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Thursday, 5 April 2018

#AriseFashionWeek2018: Highlights of what went down

Why do people attend fashion shows? To stay updated with latest fashion trends? To meet with the who and who in the fashion industry? To establish connections and build relationships? To see the works of established and upcoming fashion designers and collaborate with them?  To slay and make a fashion statement?  To expand one's creativity? To get free souvenirs?  All these and more were obviously some of the reasons why people from different walks of life made it to Lagos Intercontinental hotel, Victoria Island - the venue of the Arise Fashion Week 2018.

After taking a long break from inception in year 2012,the Arise Fashion Week returned with a bang with stellar appearances on the runway from international top models particularly  Naomi Campbell and Oluchi Orlandi.

The  mind blowing  three day event made it an Easter to remember if you ask me. Even though, day one started on a slow note with the organisers starting pretty late, it picked up in the following days.One fashion fabric that stood out for me was the #Ankara, in different styles and designs, it left one completely mesmerised. It was creativity at its peak.

The red carpet ws another area that was bubbling with activity. It witnessed the arrivals of  fashionistas/guests all slaying their looks in different outfits of different colours and designs. The videographers and the photographers had a field day, as in there was no 'dulling'. Every opportunity was perfect to get the right shot and video.

More so, the show was the perfect opportunity for A-list and upcoming fashion designers to show case their creativity in their works. Some notable designers present included Gavin Rajah, Ozwald Boateng, David Tjale, LaQuan Smith, Lanre DaSilva, DEOLA, Jewel By Lisa, Ituen Basi, Odio Mimonet and more representing Africa.

The show featured over 45 designers from 15 countries (South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, France, Morocco, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Caribbean and Nigeria) that included:
  • Abaya Lagos / Nigeria
  • About That Curvy Life / Nigeria
  • Amine Bendriouich / Morocco
  • Andrea Iyamah / Nigeria
  • Aurora James / Canada
  • Banke Kuku / Nigeria
  • Bridget Awosika / Nigeria
  • Bukola Akomolafe / Germany
  • Chularp Suwannapha / South Africa
  • Colrs / Germany
  • Dzyn / Nigeria
  • Fashpa / Nigeria
  • Funke Adepoju / Nigeria
  • Gavin Rajah / South Africa
  • Gozel Green / Nigeria
  • House of Divas Lagos / Nigeria
  • House of Irawo / Nigeria
  • House of Nwocha / Nigeria
  • Ilare / Nigeria
  • Imad Eduso / Nigeria
  • Ituen Basi / Nigeria
  • Karolynne Ashley / Bahamas
  • Kenneth Ize / Nigeria
  • Kimono Kollection / Nigeria
  • Kluk CGDT / South Africa
  • Koko Kamala / Botswana
  • Lahnayo Midnigi / South Africa
  • Laquan Smith / USA
  • Laurenceairline / France
  • Lanre Da Silva / Nigeria
  • Lisa Folawiyo / Nigeria
  • LOZA Maleombho / Ivory Coast
  • Lulu Lingerie / Nigeria
  • Mai Atafo / Nigeria
  • Maxhosa by Laduma / South Africa
  • Maxivive / Nigeria
  • Moofa / Nigeria
  • Mustafa Hassanali / Tanzania
  • Odio Mimonet / Nigeria
  • Orapeleng Module / South Africa
  • Ozwald Boateng / UK – United Kingdom
  • Prim By Michelle Elie / Germany
  • Quiteria & George / South Africa
  • Rich Mnisi / South Africa
  • Rokus London / Ivory Coast
  • Style Temple / Nigeria
  • Sunny Rose / Nigeria
  • Thebe Magugu / South Africa
  • Tiffany Amber / Nigeria
  • Tinie Tempah / United Kingdom
  • Tokyo James / Nigeria
  • Tsemaye Binitie / Nigeria
  • Tzar / Nigeria
  • Vonne Couture / Nigeria
  • Weiz Dhurm Franklyn / US
  • Washington Roberts / USA
  • Yutee Rone / Nigeria
  • Ziva Lagos / Nigeria

It was also an array of models, both local and international, of different sizes, shapes and complexion bringing it on on the runway. Guess who made the models up? None other than House of Tara and they are known to represent professionalism. 

Speaking of the runway, it was quite broad enough. So no matter where one sat, it was possible to get the perfect view of everything happening at the show. The ambiance of the hall was another detail to not be forgotten in a hurry. It was spiced with abstract and latest music from Nigerian artistes-thanks to the DJ in the house.

Personally, I think the Arise Fashion Week 2018 deserves a round of applause for creating a world class event. It has come and gone but the experiences it left attendees to savour can only make them look forward and anticipate for a bigger Arise Fashion Week come 2019.

***Check photos of some of the attendees: #IShotIt

Check also some designs on the runway:

photo credit; roberttaylormedia

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Rantings of the youngest child

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 Is it fair?The youngest in the family are usually entitled the smallest share of anything (especially food). Would that be the reason for my seemingly stinginess?  If I have the chance to have a large chunk of food to myself, I do not really mind eating all alone. The very thought of seeing larger shares going to your elder ones requirs discipline. It takes someone contented and disciplined to overlook this. Back then, it got to the point that sometimes I don't follow due process, since I know that I would take the least share , why bother? I will just carry my two legs and take what is mine (the smallest) and go quietly.

 As a toddler, I did not notice this trend but as I grew older it became an issue. It was either I do not look at my older ones share lest I feel bad or I just swallow my grievances and enjoy whatever I was offered.   That I became programmed to take the smallest share of everything in the house. I just naturally believed anything small was mine, no dispute.  That was how my mind was programmed. What ever was small and least belonged to me.

My parents are staunch believers of culture and tradition.  It is even very strict and more enforced judging that they both elder ones in their family so they have younger ones. That means they really do not understand what it means to be the youngest.

They believe that there must always be demarcation between the oldest and youngest. I actually grew up to the tunes of you are the youngest, are you mates? Why do you crave for the lion share of everything, don't you know that you are the youngest? And the likes.

Sometimes I wonder if tradition could be broken and may be equity and equality is allowed. Would that give room for disrespect?  In a way, probably so and in another way, probably not.If I had the same thing as those older than me does that really mean we were on the same level? It is not the case of knowing your place and giving respect to whom respect is due.

Some homes do not see this tradition as a big deal. While some prefer that older ones would give part of their shares to the youngest, others allow the youngest to do the sharing for the older ones to make their  choice. I do not know sha but I would definitely understand the plight of my youngest child knowing that I have gone through the tradition and survived. It taught me to be contented, may be stingy and put others need before myself.