Saturday, 13 September 2014

Nigerian Mentality

Nigerians can be very funny. These days they hardly sleep with both eyes closed and any slight sound could wake them from slumber. The maxim is true that nobody wants to die but everybody wants to go to heaven. This goes to show how human life is precious. The only person known to have laid down his life for another was  Jesus Christ. But wait, this guy -Jack Dawson(Leonardo  DiCaprio) died for his sweetheart, Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet ) in the movie, Titanic. Well ,that's a movie,does it happen in real life???  And even Bruno Mars was willing to catch a grenade for his girlfriend? I hope he was not making mouth!

So imagine a scenario where someone was running towards you?Without thinking twice,you would outrun the person running by impulse.  The rule of the game is survival and everything else follows. Now that is the Nigerian mentality. As funny as this appears,it is a serious matter when you are in such situation. Rather than ask what is going wrong or get information? The first thing is to ensure ones safety.

In school as an undergraduate,I was going for lectures in the company of a friend and then suddenly, some groups of students started running towards us. We(my friend and I) didn't check or ask what was happening instead with we took to our heels. Others coming that saw us running followed suit. It took the bravery of  some other students to get to the bottom of the stampede. These "brave" students thought it best to ask questions.That showed wisdom.

To think that there was nothing serious about the commotion. It was only a group of students that were rushing to secure best seats for their class,and to also ensure that they got to the lecture hall before Mr Lecturer. And  we(My friend and I)  had assumed that it was something awful maybe a riot or the lion had escaped from the U.I zoo( because the zoo was close by )or maybe there was a mad man displaying??? All these were assumptions and can not be excused either way. However, there are two sides to a coin,was it not another school of thought that said curiosity killed the cat. Sometimes doing olofofo can cause big trouble.Would it be better to flee when you are unsure of any stampede than to get to the bottom of it.#safety first and every other thing follows