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Monday, 6 June 2016


When you open the foodpack and see tiny meat ...
It is time to let it out....
Sometimes talking out can be a good form of therapy
So I am giving a platform to vent via my blogspace
Just let it out...
I did a short video about venting session with emphasis on those annoying things. Was just practising to see if I can do vlogging as well.  That's by the way, if I should then I would*winks*
Please click on the link for the short video  

or better still check out the full 5min video below

  and share your opinions or thoughts, I am itching to hear from you.
So let me start with the venting sessions....oya let's go there!
About to press your clothes and then the unexpected happens-there is power failure....
And power outage would just not allow one to do the necessary
Or is it the bus driver who stops in the middle of the road to cross over to buy diesel forgetting that people are on their way to work?
Presently, that one has to spend about 2000 naira to cook a reasonable pot of stew. Thanks to the rise in Tomatoes and to add to this tatashe has joined the league.
Have you attended an event and they are terribly behind the time schedule....??? How about the workers who are on a mission to drive you crazy and do everything to pull you down? It is called PHD (Pull Her Down) Syndrome
 Then the tailor who makes a mess of the clothes you gave her to sew. To add to it, she delayed the delivery date
 After typing a lengthy article only to find out that you didn't save it before NEPA struck( Na to start again fa, pretty annoying)
Standing on a queue  for long and when it finally gets to your turn, you are told to come tomorrow because they have closed for the day
Some hairdressers are not any better. Over your own money again, they will still be harassing you indirectly...
Please, can you relate  with a driver splashing mud on you on a wet day?
Or those that would not want to give way so you can cross the road
 Service provider nko, they say that they are giving bonus airtime yet you can hardly use the credit to make meaningful calls, before you know it you are out of airtime
 What of very slow internet? That could be annoying
 That guy who keeps stalking you to know if you are married?
Those that refer to you as ''Miss'' in form of èkpè  (curse)
Flies that wont go away that target your eardrums and would follow you all the way to your bedroom
On a shopping spree and it is after you have bought what you wanted that you now see better finer quality ones e.g It is after you have bought shoes that you see better beautiful ones
Trying to explain something to someone and he/she doesn't seem to get your drift
Washing clothes and the stain refuses to go
Or washing clothes and more and more clothes are being added... Arghhhh!!!
   Please add yours....

Saturday, 24 October 2015

I need a car ASAP!

Whatever happened to human rights, I really do not know. But it is democracy now so there should be freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of place of worship and the likes. No oppression of any kind, abi?May be human rights are just stated on paper?  Cos  it looks like some people are restricted.

On this fateful day, after overcoming traffic and all obstacles, the final bus stop where I was to board the popular tricycle (Keke marwa) to my destination, drama ensued.

There were options. It could have been a motor bike or bus but I chose the keke like I have always done.
Being the first passenger, I sat by the edge at the back seat. Another passenger came through the other side to join me at the backseat. Then the front seat got filled. Mind you the keke can accommodate just four passengers.

So this man sha wanted me to shift and in my mind -I was like I would soon get down so he should turn to the other side (mistake number one)

While the struggle was going on, another passenger came and filled the space at the other side.
Then and then, hell was let loose. It didn't occur to me that the man I was talking to was  an oppressor a soldier.
He was in mufti but his camouflage cap gave him away. It was too late too make adjustments. He was so authoritative then I knew I was in trouble.

He commanded the keke should not go as long as I was inside. Humbly, I got down and apologize that he should take my seat then went to the next turn.

It didn't end there. He refused my plea and offer. He came to meet me at the next turn and ordered the driver to not go as long as was inside his vehicle.

I got down and begged this soldier man. My apologies fell on deaf ears. Even an elderly woman tried to plead on my behalf. Instead he increased my punishment that no vehicle should carry me be it bus or motor bike or keke.

Girlfriend decided to back off when he started creating a scene, pointing at me and telling every body or anybody that I was not to board any vehicle.

The fifty naira I could have used to enter the keke was used to buy bottled water. So I did compulsory exercise. Thankfully my destination was a trekking distance. With earphones in my ears and umbrella to shield me from the harsh rays of the sun, I used my two straight legs to walk oo.

Do you know this soldier man was monitoring me? I started running oo. "Wetin you no gree enter any vehicle so why are you following me, fa?"

Surprisingly, today of all days the distance appeared short. Got home and told my folks my encounter. I got tongue lashed. I should have just shifted and save myself all the embarrassment.

But how about  the soldier man who was just outright wicked. Shey, he is happy wherever he is now for being completely wicked? Good luck to him. Next time I would just act accordingly to avoid unnecessary scenes and trouble.

There are days that the bus stop drama makes one long for a vehicle of his/her own.  If it is not the annoying conductor, it is the snail paced driver with a rickety vehicle or one passenger that is transferring aggression.
Getting a car seems to be the way out, or what do you think?

In the meantime, I need a car! That would have saved me enough of the ordeal with the Oga soldier!