Friday, 25 July 2014

Are you Mr Right?Apply within

It was a radio programme for matured singles to call in to hook up with potential partners. A good number of the callers had "unrealistic" expectations. One of the guys wanted his lady  to be about 5ft 8 inches,fair,educated,working probably as a fashion designer,lawyer or banker .In addition,the lady must be very cute  and between a particular age range.In other words,any lady that didn't match up to these standards should not bother applying.Other guys who called in followed suit. Female callers also called in and gave their specifications-the man should be tall,dark and handsome. He must work in an Oil and gas industry,the bank or telecommunications company.

 Surprising,all the callers wanted God-fearing partners. Everyone wants some one who practices his/her faith conscientiously. Well,as much as I don't buy into the idea of blind dates,it is not a bad venture. It favours those who have learnt to persevere and accommodate their partners inspire of their flaws and differences. In other cases,people who have high standards or unrealistic expectations have continued to waste their time because of they didn't really get want they wanted. They have forgotten that every marital relationship is a union of two imperfect people working towards perfection. When people raise the bar the put a lid over themselves, which makes them inaccessible and before you know time has gone.The individual gets older and might result to a marriage out of desperation.

The story is told of a man that married a woman who according to world standards was unpretty and unrefined.The couple went for their honeymoon.On their return,people were unsure if the woman the man returned with was the same as the one he went with on honeymoon.The difference was clear.The woman had blossomed and was radiating with beauty. The man had taken time to nurture his bride and cultivate her for his delight.Every one involved in a relationship is a work in progress so should time in working on themselves particularly and others rather than setting standards.I would round off with these words copied from a Facebook post" Stop looking for Mr Right(Miss Right) if you find Mr Left(Miss Left),hold him(her) and drag him (her) to the right!*winks*

Friday, 11 July 2014

Enroute Kano Zoo

I am a geographer by training,a blogger by passion. Geography entails the interaction of man in space.One aspect of Geography is exploration.This has to do with discovery of places.Welcome on board as I take you on a tour around Nigeria particularly to places I had the opportunity to visit and would visit.Our first bus stop is Kano state.

Kano state is known as the commercial center.It is regarded as the most populous state in Nigeria as at the last population census carried out in 2006.The major religion of Kano indigenes is Islam.The governor of the state is His Excellency Rabiu Kwankwaso.Kano has 44 local government areas. Kano is an empire territory and its capital is Kano. Recently,a new emir was appointed to replace the former emir,Ado Bayero (of blessed memory) in the person of Mallam Sanusi Lamido.

There are many tourists attractions in Kano state-The walls,the museum,library etc.But for this write-up  our focus would be on Kano Zoo. It is located at Zoo road in the central business district. In geography parlance,The central business district(C.B.D) is the center for all economic activities in an area.I had visited the Kano zoo as a corper but still had to pay the normal gate fee without discount. The zoo houses hyenas,lions,zebras,giraffes ,monkeys and other wildlife.I was fascinated by the giraffes,feeding them was fun. The lion was rather lukewarm maybe further provocation would have made it livelier.But who was going to stir up the anger of a lion?It sat down lazily and was just yawning all day!

The hippopotamus was another sight to behold only that a larger part of its body was submerged in the water.The ostriches were very big with their long necks and legs.The peacock spread its feathers proudly as it strutted pass the field.We  had a zoo attendant  that showed us around until he had to assist some other visitors.The visit to Kano zoo was incomplete without the taking of photographs session.After which we had to grab to some snacks and drinks to quench the hunger in our stomachs.It had been a fun-filled day and dusk was about to break.It was time to return to our abode.The driver came on time and we were homeward bound.,874352p

Saturday, 5 July 2014

10 sure signs you are in the right job

By Peter Economy)
“Some people walk into the office and have a happy air about them, an emotion that tends to rub off on the people around them. These happy people are extremely important to keep in a business, as they have the ability to change the entire environment of an office space in seconds. Are you one of them?“

We all want a rewarding job or career. After all, they say that if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. But it can be difficult to know whether you’re really where you want to be. If these 10 signs hit home with you, chances are good you are, in fact, in the right place. But if you can’t answer in the affirmative very often, you might want to start looking for a new opportunity–right now.

1. You wake up energized each morning
Are you typically excited and enthused to get up in the morning, get your day started, and head to the office? Believe it or not, many people are. It’s simple, really. When you love what you do the excitement comes naturally–even at ungodly hours.

2. You look forward to tackling your to-do list each day
Whatever the day brings, you’re excited and ready to take it on. Tackling your to-do list and being able to fill it with a new collection of to-dos for the next day exhilarates you. (Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get what I mean.) People who love their jobs accept and embrace the day-to-day routine of what they do, knowing that the little things have to be done first to get to the big things.

3. You exude happiness
Some people walk into the office and have a happy air about them, an emotion that tends to rub off on the people around them. These happy people are extremely important to keep in a business, as they have the ability to change the entire environment of an office space in seconds. Are you one of them?

4. The day seems to fly by
Instead of being one of those people who is constantly watching the clock, you instead feel that there aren’t enough hours in your workday–in the good sense. You wish you had more time to accomplish tomorrow’s tasks and get even farther ahead of the game.

5. You enjoy time spent in the office
Your family or friends may not understand it, but you actually like being at work. When you’re in your element doing what you love, you feel at your best.

6. You are eager to take on new projects
You aren’t racing the clock or trying to get ahead of others, you simply look forward to the next big thing you can tackle, and you work hard on your current projects so you can get to the next ones.

7. You are optimistic
If a deadline is coming fast and your team seems to be lagging, you’re the person cheering everyone on and motivating them to get things done. When other people get overwhelmed you are the one that is making the light at the end of the tunnel seem a lot closer than it appears.

8. You see the company’s goals as your own personal goals
You dream about it. You envision it on your drive home. You know that if you hit that goal at work you will feel good, and in doing so you’ll be well on the way to achieving your personal goals. People who internalize their work goals go far in life, and especially far in their line of work.

9. You are helpful and genuine to your coworkers
While most may regard their coworkers in a competitive light, you truly want to help everyone you can. Coworkers know that they can come to you for help or questions and that you will always make an honest attempt to assist. You are kind and your genuine nature shines through, which makes people want to work with you.

10. Your positivity flows over to your personal life
People who love their jobs are more likely to have fulfilling personal lives outside of work. Whether they’re traveling, in a sports league, or lounging at home, their positivity inspires others and magnetically attracts other people toward them.
(Source: INC)