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Monday, 23 May 2016

For the love of High heels

Sometimes ballet flats or slippers could be lifesavers

Ladies! Ladies! I repeat, Ladies!
High heels is not for all of us. Looks like I have given up wearing killer heels because it is war to walk in them. If it is  for snapping pictures solely ( at least I would just in a spot), then bah wahala but for cat walking that one na die o.

I remember wearing a pair of stiletto peep toes heels to church one fateful Sunday morning. For me, I was sure I would make a statement with my presence but the opposite was the case. Thankfully I got a ride to and fro so there was little time to do preamble with the killer heels. On getting to church, I was ready to take over the world and  I was going to start by strutting like a peacock in my massive heels shoes.
 Unknown to me, these heels were not the kind I was used to. I  had decided to take risks and go for shoes with additional inches higher.  After much consultation with YouTube videos, I thought that I had arrived and learnt all there is.

It was not a graceful sight, walking like I was stepping on hot coals on those killer heels. The guys hanging by the corner turned me to their subject of ridicule. If only I could have covered my ears for their laughters made more uneasy. The situation is a testimony because there was the possibility of falling flat with so much wobbling but God saved me like play, like play.

 During church service, I was more concerned about the shoes instead of the sermon and worship going on. It was saddening that the whole essence of going to church was defeated. I was literally praying for service to end and just go home.On the contrary, Sunday service was unusually long. And then  I was no longer paying attention or enjoying myself in the presence of God. At the close of service, it was either I removed the killer heels and walked bare feet to the car or managed them and wobble all through. I could not do the latter because with all my polishing, I would just draw more unnecessary attention.

That was how I started staggering and someone behind me was saying: " No be by force". Got into the car and I quickly took off the killer heels with immediate alacrity.

Mistake number 1 was that I should have carried slippers along like ladies normally do.
Mistake number 2 was that I should have gone with trend trying to blend.
Fashion makes sense when you are comfortable in your skin and style.

Big ups to ladies out there wearing 'em high heels with the right charisma and carriage. No doubt, high heels command attention. It adds to ones self esteem and self worth. It also adds to ones height which provides  a sense of authority. It also depicts class and taste. However, like every other thing that comes with over abuse, it has its side effects. According to the adage, "too much of everything is bad". 

Research shows that extended use of high heels can shorten the muscles in ones calves and  back which leads to pain and muscle spasms. Studies also indicate that the Achilles tendon  shortens  because  the heel is pointed upwards and thus  it tightens up. This does not mean that women have to give up high heels  but just to avoid the build of problems that tend to develop over time, it is recommended to choose sensible heels, wear soft insoles to reduce the impact on ones knees,  stretch, make sure your shoes are the right size ..... Read more via

As for me, no more killer heels. Wedges is my alternative right now. Wedges give better balance and stamina.
To women of different sizes, heights and colours rocking the killer heels ...well...thumbs up!!!

And to those of us that cannot, please let us not follow trends at our own embarrassment. It is better to go in what one is comfortable in. Remember, style na style. Fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it.