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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


    • You use the toilet without flushing.

    • You defecate in the bush along the express way
    •  You urinate by the roadside and by people's fences.
    • You throw waste from your vehicle or from inside a bus.
    • You think using swear words is fly.
    • You make noise while eating.
    • You don't apply what you learnt in school.
    • You go through school but do not let school go through you.
    • You scratch your groins in public.
    • You yell at the top of your voice when receiving or making calls in a public place.

    • You disobey traffic lights.
    • You take one-way roads.
    • You don't mind spitting anywhere and anyhow.

    • You are one of those guys that think a woman's place is only in the kitchen and that she is none other than a baby producing factory.
    • You blame the government for everything!
    • Add yours please...