Friday, 3 May 2013

Can't leave home without these>>>>

1. SAYING MY PRAYERS-I cannot leave home without a word/words of prayers from my lips.It charts the course for how my day would turn out to be and it is a  medium for giving honour to whom honour is due for making to see another day.I tell my creator my plans and asks Him to make it to be in line with His will.

2.MY PHONES-call me an addict,i can not forget my phones unless i wanted to do so deliberately.I use it to browse,stay updated,save ideas,check meanings of words,listen to the news/messages and most interestingly play music.I love music lie mad!

3.LIP GLOSS-One of the confidence boosters.It is not a  pretty sight to have dry lips.It saves you the problem of licking your lips every now and then besides one is not LL Cool J.

4.A PEN AND NOTEBOOK-It has been said that the shortest pen is longer than the longest memory.One can get inspiration from anything;people,colours,natures etc and it is always best to write,besides I love to write.

5.CASH- money to spend,I do not want to end up stranded so It is best to take more than enough though there might be temptation to overspend.well self discipline has taught me the lessons of self restraint.
Do you have any additions or suggestions???