Sunday, 15 September 2013


The menu for the day is moi-moi.The finished meal is a wonderful delicacy that could be eaten alone or served to complement  rice be it jollof rice,fried rice or coconut rice.Moi-moi could also go with pap,custard or bread.It is highly proteinous.It sometimes spiced with smoked fish or boiled egg.Some people prefer to cook it in leaves,others in specials pans.Whatever mode of preparation,moi-moi is an ideal meal in Nigerian home.It is also visible in ceremonies like birthday parties,weddings,anniversaries,house warming celebrations,engagements and so on.

As much as Moi-moi is a household delicacy,Its preparation has taught me the act of patience.Washing of beans is not an "easy" task as it requires full commitment and perseverance.The other day I wanted to prepare moi-moi so after I soaked the beans,the next thing was to wash the beans.I rubbed the beans against each other with the use of my palms.This process continued for up to five or more times yet there were many beans that were still unclean.This made me tired and I just could imagine the process of cleaning each bean seed by seed.When would I be through???But this was neccessary for it to ready for grinding.

My impatience grew and I decided to grind the partially washed beans like that.The outcome -the mixture turned out to be totally dark brown.Quite unusual to the kind of moi-moi that I'm used to which is whitish in colour but with addition of pepper it becomes reddish white.The dark brown moi-moi was not appertising and it tasted quite different.Did not enjoy the meal.So the next time moi-moi was on the menu list,I made sure I soaked the beans longer and took my time to wash the beans thoroughly.I had my earphones on and was listening to my favourite tunes so it was not boring.I noticed it was even faster with  help from my sister.

Monday, 2 September 2013

1 Year down the line...

WOW! So my blog is officially a year old.I stumbled into blogging.I always loved to write and express my thoughts as well as share information.Thank God for this platform.Blogging has become the in-thing.Every tom,dick and Harry has a blog.Everyone wants to show his/her writing prowess. I want to thank those for taking out time to read my write ups but never made any comments.Guess it is an indicator that I need to work harder .This calls for rebranding,restartegising and revamping.My blog is taking new dimensions and it is more reader friendly,engaging ,juicier and captivating...It just got better!