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Sunday, 15 March 2015

What's up with tailors???

Looking at the picture of the model in the magazine, I imagined how the cloth she was wearing would look on me-extremely perfect!
What was left of me was to get the material and I would be off to the tailor.

I wasted no time in getting the fabric. Next thing was to decide on the tailor to go to. I had three in mind. The first always delayed. She would leave your work and do others, pushing me till I was fed up. The second was very expensive and it appeared she used to steal material. Her handwork was usually too tight and she always complained that the material was not a enough. Now, the third stayed  close by, she was young, trendy and her last work for me was the bomb. So I settled for the third option.

Before going to meet her, I actually prayed seriously because tailors can be very wicked. They have used me to do yeye in time past. So I got to her shop, showed her what I wanted , negotiated and the date was set for me to collect the cloth. As day approached for collection, I was not at peace. I still carried on and lookedforward to rocking my new dress.

Just as I feared, the tailor made a mess of my cloth. She obviously gave her apprentice to do the sewing.I really did know what to do.I was just venting and venting then kept quiet when I saw I was the only one talking. So this wicked tailor decided to do some amendments and that didn't solve any issue. 
The cloth is in my closet as I write and I look at what could have been to what is now. Money wasted, time wasted, energy wasted all because of one tailor!

I'm terribly hurting but had to cool down when I got to know that many people encountered such problems in the hands of artisans.
So why do they love frustrating their customers???I do not seem to understand. Have they forgotten that by showing lack of expertise that they have lost a customer and potential customers?? I think the solution for me would be to learn the skill of sewing because I have not been lucky with tailors so far.

What has been your experience with artisans particularly tailors? Pls share. Let's get it off our chests!