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Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Wishlists for ....

"If wishes were horses,beggars would fly"
So I was thinking of what to write on and I decided to work with wishes. Before then I was looking for inspiration from different places from inside the bus to bus stops to church to market to my room to the toilet but to no avail.

 It was while I was eating that it occurred to me that I had wishes.  You know there are some things you just hope would  take effect. Here is my list:

1. I wish I had gap teeth. I really don't get why I admire people with gap teeth. Probably because it makes their smile so infectious. At one point, I had succumbed to using tooth pick to create the gap by force then pulled out when it became mission impossible.

2. I wish I would stop receiving bank debit alert. I just want to have the bank credit alerts continuously. You know speaking
Spending money on things you need/want is great but when you are being debited and the money is reducing ,that is not good feeling!

3. I wish kidnapping would be a thing of the past. My heart bleeds for those missing. Imagine the trauma that families of the victims and even the victims have to suffer. I seriously hope this would stop and the culprits are brought to book. Kidnapping was unheard of in times pasts, looks like this the trend now.

4. I wish old folks would stop reminding us of how things were better in their time. How it was easy to get job,build house, marry spouse, buy cars and so on.  We know that things are not the same way they used to be  but give us hope. Please do not make us feel like a hopeless generation.

5. I wish all single women are treated with respect and get married. Then there would no room for envy and competition.

6. I wish the bar/hotel that was just completed in front of my abode would stop disturbing us with loud music every night that we can't even enjoy a good night's sleep again. I mean it is that terrible. Noise pollution of the highest order.

7. I wish Lagos traffic would fizzle out. Emphasis should shift from the key Lagos mainland areas and Lagos island areas to the less prosperous/desirous areas. These areas could also be made attractive so that the strain witnessed in the major city centers with the traffic it exhumes would be reduced.

8. I wish I had a younger brother. When I was much younger, I had always disturbed my mother for a younger sibling. The reason was to have someone that I could do "senior" for and someone to cater for. I still nurse that feeling till now.

9. I wish I did not make careless mistakes. All the job opportunities I lost because of carelessness would just come back to me in hundred folds.  If only I could turn back the hands of time.

10.  I wish I could join a dance group or something. I usually have the urge to express myself through dancing. Back then, I came tops in dancing competitions but somehow it is like I am no longer flexible .Time to start exercising.

11. I wish people would stop asking me for an English name and pronounce my name well. I have heard " Akpoi" " ApO" " Agbor" . As in I tire... Its ***A-kpo! Simple and short. Thanks

Still have more but these are my wish lists for this year but lets keep it simple and short for now. I don't really make resolutions. As a planner, I make plans to achieve goals. That's my strategy....