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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Election Money Spinners.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
As the 2015 election approaches, several sets of people tend to be smiling all the way to the bank. This is their season. They are experiencing business boom. These set of people include:

The printers:

The candidates vying for political positions would want to sell their brands well to the electorates and they need several means to do. They would opt for billboards, flyers, Roll up banners, hand bills, posters etc. The people who would do this perfectly are the printers. They would be engage in printing on several mediums.The larger the printing jobs, the fatter their bank accounts.

 The media houses and Newspapers: 

Hardly a day goes by without one hearing political jingles whether on radio or television. Normal commercials have lost the battle to political campaigns. I have started learning the political jingles with their repetition almost every minute.
The same appeals to Newspapers. You open a newspaper or magazine and half of the pages are used tpromote a particular party/candidate. If it is not belittling the rival then it would be to push for electoral votes. It is not a small thing to advertise on a paper particularly when it is full page, at times more than one page and fully coloured again.

The celebrities: 

Musicians, actors, actresses and the likes have been taken to endorse particular parties. Nice strategy to woo electorates to vote for them. Most of the electorates see these celebrities as role models and might be influenced by their choice of parties or candidates. Endorsement in this part of the world does come cheap, it is usually with a price tag.

The composers/ music producers(aka beat makers): 

There is demand for political jingles, songs and slogans. The service of these set of people comes into play. The other day I was singing along to a 3min video of a party on T.V. It was a nice theme song if you ask me. Thumbs up to the composer and music producer.

The Web designers/ Graphic designer: 

These people help to promote brands for the political candidates. Logos and websites are necessary in this time and age where Google is just a click away. So who makes this happen? The web designers and graphic artists.

 Youth Corpers: 

During the last elections,I was a youth corper  then and worked as one of the ad hoc staffs for INEC. It was not a small thing when it was time for payment. Feeling like a biks girl, I decided to board a flight instead of taking a bus because I just made cool cash. Youth corpers engaged as INEC ad hoc staffs would be smiling because their allowee would be doubled or tripled. Thanks to next month elections.

The Godfathers and "special" electorates:

These set of people are the pillars behind the candidates. Without them,there's no hope of winning in the election. At the beginning, the godfathers would plunged their money investing on their candidates who when eventually they win would pay back while in service.
The " special" electorates are the ones that mobilise other electorates. It reported that at party primaries, some "special" electorates made away with huge amount of money for doing the service of casting their votes. How much more would they get when it becomes the election proper??

The broom makers: 

When you see a broom, you know what party it stands for.Likewise an umbrella too. It has been a season of political rallies and campaigns. For the "broom" party, it was not devoid of the raising of brooms to buttress their stand. Trust me, the brooms were in large supply and that smelt money for the broom makers.

The market women:

Nobody is gonna vote on empty stomach. Food dealers would be making sales particularly those into food stuffs. The other time, it was alleged that the Governor of Ekiti , Ayo Fayose had won his current seat because he focused on " stomach infrastructure". He had given his electorates bags of rice each and that was his leading edge.

Different employment opportunities have sprung up. We have Chairman for Campaign, Director of Publicity, you name it. So after the elections do these positions still hold?

On the flip side,a lot of drama has ensued while preparing for the up coming elections. It ranged from the missing chibok school girls to President Jonathan in-competencies to the trading of words between Governor Fashola and the PDP,  Professor Wole Soyinka and the government, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and the government then to the health status of All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari(rtd) and his certificate saga and then  naira to dollar value.

2015 elections promises to be interesting. In the meantime, make sure you go get your permanent voters' card(PVC) and do the needful -exercise your vote, its your right.We seriously pray for a free and fair election...#Your comments are  welcomed.