Saturday, 5 October 2013


I just a new pair of heels.At the purchase point,I could not resist its design.It was just perfectly fitting.It looked lovely and sexy.It  is a showstopper any time.Of all the shoes that where being exhibited for sale that heels particularly caught my eyes.The seller had looked at me and understood my personality immediately that he brought out like three pairs of the gladiators heels of different designs.I did not even bother trying to walk with it.I had been carried away by its appearance.

The thoughts going through my mind at that point was how I was going to be the cynosure of all eyes,the hottest chic and the envy of all the ladies in the house. .I am kinda used to wearing low heels -flats sandals and ballets.What had actually informed my choice of getting heels was the church I attend.Virtually all the ladies were on heels.Apparently,if you were not on heels,you would seem inferior or out of place.There was something heels did to the wearer,it kinda boosted confidence,charisma and sex appeal.It made one feel on top of the world.There was a particular way of walking when on heels-cat walking!

As much as heels brings a kind of aura,it isn't every lady that knew how to rock it.Some wore it forcefully and walking in them posed as a big problem.Passers-by watching this wanna -Be's can help but laugh or make jest.Other embarrassing episodes was a case of the heel given way,it fell off.Probably it was one of those Aba made or just one of the unlucky days.