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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Check out stylish ways to rock your scarf

Scarves are lovely accessories to spice up your outfit. Personally, I am a fan of scarfs be it colourful, patterned or plain. 

Did you know scarves are amazing accessories to make fashion  statements?

Every woman should have a scarf added to their wardrobe because of its versatility and classic nature.You can get quite creative infusing scarves into your dressing and transform your appearance from the ordinary to extraordinary. 

There are countless ways to style your scarves as they come in different styles, designs, colours, shapes and sizes.  

There are several simple scarf styles: you can hang it around the neck and this can be achieved in numerous ways. 

There are also  other creative ways to style your scarf, which includes using it as a belt, a turban, bracelet, neck tie, head band, and an accessory for your hand bag. Also your scarf can be turned into a shirt or a halter neck top. 

Below are photos of inspiring ways to style your scarf:

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

#WomanCrushWednesday: Check out 10 Red carpet looks from Michelle Obama

Just little tale from this amazon:

 One night, former President of United States, Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle decided to do something out of routine and go for a casual dinner at a restaurant that wasn't too luxurious. When they were seated the owner of the restaurant, asked Barrack Obama's secret service if he could please speak to his wife in private. They gladly obliged and Michelle had a conversation with the restaurant owner,
Following the conversation, Barrack Obama was curious to know what went down so he asked his wife:
" Why was he so interested in talking to you?"
Michelle replied that during her teenage years, the owner was madly in love with her. To which Obama replied that if he had married her, she would have been the owner of the lovely restaurant.
Refusing to take defeat, Michelle responded:
"No, if I had married him, he would have become a US president"
Now that is what I ma talking about!

Michelle Obama is what I can describe as a three-in-one woman. She is intelligent, beautiful and charismatic. She is not just a pretty face but beauty merged with brains.She is down-to-earth and very amiable.  During her tenure, she was the brain behind the ''Lets Move'' campaign that sought to promote healthy lifestyle habits amongst children.

Have you caught her busting those moves? She is a stepper,a good one as that! Being the first lady didn't prevent her from being herself. The mother of two had been caught on the field engaging in athletics e.g Table Tennis. She does karaoke like no other.

Michelle Obama has been regarded as one of the stylish/fashionable FLOTUS of all time. Of course she couldn't be caught alone without her proud husband, Barrack Obama. So check out10 red carpet  looks from our Woman Crush Wednesday, Michelle Obama:

Photo credit: Pininterest

Which is your favourite?

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

#WomanCrushWednesday: Check out 8 beauty looks from super diva, Kate Henshaw

The first thing that captivates you about Nollywood actress,  Kate Henshaw is her endearing smile and the gaiety of her laughter which is so infectious. Do you know that this beautiful actress, who is also a fitness guru, is also a very good dancer? Follow her on Instagram and watch videos of her busting those moves and you are hooked! 

Kate Henshaw  was born in Cross River and is the oldest of four children.  She had her early school education in Lagos and Calabar. Although she enrolled in University of Calabar to study Medical Microbiology, she later ventured into acting when she auditioned and landed a lead role in the movie-When the Sun sets. That was how her journey into acting began.

Having starred in over 45 movies, Kate Henshaw  remains one of the most soughted-after actresses in Nollywood.  She is the recipient of several awards and endorsement deals.

On the red carpet, Kate Henshaw always the graces events with her presence, outfit and style. In celebration of her, she is our  woman crush this Wednesday. So I bring to you eight beauty looks of this diva. See them below:

Which is your favourite? 

Photo credit: Instagram @k8henshaw

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Dear Diary...

Are women their worst enemies? ( ImageCredit:

Dear Diary,

Are women their own worst enemies? I heard this somewhere but can't place it.  As rhetoric as the question is, the truth is it still has an answer. Talking with guys, they were quick to admit that women are quick to run one  another down. it is like we have given men the power to alter a woman's countenance, all they have to do is to shower another woman with attention and compliments then you would see how the "other" woman reacts.

 Sometime ago in secondary school, two girls were fighting. Cant really remember what the bone of contention was but it was quite serious because both girls were getting physical.  So a guy stepped in to separate them. He just said something and that was what ended the fight. He was like una dey fight for who chest big pass abi??  Those of us watching busted into  laughter. The two fighters somehow separated and ended their fight.

 Recently, social media went ablaze with the pre-wedding photos of a couple. It was kinda different. The bride-to-be was on the big side and her man opposite. Trust relationship experts, they had already dissecting the outcome of such union. For crying out loud, the groom-to-be had made his choice and went ahead to show the  world. That was a bold move. The comments that poured in were largely from the women folk. Some of them were thought is best for the bride-to-be should slim down or stand the risk of loosing her man. What should have been obtainable would have been to wish the couple the best of marital bliss but some bad belle women took it upon themselves to make scathing remarks.

Daily billboards, magazines, television programmes etc. bombard us with the ideal image of a woman. Some women strive to be a look-alike of what the media has presented to them, forgetting that they can only be a wanna-be or photocopy not the original. Trust me, it is unending struggle trying to be someone else when you can feel free to be the best version of yourself.

Truth is from day one, a woman is being made to attach beauty with values-the beautiful ones land the best jobs, the beautiful ones attract the opposite sex, the beautiful ones get more attention, the beautiful ones are more favoured. Beauty sells, image is basically everything in today's world. is not a bad thing but when it is in form of competition or trying to meet up to a particular standard then wahala dey.

Ayi Kwei Armah had said the beautiful ones are not yet born. That is another debate for another day. I would never estimate the essence of being presentable and beautiful but it is distasteful if the carrier has an ugly heart, rude character and bad manners. Proverbs 11:22 makes it clear that a beautiful woman without discretion is like  a gold ring in a pig's snout. I am a work in progress myself, I would not pretend to know it all. Both content and container are important in branding.

 Naturally it is characteristic of a woman to engage in social comparisons.Women don't need to fight each other over who is more endowed or not, who is prettier or not, who gets more comments and likes....  There is space for every one of us...

 Yours Truly,
  Omote Ro Dhe

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Beauty Hurts

 ( Series of Jamb questions)
Source: www.liveluvcreate,com
Do I need to spend the whole day in saloon just to get my hair done when I could just get a clean cut and enjoy the water coming down my hair during shower?

Do I need to wear girdles to hide my bulging stomach so that people do not mistake me for a pregnant woman?
How about holding my breath while snapping pictures so that my protruded belly does not spoil show?

Do I really have to wear those high killer heels when I could just wear ordinary slippers and feel comfortable?

Do I need to wear tight jeans at the expense of being free and flexible?

Do I need to wear those minis to show my straight legs when I know I would feel uncomfortable when on a bike or even sitting down? As if it is not enough I would occasionally be drawing the skirt down to the knee when it goes up?

Do I need to fix my nails when I know I won't be able to write or wash well?

Do I have to go through multiple piecing on my skin dermis just to get that tattoo?

Do I need to go through another piercing on my ears, nose and mouth?

Do I need to speak "phoney" when I know I communicate best in Pidgin english?

Do I need to use the Brazilian weave to cover one eye when I know it would prevent me from have a perfect view?

Do I need to fix those lashes even when putting them was not child's play?

Do I need to carry big bags in the name of fashion when something portable would have been better?

Do I need the validation of people when I know that I am a beauty?

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Yay.....Growing Old???

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"Only a fool does not grow old"
Yiddish proverb

Gbam! It dawned on me that I was going to be a year older in some days time. Like play, like play, girlfriend was gradually transforming into a woman. Apparently, the thought of growing old is not peculiar to me alone. You know that feeling that makes you feel that you are no longer young and active, fresh and vibrant but all wrinkled up and weak.It comes with advanced birthday celebrations. Then I dreaded hitting twenty. And then it came. Then I dreaded 25 and then it came. Now another landmark is fast approaching. The focus had been on how to turn back the clock, conquer age, beat it, hide it behind the mask...

Looking up my diary and all the plans I hoped to attain for every milestone left me wondering when they would all materialize. Being the youngest in my family,I am used to being in gatherings that I'm among the youngest but nowadays doesn't appear so. Girlfriend is getting older,hia!

The wishlist is long, no be small.Life makes us understand that there would always be people one is older than and others one is younger than.
I got to know what matters is not the numbers but hours, not the age but time. Time is life...
Nothing is so dear and precious as time(According to Rabelais). Not even youth, not beauty ,nothing at all.

Below are excepts from the book-Getting over getting older (by Letty Cottin Pogrebin)

What good is it to turn fifty with a wrinkled face if there is no light behind the eyes, no passion in the voice,  no new ideas happening inside the head...
Why hope to live a long life if we are only going to fill it with self absorption, body maintenance and image repair?
...When we die do we want them to say,
" She looked ten years younger" or
" She lived a great life"

Back to my long turachi.growing older for me is increasing in age number, fully accepting oneself, understanding ones body, being comfortable in ones skin, being wiser, more beautiful, knowledgeable and skillful

On the other hand, growing old according to my own definition is becoming filled with wrinkles, having hair problems, being weak and not flexible,slow in reasoning, loss of memory and giving up on being a better version of oneself.

Well you might not agree. But two people can look at the same thing and interpret differently. Life is all about choices. I choose to grow older than grow old.

Remembering that this the youngest I would ever be and the oldest I have gotten. So why shouldn't I live it up, learn, relearn and unlearn?

One day I said to myself:"I'm 20!"
By the time I recovered from the shock of that discovery, I had reached 40...phew!
It was not loss of looks but time.It was not fading youth but fading dreams...