Thursday, 27 December 2012

Is it this bad???

Friday, 7 December 2012

You are in the wrong relationship...

WHEN YOU LACK PEACE ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP. Any relationship in which you have nagging feelings, insecurity, worry and fear will definitely lead to tragedy. Roman 2:15 2. WHEN THE RELATIONSHIP IS FORCED ON EITHER OR BOTH OF YOU. Relationship can be forced against the wish of the lovers by parents, gods of the land, pastors’ prophetic manipulation, monarchical authority or continuity in political power. Genesis 38:6-9 3. WHEN YOUR PARTNER BEATS YOU ONCE IN A WHILE. It is a bad omen if your fiancée or fiancé beats you once in a while, even if it is a slap per annum. Whatever warrants your beating today will make him or her to stab you with knife or shoot you with gun tomorrow. 4. WHEN YOUR PARTNER IS A DOUBLE DATER. Double dating means to express marital commitment to more than one partner. A double dater is a potential polygamist who gives his/her body but not his/her heart. 5. WHEN YOUR PARTNER IS FETISH AND SUPERSTITIOUS. When your partner begins to suggest visitation to shrines, witch doctors and herbalists to find solution to challenges of life, it is unsafe. 6. WHEN YOUR PARTNER SMOKES, DRINKS ALCOHOLIC DRINKS AND USES HARD DRUGS. Anyone into any of these will always behave abnormally or strangely. Many of them end up in psychiatric hospital. 7. WHEN SEX IS INVOLVED. Sex is allowed only between MARRIED COUPLE. Any sex before or outside marriage is a sin. Read 1Cor 6:18-19 and 1 Thessalonians 4:3 8. WHEN YOUR PARTNER IS ASHAMED TO BE IDENTIFIED WITH YOU IN THE PUBLIC. This is a sign of indirect rejection and disowning and this is dangerous. 9. WHEN YOUR PARTNER PERSISTENTLY THREATEN DISSOLUTION OF RELATIONSHIP. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. It is a sign of lack of interest in the relationship.
10. WHEN YOUR PARTNER IS ALWAYS IN THE COMPANY OF PEOPLE OF QUESTIONABLE CHARACTER. People of questionable characters such as armed robbers, drug addicts, hooligan, hoodlums, ruffians and cultists can influence him/her negatively. *11.GOD FEARING FACTOR-When he/she lacks consciousness of God or does not pray or does not care for his/her spiritual growth. *12.SOCIAL CIRCLE-When all his/her friends and relations has abandoned him-Then something is wrong with him/her * 13. WHEN YOUR PARTNER IS STINGY and/or LAZY. Stinginess & laziness are two different spiritual invitations to poverty and a miserable life. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxculled