Monday, 28 January 2013

Making up or make up???

Looking good is good business.Ask any woman what's on her priority list,she would tell straight up- to look stunning and make heads turn.No matter how modest she may claim to be,deep down she would really seeking attention.Some people believe make up is strictly for the fashionistas,others feel it is for those that have flaws and want to cover it up-they say that the reason its called make up to cover up for what is not there or make up for what is not accentuated.The typical woman applies one form of make up no matter how insignificant it is.Making up is not neccessarily to grab attention,its a form of self care.Imagine talking to people with dry lips or bushy eyebrows or unkempt hair.
Make up is not only the application of cosmetics to the face,its the total package from the hair do,to the face and the person involved.Truth be told,one could do an expensive makeover but if one vital cosmetic is not applied then the whole essence is lost.A smile is inexpensive and it is the most important make up any one must have on.
Make up could transform an ugly duckling to a beauty queen.This does not neccessarily mean that some people are ugly but whatI am trying to draw out here is the relevance of make up.Besides the holy book rightly pointed out that we are fearfully and wonderfully made but some ladies still get oppressed in the midst of their mates.Hence, make up is a source of self esteem.The wearer of make up has this aura and appearance that makes her act differently and carry herself well compared to someone that looks plain.
The make up industry is here to stay with many brands to its credit and notable people to associate with or relate with as it were.In Nigeria,Tara Fela Durotoye is the name that stands out when it comes to make up.However other notable and talented make up artiste are springing up and dominating the scene.Make up is big business.People demand make up for wedding ceremonies,photoshoots,fashion shows,birthday celebrations,events and even in the movie industry as well as the entertainment industry.As much as this is a welcome development and a step in the right direction,when abused it becomes an eyesore. Ladies should know what fits them from time to time, they could experiment but it bests to find what suits you,stick to it or modify it.They should also invest in quality make up cosmestics.There is a saying that good soup na money kill am same goes for make up too,to have the desired look,one should go for quality rather quantity.There's a thin line between making up and painting the face,making up is following the procedures and consulting a make up specialist or doing it yourself following the neccesary steps.Painting of the face is done harshly more like competing with a masquerade.Every lady should know the golden rule that less is more>>>>

Saturday, 12 January 2013

27 Cakes

First Birthday cake, beautifully decorated with the inscription of her name on it and just a candle placed in the center…she didn’t really understand what was going on but there were so many smiling and happy faces; most of them-children. The loud music that spiced up the occasion created a good feeling. “Blow the candle and make a wish” Her mother holding her closely said to her and of course she didn’t understand. The next thing she saw was that the candle flame had gone off and what followed was the eating of the cake.
Second birthday cake was obviously bigger than the first .This time it had cartoon characters of Barbie and Minnie mouse. Then it came to the part she was looking forward to-The eating of the birthday cake! It was scrumptious and had the chocolaty feel. She would mind eating non-stop. There was so much to drink and eat, thank goodness!
The third birthday cake was accompanied with several gifts waiting to be opened. She was getting impatient because she wanted to see what was inside .Guess she would have to wait for the end of the merry-making and ceremony.
The fourth birthday cake was made by her aunt who had done a perfect job. The celebrant had gone to do a special hair do and wore a special dress. She had come to terms with the word “Birthday”, it was something to look forward to and she would mind celebrating everyday.
The fifth birthday cake was cut in her classroom. Her birthday had fallen on a school day. She was the cynosure of all eyes. Basically, all the pupils were passing by her class-Primary one yellow to get a glimpse of the nicely baked cake even though they knew that their chances would be slim to have a bite of the cake. Her school did not allow mufti so she was on her uniform!
The sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh birthday cakes would be forgotten in a hurry because they had been under the lens of the photographer. They had also come with special gifts: a doll for the sixth, a storybook for the seventh, a mathematical set for the eighth, a teddy bear for the ninth, a mini keyboard for the tenth and a phone for the eleventh!
The twelfth birthday cake was sent from home to her school. She was in the boarding house and her movements were restricted. But somehow, her parents had come visiting that day and luckily for her, it was a visiting day. The taste of home food and the well packaged cake were enough appetizers. She would be careful to let her seniors in the school to be aware that it was her birthday lest they help her to finish the goodies.
The thirteen birthday, her physique was becoming transformed-the sight of those “agbalumo-like” breasts. The increase in her height, the widening of her hips and the introduction of menstruation revealed that she was now a woman and that if she was “touched” she could get pregnant.
The fourteen, fifteenth, sixteenth birthday, were spent in school with her girlfriends. The cake didn’t really matter; it was the get together, the games and photographs. She was having issues with her folks especially her mum who was monitoring her. She felt she was under tough scrutiny. Why was there something always wrong with the way she was dressing besides it was the in-thing and her mother was old school.
The seventeenth birthday was celebrated after she had completed her final exams in the Secondary school. It was double celebration-she was a year older and now a school leaver. Her exams were a piece of cake and she was certain that she would come out with flying colours.
The eighteenth birthday marked a new phase in her life. She was entering into a new world-free from the prying eyes of her mother. Would she let loose or keep her head in check. She had always craved for freedom and she had it on a platter of gold. She had to be careful so that she does not get carried away by the obsession to meet fashion trends, make up, parties, popularity and other vices but rather focus on her major objective to which is to get a degree.
The nineteenth birthday cake was made a friend-a caterer who did a perfect job. In the year to come she would no longer be a teenager so she was determined to make the best of the day. Her phone was filled with messages and the calls were from all centres. It was a good feeling to be remembered and appreciated.
The twentieth birthday cake was decorated wonderfully and tasted delicious as it looked. Wow! She had been transformed from a teenager to womanhood. The negative thoughts that she was getting older were creeping in but she fought the those thoughts with the assurance that she was quite young, intelligent and very beautiful at least the number of suitors had risen and that alone made her feel good.
The twenty-first birthday cake was celebrated in low key. It was a time to project and plan for her future. What did she want to do with her life; why was she created and what was her purpose. She had become committed to her relationship with God and vowed to do away with earthly pleasure and live solely for her maker. She had also developed a steady relationship with her heart throb who she had met in the University.
The twenty-second birthday cake cutting was a double celebration because it marked her graduation and the day she was born. Thank God for family, friends, her boyfriend, roommates and course mates. A large chunk of the day was spent at church for thanksgiving-It was dancing galore.
The twenty third and twenty-fourth birthday cakes were spent with her lover. They had gone out to have fun; just the two of them. Having time to themselves, to plan, project and prepare for their future. She was getting older but was she getting wiser. That was a question for her alone to answer.
The twenty-fifth birthday cake was a milestone. She had been welcomed to womanhood. Marriage seemed to be the top of the list of her agenda. In her mind, she wished that she could take off some years from her age. There was so much she wished that she should have achieved by this time. However, the future looked promising especially now that she had just completed the mandatory. She decided to focus on seizing the day by making everyday count by doing things that drew her to the destination that she envisioned.
The twenty-sixth birthday cake was cut in her marital home. It felt good to be married to someone who loved her and vice versa. The children were on their way pretty soon but for now herself and her husband had the house to themselves. She had assumed new responsibility. A new world, a new life and a new chapter had been opened for her. he was also a career woman, being employed in the Telecommunications industry was quite demanding but she had developed a sense of responsibility to enable her strike a balance between her career and her home.
The twenty-seventh birthday cake was different because they was a new addition to her home. She had become a proud mother of twins-a boy and a girl! The journey of motherhood had just started for her. It was a wonderful feeling. Her joy was full. She would watch her children grow. She was married to the love of her life and she had two lovely children and more were on their way. Every event of her life had been orchestrated by her maker. Her first birthday up to the twenty-seventh had been wonderful with different peculiarities. She was pretty sure that the forth coming birthdays would bring happier and joyous memories to cherish.