Tuesday, 24 January 2017

16 types of people you find on social media

Image credit: geekers magazine

Social media is community on its own. It could be addictive. It could be enlightening. It could also be depressing and also funny. It has its  fair share of  pains and gains. Hardly would a day pass without social media drama and jibes.

 People use social media for different reasons; some to relax and others to be updated with latest news. Some even use social media to catch-up with old friends and so on. 

However, there are people that are not even into social media and surviving and getting their grooves on - Respect to them!

That being said, here is my list of certain people that you find on social media and they include:

1. The stalkers
These set of people love going through people's pages to know what they have been up to, where they at and who they are with? I think the exes mostly fall into this category. Stalkers are also diehard fans of celebrities, the people who are crushing on someone and enemies too fall in this category - they want to know if you doing better than themselves.

2. The opportunist
These people don't waste time. They use social media for business activities. They have something to sell, an idea or skill, they put it up on social media. No time for play play, it's strictly business.

3. The jokers
Their motto is life is too short to wear a frown. They are always making jokes online. Is it updates, memes, breaking news or photos, they are just too hilarious. We need them after a long stressful day.

4. The oppressors
Shout out to the ride or die chics/guys out there. Today it's dubai, tomorrow it's a boat cruise in the Caribbean. They rocking latest designers wear. From head to toe, they smell money. To add to your envy, they seem to get all the likes and comments... Phew!

5. The family-oriented
To them family is everything. They appear to have the perfect life with lovely partner, cute children, good jobs and all. You really admire them and sometimes feel envious when they start posting pictures of their family and all.They should be #FamilyGoals.

6.The over schooled
As much as you try to understand what they are posting, you cannot seem to get grip of the direction/message of their post. Their analyses are too complex spiced with big grammars. Most times it is to waka pass or scroll down.

7.The boring
They are better off keeping quiet because your reaction to their posts would be like Duh! So what's this one saying now???

8. The motivators
They are always posting inspiring messages and sermons. You need them in your spiritual walk so as not to backslide.

9.The Atheist
They believe there is no God and religion has been and would always be an issue for them. They open to debates on whether there is God oo or no God.

10. The silent
I'm still trying to understand this people. No profile picture, no posts but they are always online. Ladies without any form profile picture  are major culprits. Why the hidden identity??? Something fishy or they have their reasons best known to them.

11. The news breakers
Even before CNN gives the breaking news, these set of people know what's happening are the first to dish trending news. They have their ears to the ground and don't slack. They have their niches be it sports, local news, entertainment, movies, foreign news. Some are well rounded.

12.The competitors
When someone posts a photo, they would post their own. If someone makes a comment, they make their own too. To this people, it is more  of a competition than a social platform of people. 

13.The favour seekers
They bug you with endless pleas for favours and most times it is for financial assistance. You won't blame some in need of jobs and so they deem it best to disturb influential people for assistance.

14. The post and delete
When nobody comments or likes their posts, the next thing is to delete it sharp sharp. I think they are controlled by people's reactions.

15. The noise makers
They bombard your time line with their posts and photos as if they are the only ones in your friend lists. Sometimes you wonder if this person has a life outside social media.

16. The rude ones
These are the people that are too lazy to type or communicate effectively. Someone is celebrating her/his birthday instead of typing '' happy birthday'' instead they type '' hbd'' and the likes. You know now! They are experts in short-hand.

Did I leave any other set? Please join the conversation

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Still on the matter….#MyOffice

Image credit: Information Nigeria

Drama unfolds anywhere and anytime. It is even very peculiar if you commute in public transport. Is it the annoying conductor who insists that you must always have the exact fare or else he would harass you? Or is it the bus driver who drives carelessly as if it is farm animals loaded in his bus? There are many scenarios that happen in the course of a commuting from place to place on daily basis. Some annoying, some funny, some exciting and others risky but none can take the place of having your own vehicle.

On a bus to Iyanaipaja, a fellow passenger did not let us rest with the call he was making. He spoke English so it was very easy to deduce the direction of his conversation. Normally I would have just minded my business and go on with listening to music on my earphones but his voice tone made him noticeable.

What struck out of his conversation on phone was the way he kept on mentioning "my office". It appeared he was using it to brag because the way he mentioned it was countless. From the beginning of the journey to the end, all we heard was '' in my office'' '' bring it to my office''....

I could not help but wonder if the passenger just got a new office or he just landed a job that he could not help but make emphasis with the word '' office''.  So I had to really understand what an office really is. According to the dictionary, the word '' office'' refers to a room, set of rooms or building used for non-manual work. Based on definition, anything done in room(s) asides non-manual work is not an office probably a workshop or workspace. Brings me to the topic of how we love to show off with office. It is not unusual to see some people take selfies and tag it # office things. Working in an office kinda builds ego and creates some form of respect, abi? There seems to be a perception that one working in an office is a big salary earner.  The office is also linked with white- collar jobs.

 Then I used to cringed with the thought of an office environment. When I go for interviews, the first thing was to look at the office space and ask myself if it is really office-like. You know how it is more dignifying to work in an office that has all the furnishings, air conditioner and all, than a '' pako'' office. It is not new to see graduates lust for office jobs because of the dignity attached to them and the thought of the working in an office.

Whether it is a farm,bus, stall, laboratory, workshop, shop or school, there is dignity provided you do the needful and improve yourself. Working in an office is not the standard. After forcefully listening to the passenger echo of '' my office'', I was forced to believe that office or no office, there is dignity in labour.

 On a lighter note, please don’t brag about your office if it is not in Chevron or Sahara group or UBA or Shell …..

Friday, 6 January 2017

Thank God for another year!

Happy New Year!
Wow its my first post in the new year and its dedicated to moi as I turn a  year older today. Birthdays come once in a year. I cannot keep calm because it is my birthday today! Yay!!!!!

In the mid 80s, this girl lady, let's say woman was born into the family of the J.O Uyehs. I was told I cried alot as a baby, I still do. Tears of pain, tears of joy, tears of victory.... I cry all of them.
 I loved singing on top of voice,  I still do but have to remind myself that omo na small small you are no longer a child oo
 I loved dancing, Well I don't dance as before but I'm trying to get my groove back
 I loved writing, I still do and trying to improve by the day
May be I'm kinda vain because I love fashion, make up and hair dos.  I do remind myself that moderation is key and less is actually more.

To celebrate my day, I want to list things I'm thankful for:
 My life- the experiences, the adventures,my family, the people, the drama, the church, my home. I thank God for them

Food on my table- I am a foodie, eating good food has never been and would never be an issue

Air- I am alive and breathing fine.There was a time I had stuffy nose for months and I got to understand what it means to breathe.

Project completion- I was doing a project and it became long overdue but thanks to God, it has been completed( waiting for the next phase)

 Personal victories- Sometimes I want to give up but the Word of God has ever been my pillar and source of strength. Every day I wake up  stronger, ready to take on the world

 Favour- When I least expect,  God raises people to help/ favour me for no reason. There are countless number of times when help showed up even when hope was lost or when I though it was over.

No longer dependent, at least I am becoming more independent by the day.

 As in nothing do me- I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I have accepted myself- my entire being. There was a time I hated looking at the mirror because I had a rough face. Of late, I have been complaining of my body, having dropped from a size 12 to size 10  i think and  have been lusting for someone else's figure but all that have changed I love me the way I am. There can never be another me. In Bruno Mar's voice, girl you're amazing just the way you are!

 This may sound cliché but I am no longer where I used to be and I am making cautious efforts to be where I want to be by God's grace.

Several things to be thankful for, the list is endless and some of them I would rather keep to myself . As I conclude, I am thanking God for another year, I am rest assured that He's got my back. Every thing  that happens to me is intentional because God causes them to work for my good.   Happy birthday to me!!!