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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Corporate Beggars.

Photo Credit: Vanguardngr
There are different ways of begging for alms but the one that is disturbing is the one done corporately.
I remember as an undergraduate, while walking to my hall. I was being stopped by a man. He was dressed corporately as in long sleeves with tie on trousers. The glasses he wore even made him look learned.

The discussion that ensued with our meeting:
" Hello my sister!"
I turned and replied" Good evening!" Flashing my immaculate set of teeth
 Though I was on my guards because one had to be careful. We hear stories of kidnap, gbomo gbomo and other vices.
" Please my sister, I am travelling to Lagos and my wallet was stolen....please can you help me with 2000 naira"

In my mind I was like I must have been looking like a bag of money for him to demand such an amount at a go.he didn't even start from 200 naira. He went straight. O ye of mighty faith, ask and ye shall receive
" Uhmmm... Sorry I don't have that amount. But I could assist with a token" I replied, opened my bag,looked for cash and gave him what I could.

He managed to mutter a thank you and disappeared to countered the next victim.
I felt happy that I had supported someone and rushed to my hall.
Two days later, same spot!Guess who approached me again? This same man or is it Bro!

 Apparently he didn't recognise me  but I did. He had on the same clothes and used the same rehearsed lines. I didn't answer him this time just waved my hand and left with full speed.

So this was his own style of raising cash. There are people who have devised this means of robbing their unsuspecting victims. These sets of people are corporate beggars .  They beg money in a tush way for a living.Some even go as far as naming their certificates and displaying them to their gullible victims. They dress formally and develop a cock and bull story that is almost believable to the hearer.

These people flood the streets and that's their means of livelihood. Have you had a similar experience, please share....