to give my bag a little weight and to read when bored. These days most of the reading is done online but I try to go the traditional way from time to time.

11. Shades:  I like to protect my eyes and at the same time look chic. A pair of sunglasses or normal glasses does the magic for me.

12. Tissue paper: It is a tale of once bitten twice shy. After I had a running tummy one time, the tissue became a sure buddy.

13. Power bank: With the rate at which I exhaust the battery of my phone by checking mails, messages, taking photos/videos and listening to music, I need a powerful power bank. It is always with me along with a charging port.

So its a wrap from me. Those are the main things you get to find in my handbag.For the ladies, what do you have in yours? For guys, what do you carry in your bags, too? Please share....

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

#WCW: 7 Times Nollywood actres, Nse Ikpe-Etim gave us #HairGoals

Nollywood screen diva, Nse Ikpe-Etim is one actress that understands her craft well. She rocks her movie roles effortlessly and make you believe the character she playing into reality.

My first encounter with this amazing actress was when she featured in Mr and Mrs. I was hooked instantly and decided that she is one actress I would definitely be following for everything relating to her movies, activities and works.

This popular actress, who is beautiful naturalista started her acting journey from the age of 18 as an undergraduate. She came into the spotlight with her debut appearance in television drama series 'The Inheritance'.  In 2014, she  made a comeback and bounced into the spotlight after an applaudable performance in Emem Isong's Reloaded. That same year, she won the Best Actress in a Drama award.

The light-skinned actress hails from Akwa Ibom state and is the first of six children. She attended Awa Nursery School and Command Primary School in Kaduna State. She had her secondary school training in FGC College, Jos and Federal Government College, Ilorin.

Nse Ikpe Etim, is the recipient of several awards and have several movies to her credit namely: 'Journey to self', 'Mr and Mrs', 'Fifty', 'Devil in Detail', 'Phone Swap' among others. Nse is married to her childhood friend, Clifford Sule.

Today, Nse is our woman crush, check out 7 times Beautiful actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim gave us #HairGoals below:

Which is your favourite look?

Photo credit: Instagram@nseikpeetim

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Can Nigeria have a Female President?

Angela Merkel, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Dilma Rousseff, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, Michelle Bachelet, Theresa May.....the list goes on. They are all women and what do they have in common, they are world leaders!

So the question is when would we have a woman lead Nigeria? Living in a highly patriarchal society, the women have been made to been only seen and not heard. They are marginalised even though they make up about 49.5% of the population. This ideology is rooted in cultural backgrounds, religions and traditions. We must not forget that Nigeria in past eras, had seen the likes of Queen Amina, the warrior who subdued states in the 14th century, Queen Luwoo, the female Ooni and Queen Idia, the first Queen Mother of the ancient Benin Kingdom take on the mantle of leadership.

From  the colonial era till now, women who take on leadership roles are still considered to be going against the fundamental norms of their communities.Thankfully, they are going past those limitations and conquering their territories. We have had women vice chancellors in the person of Grace Alele Williams and the likes. We have had women senators,e.g Patricia Etteh, governors e.g Dame Virginia Etiaba,(though short-lived was remarkably brave) ministers  and others.

However, the ratio of women to men in politics is still low. According to statistics, out of 1534 elective positions available at the national and state levels, women occupied only about 86 while men had 1449. This indicates that the difference between women and men actively participating in politics was 89%!

No wonder the Million women, a non-profit and non-partisan political community of women seeks to promote, improve and institute the participation of more women in elective and appointive offices. They organised a 2-day event for women vying for political positions. Different seasoned speakers such as Ini  Abimbola, Monday Michael Achibogu,  Adebisi Matthew among others, well-grounded and knowledgeable about Nigerian politics, spoke on topics ranging from elections, women in politics, fundraising, perception of women in politics, propaganda, sustainable grassroot intervention and more.

My key takeaway points at the trainng includes:
  • Start early, get involved
  • Register your PVC
  • Start by touching lives in your community
  • Women who go into politics are stereotyped to be widows, single women, harlots, divorcees and it is not the case. These women are more or less change agents, pursuing national interests.
  • Think of your interest, motive and conduct when vying for political positions.
  • Politics is not a game, it is a war
  • Don't contest for elections as woman, go as a candidate, drop gender
  • Learn the act of negotiation
  • Be dogged
  • There is no sentimentality in politics
  • Read books like 48 Laws of Power
  • Understand the power of words and persuasion
  • Dress accordingly to the target voters
  • Be ruthless in your decision and merciless in your distribution
  • Uncertainties is the best time for women to thrive
  • Demystify everything , allow facts outweigh myths
  • Politics can't be done without propanganda
  • Learn to fly kites that won't come back yo you, ensure your fingers don't get burnt in the process
  • Start by serving
  • Never make assumptions
Having said that, I leave you with this quote below:

Sunday, 19 August 2018

11 Types of People you find in the Marketplace

photo credit: The Trent

I  devised a strategy when going shopping in the marketplace- you don't dress too expensively less the seller would use that to determine your worth.  It actually works most times because the seller tends to increase the prices of her/his wares after she/he 'sizes' you up to know whether he/she made a good catch.

Interestingly, I buy things impulsively sometimes. At other times, it could be deliberate. When It falls into the later, I just deck up a tee shirt, shorts or trousers as it were and slippers and dash to the market. That way, the seller might not be able to tell or have an idea of your kind of person.

Funnily enough, it is at such times when I am 'too casual' that I get to meet people  I know on the way. It is annoying that times when you put so much effort into your dressing and look 'glammed up', you don't get to see familiar faces and nobody tends to notice.

Well, the essence of the casual look is to get a good bargain and not come off too wealthy less the seller uses it against one.

In the marketplace, I noticed that there are certain people you find. See them below and identify your category ;)

1. The Window Shoppers
These people have no intentions of buying anything. They are just there to know the prices of commodities. Hoping from stall to stall,  shop to shop, they inquire the cost of goods and services as it were. And off they go!

2. The 'No Time' Shoppers
They buy from their port of call-the very first seller they meet. They don't have time to go around the market, comparing prices and standards of goods or commodities. They usually leave the market in a jiffy. They get there, get want they want and disappear.

3. The Prudent Shoppers
These ones take time. Unlike the 'No time' shopper, they go from stall to stall, comparing and bargaining prices of commodities, ensuring that they make the best bargain and get value for their money.

4. The 'Lazy' Shoppers
They would prefer to send someone else to do their shopping for them. In some cases, you have to lie that you are not available or going to the market or they would cajole you to help them to do 'small' shopping for them. These set of people also have errand boys and girls that can do their shopping for them.

5. The Online Shoppers
They belong to the new school. they are conversant with the latest technologies. They have all the apps for online shopping. Everything is done online from shopping to payment to delivery. They live in a fast-paced environment and cannot be tied to traditional methods.

6. The 'Forgetful' Shoppers
They forget their list and end not buying all they wanted to buy. At times, they buy want is unneeded and other times, go out of budget.

7. The 'Sharp' Shoppers
They have a programmed memory. They do not need any list. They have everything in their memory. They are so used to going to the market that they do not need to scribble down any list.

8. The 'Mall' Shoppers
For them, they prefer going to the mall to buy what they need than go to the market. They have the advantage of dodging the harsh weather condition, be it rain or sunshine. The only issue they may face is long queues during peak periods of sales.

9. The 'Regretful' Shoppers
Have you ever bought something, only to find better ones or fresher ones (in terms of perishable commodities)? Well, then you fall into these set of people. It is usually wise to 'sample' all corners of the markets to search for the best to get the best.

10. The 'Undecided' Shoppers
They are usually indecisive. They do not how to choose what they want. Most times, they prefer going with someone more 'experienced' in shopping to help them in making their choice.

11. The 'Persuaded' Shoppers
These set of people like being persuaded to buy stuff. If the seller does not beckon to them or persuade them, forget it, they would not be moved to buy anything.

Having said these, which shopper are you or which one did I leave out?