Friday, 29 August 2014

Church Panorama

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Do you use jazz...then your name should be Don Jazzie!

So I read in the newspaper of how a bricklayer wanted to test the authenticity of a charm given to him by a herbalist. The charm was to make his body bullet proof. The bricklayer had called his cousin carry out the experiment - to shoot him with a gun??!!?? .Honestly,I find this very amusing that someone would not mind using his life for trial and error when animals were available?What made him believe the so-called herbalist? What did he need such charm for?The story ended in tears and regret as the bricklayer got wasted after the shoot out.

Africans are known for black power/ voodoo otherwise called  jazz or juju or what do you call it? This trend dates back to the days of our fore-fathers. They relied on supernatural powers/charms from their various deities .With the invasion of the white man,their mind sets and orientation tilted in the direction of religion/western education. However, religion has not be fully embraced  because there are still diehard traditionalists. There are people who hold onto traditional beliefs and customs.  Even the home videos make us believe in traditions and its effects.

In school,we hear of guys using "touch and follow" for girls who refuse to give them attention.In home videos,the women use jazz to win their men over or to torment their enemies. If a girl makes a guy fall hopelessly in love with her,people around would say she is using jazz.If student passes an examination and people know well that the student is an olodo ,the usual response would be that he/she used jazz.If a pastor has a ministry for healing,you would hear side talks that he uses jazz. A person scales a job interview,others that were rejected would infer that the selected candidate probably used jazz.  A politician wins an election,of course he could not have won without the help of jazz.

In newspaper,there are adverts  that promote witch doctors who do good luck to wealth to promotion to fame charms.We all know that these means are selling ones soul to the devil,this usually comes with a price tag and severe consequences.Well, I do not know if charms do work but I believe there is a greater force that controls every other. This is in line with my christian belief- that at the name of Jesus,every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. This proves his supremacy.After all said ,the surest bet is to keep ones hand clean,maintain a clear conscience and rely on the Almighty for protection from unseen forces and the good life!. #KeepCalmAndDontRelyOnJazz

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Law of Ebola

Actually thought Ebola was another slang like the popular Doro bucci,a song popularized by the Marvins crew. Those who wanted to feel fly  added the prefix "Doro" to their names e.g DoroSandra,DoroPeter and so on.It would not have been bad to use Ebola also as a prefix too(now that's a joke),but not until it was discovered to be another deadly disease without cure. Ebola disease has been trending and no one would say that he/she is not aware of its presence. Even the common man/woman in the streets knows the virus is ,its symptoms and preventive measures .

Reports show that Ebola has been discovered as far back in 1967 but it is rather  unfortunate to have resurfaced into recent times. The news went viral of a Liberian diplomat who suffered from the Ebola virus on a mission to Nigeria before passing away. The hospital that he was even admitted had to be shut down as part of preventive measures to control the spread of the virus. People have been raising alarm over the outbreak of this dreaded disease.Trust social media to keep one updated!Some people would want to capitalize on this,particularly herbalists who claim to have the cure for Ebola virus. The government has warned the public to avoid patronizing such people, because if caught, both customer and service provider would be made to face the wrath of the law.

 Ebola virus has hit the commodity market particularly that of sanitizers,disinfectants,medicated soaps,antiseptics and bitter kola in the sense that their the demands for these has tripled. Some people have resorted to traditional means of driving away diseases through the chewing of bitter kola. While sanitizers and the likes are doing well in the market during this period,others commodities are experiencing sharp decline such as bush meat,suya and kilichin.Even commercial sex workers too are affected.Ebola virus spells bad business for them.

 People are afraid to rub each other in the bus or cabs for the fear of contacting Ebola through body fluids such as sweats. They rarely give hugs and hand shakes.It has been minimized to only salutations.Suddenly everyone has become suspicious of their neighbour.Any one who is ill would be diagnosed with Ebola virus before getting to the hospital.Couples are being chaste and there is no room for infidelity-a good thing if you ask me. I was surprised when at the bank that bankers have started wearing hand gloves to carry out operations.
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 The law of Ebola states that there would be an increase in the purchase of antiseptics(and the likes) and a decrease in the purchase of bush meat(and the likes). It also states that couple would stay loyal to each other and human contact would be reduced to the barest minimum.#NeedISayMore#KeepCalmAndStaySafe