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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Authourity speaking

Ever heard of the saying that the true test of intelligence is not through examinations. could be true and untrue. The school system has made us believe that the intelligent ones are the ones who have high grades after examinations. These days people read solely to pass and to to understand and apply. But that is not my topic of discussion. Pardon me, lets make it a debate for another day!

My lecturer back then always said that there is a difference between being educated and getting education. To my own understanding, the latter meant acquiring certificates and reading to pass while the former was gaining knowledge and understanding, making informed decisions and applying knowledge in problem solving.

 So as I was preparing for my forthcoming exams.It was not easy writing six courses successively, back to back. Each course was quite voluminous with several subheadings. Trust me, I could not rely on my notes solely and render the " back to sender" strategy i.e giving back to the lecturer exactly what he gave during lectures. At my level, it required research and more research on the net, in the library, every where possible.

 On the D-day, I went confidently knowing that I was fully prepared but what got me thinking was the invigilator in charge that very day. She was a petite young lady obviously younger than all the candidates myself inclusive. She was simply dressed, charismatic and very audacious. What struck my attention was the manner in which she handled us. She had spoken with so much authority, making observation and chastising those who wanted to engage in examination malpractice.

I realized that authority had been bestowed on her by the lecturer-in-charge. Failure to adhere to her instructions indirectly meant one was disobeying the lecturer- in- charge who made her the invigilator of that paper. Nobody could prove arrogant or claim seniority because it would mean one was challenging her authority. She would not waste time going to report any misconduct or misbehavior. The repercussion would be to face the lecturer-in-charge for disciplinary actions .

 In other to avoid trouble , everyone respected the invigilator. No one wanted to be the scape goat that would be reported so we all behaved even though she was not our mates.

 Now what am I trying to point out?
 You can only operate based on who has given you authority. When you know who has given you power then no Jupiter can challenge you because you know they would answerable to a more superior being.  Now this applicable in all spheres of life.Do you know what you possess and what is at your disposal?Do you know who gat you covered? Do not abuse the authority given to you instead use it wisely.

The disciples of old were able to heal the sick and cast out demons by the authority by God. People were amazed and where questioning their authority. The Bible makes it clear that whosoever , therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation
( Romans 13: 2)
 # Walk in the consciousness of that you have authority over the enemy!# Check 2 Timothy 1: 7