Thursday, 30 June 2016

Science versus voodoo?

Science versus Voodoo???

Different explanations for the occurrence of phenomena in space.I thought phenomena can be proven scientifically but appears tradition still stands. History makes us know that before the introduction of science, our forefathers practised voodoo (black magic)-as we speak, it is still very rampant. Have you heard of court cases where witnesses are made to swear by Ogun (god of iron) or by the god of that locality? The witnesses are moved  when it comes to swearing to traditional gods than what they practice in their religion. They seem have reverence for the deities.

On a mission to Badagry to collect data for a survey on climate change, engaging in Focus Group Discussion with respondents, I was quick to draw that they believe changing weather patterns is a function of divine powers not climate change as science makes us believe. According to them, it is that serious that ceremonies, social functions can be disrupted if permission and consent of the rainmakers are not granted.

Speaking to one of the respondents that was very lettered, he still believed that the rainmakers could alter climate patterns to suit them. He gave examples of how a wedding was disrupted because the couple failed to appease the rainmakers. The rainmakers had sent a heavy downpour of a sudden in what happened to be a bright sunny day. The wedding guests were running helter skelter for shelter. The wedding cake was almost marred. The white gown of the bride was covered with mud. The wedding had to be solemnized indoors.

Another incident was during an inter-house sport competition. The school compound was not large enough for the competition so we sought space in another school in nearby locality. The name of the place is as fetish as it sounds. This one I witnessed with my two korokoro eyes because I was one of the teachers then.  After so much preparation, the D-day finally came. Immediately the umpire blew the whistle for the commencement of the inter-house sports competition, the rain came down with annoyance. The children had to match in the rain, run in the rain...they did all the sports that could be done in the rain others were cancelled because of the slippery ground and mud.

I didn't understand until another teacher was lamenting. She was like the people in that neighbourhood were very  diabolical to have not allowed the success of the sports. She was also like the principal was to stingy too  and that instead of her to drop something in form of cash or kind  for the village head, she did not. Hence, the rainmakers withheld  their blessings.

Science makes us believe that it is when the clouds are heavy from evaporation that rain falls. Other schools of thought attribute to divine forces. Notwithstanding, climate change is real and visible. It will continue to show its ugly head because of human activities and also physical forces. If properly manage, it would turn out to be a burden. Poverty would be on the increase. Food security would surely be affected. Rural and urban livelihood would be altered. Large influx of migrants to less depressed regions would be the norm.

 When it comes to who controls the forces of nature? Would we say it is backed by scientifically proven theories or black magic as tradition makes us believe or it is something that is only  answerable by religion.

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Dear Diary...

Are women their worst enemies? ( ImageCredit:

Dear Diary,

Are women their own worst enemies? I heard this somewhere but can't place it.  As rhetoric as the question is, the truth is it still has an answer. Talking with guys, they were quick to admit that women are quick to run one  another down. it is like we have given men the power to alter a woman's countenance, all they have to do is to shower another woman with attention and compliments then you would see how the "other" woman reacts.

 Sometime ago in secondary school, two girls were fighting. Cant really remember what the bone of contention was but it was quite serious because both girls were getting physical.  So a guy stepped in to separate them. He just said something and that was what ended the fight. He was like una dey fight for who chest big pass abi??  Those of us watching busted into  laughter. The two fighters somehow separated and ended their fight.

 Recently, social media went ablaze with the pre-wedding photos of a couple. It was kinda different. The bride-to-be was on the big side and her man opposite. Trust relationship experts, they had already dissecting the outcome of such union. For crying out loud, the groom-to-be had made his choice and went ahead to show the  world. That was a bold move. The comments that poured in were largely from the women folk. Some of them were thought is best for the bride-to-be should slim down or stand the risk of loosing her man. What should have been obtainable would have been to wish the couple the best of marital bliss but some bad belle women took it upon themselves to make scathing remarks.

Daily billboards, magazines, television programmes etc. bombard us with the ideal image of a woman. Some women strive to be a look-alike of what the media has presented to them, forgetting that they can only be a wanna-be or photocopy not the original. Trust me, it is unending struggle trying to be someone else when you can feel free to be the best version of yourself.

Truth is from day one, a woman is being made to attach beauty with values-the beautiful ones land the best jobs, the beautiful ones attract the opposite sex, the beautiful ones get more attention, the beautiful ones are more favoured. Beauty sells, image is basically everything in today's world. is not a bad thing but when it is in form of competition or trying to meet up to a particular standard then wahala dey.

Ayi Kwei Armah had said the beautiful ones are not yet born. That is another debate for another day. I would never estimate the essence of being presentable and beautiful but it is distasteful if the carrier has an ugly heart, rude character and bad manners. Proverbs 11:22 makes it clear that a beautiful woman without discretion is like  a gold ring in a pig's snout. I am a work in progress myself, I would not pretend to know it all. Both content and container are important in branding.

 Naturally it is characteristic of a woman to engage in social comparisons.Women don't need to fight each other over who is more endowed or not, who is prettier or not, who gets more comments and likes....  There is space for every one of us...

 Yours Truly,
  Omote Ro Dhe

Monday, 6 June 2016


When you open the foodpack and see tiny meat ...
It is time to let it out....
Sometimes talking out can be a good form of therapy
So I am giving a platform to vent via my blogspace
Just let it out...
I did a short video about venting session with emphasis on those annoying things. Was just practising to see if I can do vlogging as well.  That's by the way, if I should then I would*winks*
Please click on the link for the short video  

or better still check out the full 5min video below

  and share your opinions or thoughts, I am itching to hear from you.
So let me start with the venting sessions....oya let's go there!
About to press your clothes and then the unexpected happens-there is power failure....
And power outage would just not allow one to do the necessary
Or is it the bus driver who stops in the middle of the road to cross over to buy diesel forgetting that people are on their way to work?
Presently, that one has to spend about 2000 naira to cook a reasonable pot of stew. Thanks to the rise in Tomatoes and to add to this tatashe has joined the league.
Have you attended an event and they are terribly behind the time schedule....??? How about the workers who are on a mission to drive you crazy and do everything to pull you down? It is called PHD (Pull Her Down) Syndrome
 Then the tailor who makes a mess of the clothes you gave her to sew. To add to it, she delayed the delivery date
 After typing a lengthy article only to find out that you didn't save it before NEPA struck( Na to start again fa, pretty annoying)
Standing on a queue  for long and when it finally gets to your turn, you are told to come tomorrow because they have closed for the day
Some hairdressers are not any better. Over your own money again, they will still be harassing you indirectly...
Please, can you relate  with a driver splashing mud on you on a wet day?
Or those that would not want to give way so you can cross the road
 Service provider nko, they say that they are giving bonus airtime yet you can hardly use the credit to make meaningful calls, before you know it you are out of airtime
 What of very slow internet? That could be annoying
 That guy who keeps stalking you to know if you are married?
Those that refer to you as ''Miss'' in form of èkpè  (curse)
Flies that wont go away that target your eardrums and would follow you all the way to your bedroom
On a shopping spree and it is after you have bought what you wanted that you now see better finer quality ones e.g It is after you have bought shoes that you see better beautiful ones
Trying to explain something to someone and he/she doesn't seem to get your drift
Washing clothes and the stain refuses to go
Or washing clothes and more and more clothes are being added... Arghhhh!!!
   Please add yours....