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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What's the difference between 'being educated' and 'getting an education'?

Here are some things I think does not make you appear educated:

Kindly watch this short impromptu video then come back to read:

  • You use the toilet without flushing.

  • You defecate in the bush along the express way
  •  You urinate by the roadside and by people's fences.

  • You throw waste from your vehicle or from inside a bus.

  • You think using swear words is fly.

  • You make noise while eating.

  • You don't apply what you learnt in school.

  • You go through school but do not let school go through you.

  • You scratch your groins in public.

  • You yell at the top of your voice when receiving or making calls in a public place.

  • You disobey traffic lights.

  • You take one-way roads.

  • You don't mind spitting anywhere and anyhow.


  • You are one of those guys that think a woman's place is only in the kitchen and that she is none other than a baby producing factory.

  • You blame the government for everything!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Church Blues...

Apparently, some of us do not understand the implications of unaccepted behaviour in the place of worship. Some people are attached to their phones that they can not put it away during service. They keep on pressing their phones in church during worship and even sermon. What exactly are they doing? They are pinging, checking Facebook and twitter updates, going through their mails. Some even receive calls even during ministration and prayer sessions....Well. I don't know but I think there is nothing more important when in the presence of God???

Personally, I feel it is disrespectful to God. Yes, He is a merciful God but we must not and should not abuse the mercy.No be God? I once played the culprit when going to church for me at a point was to know the latest hairstyles and fashion statements  when I needed inspiration.

My church rocks!(Not marketing) but it goes beyond the seemingly glamour. The word and worship is uplifting and touching. That I got to know when I realized that church was not for snooping or showbiz.

 But wait come sha....Many things are happening in churches these days!Are you one of those that sleep in church?Now this is very bad. I would not pretend like it never happened to me. Guess what? Believe it or not,its the devil's strategy to rob one of encounter with God. There might have been a hangover the previous night but we must strive to stay alert. Funnily, it is after the sermon that the sleep disappears.

Another habit is littering the house of God. I am one of those people who would like to carry chewing gum or sweets in my bag but I should not use the wrappers to litter my surroundings particularly church even if there are cleaners paid to do the cleaning.

One word for you might not be the word for another so it would not be nice to serve as a distraction during services. Unnecessary conversations can wait till after service.

We are in the era of selfies. Please it is not a bad thing but not during service. Abeg it can wait. Goes back to a form of distraction.

Are there churching habits you find appalling?Please share with me,would love to hear from you...