Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Rural versus Urban

 In the Oba's palace

Sometimes I question myself on which is better-rural life or urban life? Having gone on a trip to the rural area, Apa settlement to be precise in Badagry West local council area, I was kinda confused. Seeing women twice younger my age with children. At a point, I was like which is important-  education,career or raising children. We both had something that made us envious of each other. Seriously, it appears that there is a trend that we seem to follow. It is like during adolescence  and labour years the urban centre proves attractive but at retirement there is need to return to the rural life.

So what makes urban- urban? It has many infrastructure in terms of good roads, medical facilities, better communication network, housing, recreational facilities, financial and educational facilities. It has prospects for better job opportunities. Take the case of Lagos, it has been reported that daily about 3000 people migrate to the centre of excellence daily.  What exactly are they seeking for?  Greener pastures! There is the perception that the urban centre holds possibilities for many business ventures. Surprisingly, when one persons hammers in a one industry, others follow suit e.g pure water business, make- up,event planning e.t.c. There is competition for virtually everything.

On the other hand, the rural centre is basically devoid of everything that is obtainable in the urban centre. The habitants are used to primitive ways of doing things. Well...we are in 21st century and things have taken a u-turn. Nevertheless, the rural cannot compete with the urban in all ramifications.There is a knowledge gap. Most of the populace are into blue collar jobs. The white collar jobs are being reserved for their counterparts in the city.

The good thing about rural life is that it is devoid of congestion.  They play a key role in the development of any society. Rural areas are the food basket of any society. Their focus is primarily on agricultural activities. They provide the raw materials for industries to transform to finished products for consumers.

 Urban areas tend to be overpopulated. Traffic and housing congestion is peculiar to the urban centres. There is also high rates of crime and lawlessness in the urban centers.  There is competition for who lives in  the biggest mansion, drives the poshest cars, wears the designers and works in the best organisation.The rural people are in no competition with their neighbours. Unlike the urban centres,  there is the rush to hammer. The air in the rural area is fresh doesn not constitute carbon monoxide emissions. Food stuffs are cheaper and fresher in the rural areas because it is from the source. Land full brekete but some people would prefer to buy land in the happening areas in the city. Land remains an asset and  is invariable affordable in the rural areas.

My trip to Apa settlement in Badagry West left me thinking on the subject of rural life and urban life. Would I love to live in a rural area and forfeit the strife, stress, excitement and dramas of urban areas.Back to my expedition to Apa settlement, the people were very homely and accommodating. They were willing to oblige me and my accomplice. We went there for research mission but took time to visit the Oba's palace. Trust me, it was the right thing to do. We had to remove our sandals before entering the palace. As I lady, I was told to remove my cap. Funny enough, we didn't get to see the Oba's but we were able to grab some snapshots at his palace as you see below.

Is the rural areas meant for people who have retired and want to stay away from the stress of city life? Can the youth make it in the rural area? Why does the rural area seem so underdeveloped? Why is there large influx of people into the city? All these questions are not JAMB questions but require honest evaluation and reply.

As far as I am concerned, both the rural and urban area are important. Concentration should not only focus on the urban areas at the detriment of rural areas. There is the need for the creation of prosperous cities. rural areas should also be made attractive  and developed for human capacity building.
 Pictures are below;
 In the midst of  the Oba's awards and throne


 And  a Holy Bible was on the throne and the  two  seats at the sides had the Holy Quran

 Some portraits of the past Obas
 Beside the portrait  of the current King-Oba Oyekan Ajose Ilufemiloye Possi III

Visitors shown around

More portraits

 More awards and artifacts

The king's subjects seats

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Celebrating my hundredth post #Happy Things

 This is so infectious

 Yaay!!! It is my 100th post since I started blogging. There are key things that I have learnt about blogging: Firstly, consistency is the rule of the game. Your followers and audiences alway desire more. Doing well to keep them coming back for more is important. So to feed their appetite, one must continue to produce tasty captivating, enlightening posts.

Secondly, blogging is a calling. Only those passionate about blogging think outside the box and go the extra mile to wow their audience. Thirdly, blogging opens doors. There are several opportunities steaming from blogging from large advert contracts to freelancing to product reviews e.t.c. Fourthly, blogging unleashes ones creativity. More so, blogging builds a network base. There you get to exchange ideas and opinions with different people. Finally, blogging is not a solo thing. It is wise to join other bloggers and feature them too to "spread the gospel"

Well...this is not what 100th post is all about. It is about#happy things. yeah...what makes you happy? I did a short 10-minute video about my happy things.It was an impromptu video, please permit my "ibons" but I am pretty sure you can relate some of the things I mentioned. 

In no particular order, I mentioned free wi-fi. In this time an age, where internet is in the heart of basically every activity. Hardly a day goes by without our going online.Personally, I have to check my mails, blog, watch documentaries, music and videos, source for news and more and this requires the use of internet. Free wi-fi is a luxury.

Bumping to an old friend  or reconnecting with an friend on social media. I am not talking about that annoying roommate or colleague but that friend that brings that nostalgic feeling.  It is good when you bump into old friends particularly in unlikely places.

Having a playlist on your phone or system that is dope brings happiness. For me, I have Charlie Puth's one call away as number one. In my video, I had said ''Charlie Purthin'' but its actually Charlie Puth( My Bad! laughing out loud). The song has been on replay for a while now and I am keeping it that way.

 The feeling when soft salivated cotton buds are used to clean the ears. That feeling takes you to cloud nine and back.   Another thing to be happy about is a bright sunny day! Witnessing the sunrise and even the sunset. I am pretty sure that everybody can relate to this.

Please do well to watch the short video and make your comments. I really do love to hear from you.

Now to the questions for the giveaway:

  • What is the title of my first post?
  • What song is number one on my playlist?
  •   What is the meaning of Omote ro dhe?(The winner takes it all!)