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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

When people only reach out when they want to borrow money

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It's been quite a while since she last reached out to me. Before then, I had been the one doing the reaching out severally just to check up on her to know her welfare and all. I literally gave up my move to rekindle our friendship. All of sudden, out of blues, she reached out to me. And it was because she wanted to borrow money, imagine? It was only when she needed help that she deemed it necessary to reach out.

We had got to know ourselves as undergraduates of the same university. We had come from the same department. We also stayed in the same hostel, so we got pretty close. Then, she could borrow my slippers and I could also borrow her clothes. No one would suspect foul play. However, we seemed to drift apart after graduation. It is obvious distance, family, work, probably lack of shared interests created the communication barriers.

Maybe  she is too preoccupied with her work. Or something was just taking most of her time? What I consider annoying how they reach out to you out of blues when it gets critical for them. But must it be that it only when she needs help that she remembers the other person exists? It is gratifying to be that person that one would 'sees as the Central bank' in the face of a need or an emergency. However, it does not erase the fact that you are in a way 'being used'.  

On this fateful day, she kept bombarding me with calls.  Can you relate to these certain calls and messages that you are kind of unresponsive to? These calls and messages just tell you 'they' want to take from you or need your help.  

While I was hoping that nothing went wrong, just as I was a hundred percent sure that Caro needed some money most likely. Having been observing her trend, I became accustomed to her calling only when a need arises before everything turns back to status quo. Picking up my call, I exchanged pleasantries with her and then she dropped the bombshell.

"Please they are owing money in my workplace, can you raise me some money?,"
"Just a moment, please, let me get back to you "I responded and stuck to my words.

Later on that day, I got to know that she needed money to settle "pending debts for an ongoing project". According to her, her clients were also owing her some money for some months which made her run into debts. No wonder she needed to source for money badly.

I am also reminded of a family member- an aunt. If we were to give an award for busyness, she would take home several. She does not just have time. But when she needs someone to go on errands, then she remembers she has a 'younger sister' somewhere.

These 'set of people' who only reach out in the phase of need could be family members, friends or even relatives. They only get to contact you when they need your help. Most times, it is for financial assistance, other times it is because you fit the perfect description to render the solicited help.

With so many things that one seems to occupy ones time, it might be fair to not blame the other person for lack of care and neglect. Besides these days, everyone seems so cut up with the rat race that they rarely have time for themselves talk less of family or even friends. So should she be excused for her behaviour? This goes without saying that people still strive to make out time for those they care about despite their busy schedule.

When human relationships are parasitic, one party ends up being used. I think that even if there is nothing to say, and an encouragement and information or pleasantries would do just fine.

In the words of Rick Warren; "people who only contact you when then need something are acquaintances not friends."

Let me add this, she is kind of not happy with me. The money she is requesting for is beyond my 'capacity' but she won't accept. I really wish I had the money that people think I have, then I could have done a little bit better.

And I followed what a wise man once said: "You should not borrow money you can't give away."By doing so, it won't pain you too much if the borrower can't pay up on the day of repayment. And you can be rest assured that it could have passed for a gift so you don't mind. Meanwhile, I am awaiting my repayment from her.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

"Awoof dey run belle"

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What do you make out of a situation where you get to pay less than the original price? Probably a rare offer to jump at quickly? Or do you rush at the offer or pause to weigh your options before making a choice?

Sometimes having to pay less than the original price ( what we call 'Awoof') might not necessarily be a bonanza spree. It might be another bait to dupe unsuspecting customers. And as the saying goes, 'Awoof dey burst belle' which when translated means freebies/cheap things do not give optimum satisfaction or pleasure.
In essence, the beneficiary does not get to enjoy what he/she paid for in true sense after all.

My conclusion is based on some experiences proving that  it is better to go for quality and pay higher provided you enjoy what you paid for than pay less then end up spending more.

Forget Monday morning runs, Sunday morning runs also holds in this part of the world. Ever since church service included a special early morning series on finance, I deemed it necessary to attend all the series. Normally, I would have taken my time and gone for other later services where I would have time to dress up, makeup, eat and stroll into service.

However, the introduction of early 7 a.m finance series with top seasoned speakers in their fields giving financial insights, got me on my toes. Throwing away all my conveniences, I became more disciplined to make it all for the special Sunday series. After all, they said that the secret of great men is in their stories. Being an area, I would say I was kind of struggling with, I just had to make sure that  I attended all the series, learn and applied my learning. No data to burn to watch videos or money to buy tapes. I believe there is an anointing that comes with physical presence.  And that was my motivation.

I had two options: cab services or public transport. I opted for the later.  Don't ask me why. Early Sunday morning, the sleep was so sweet, I wished I would have continued but my alarm clock in the opposite room was disturbing. I had to get up to shut it up, that is how the sweet sleep left instantly. Preparation for Sunday service started immediately. Thankfully, I was done in the nick of time, I was sure I would get to church in time.

Everything was going well from when I got to the bus stop until I saw several buses beckoning me to fill up their seats. With so many bus conductors persuading the available passengers, I decided to go with the one with an unusual 'abnormal' low fare. First of all, this driver was taking time to leave the bus stop, he made sure his bus got completely filled with passengers. As I sat patiently without complaining, I felt satisfied that in the long run, I would have some change to keep.

Then, the  journey commenced and the normal tradition of transport fares were being collected by the bus conductor. All was going on well until the bus abruptly stopped on the way!

Without apologising to his passengers for the inconveniences caused, the bus driver came down from bus to change his tyre. Who does that? I mean, he knew quite well that he had a bad tyre but went ahead to carry unsuspecting passengers, no wonder the bus fare was 'unusually abnormally low' and we fell for that bait.

It was unwise to demand a refund, after all, on a normal day, the money paid was enough to take one to where the bus stopped. I could not wait for the bus driver to change his flat tyre; remember I  had a Sunday series to catch up in church. I jumped down from the bus and sharply looked for another. I ended up paying twice the normal bus fare based on my calculation. If I had followed my instinct, I would have paid once and for all and saved some money!

This brings back to another experience. As an undergraduate, I needed a pen to some assignments.  I got duped in broad daylight by the pen seller. She was selling a pack of pen(of a brand I have never heard). After tactfully convincing me to buy them, I ended buying the unidentified pen brand. To start with, she gave me one that was writing to test its effectiveness and that how I swallowed her bait.

It would have made more sense if I gently went for my bic pen but no I wanted a cheap one.  In my mind, I would have enough change to  buy other stuffs. In the end, the pack of pen bought were useless, had to buy another set and that meant spending more.

Would you go for quantity over quality? Do you jump at every offer without weighing your options? Do you follow your instincts or go with the crowd? One has to be careful because 'Awoof really runs belle" True or False?

Sunday, 4 September 2016



Habits are easy to form. They could also be hard to drop. I was told that it takes virtually 21 days to form a new habit. Just as there are good habits, there are also bad habits. Taking time to discuss some bad habits that could be appalling.  Would not act like am an etiquette champion but I am sure everyone can relate to what I am trying to point out.

 I have one bad habit. You can hardly watch T.V with me because I am always flipping the channels. I rarely watch a station, I would rather watch all stations that    appeal to me at a go than stayed glued to one. That way I get a bit of all stations. It is not a good habit particularly when I'm watching T.V in the company of others. To correct this anomaly, make sure I am not with the remote control.

I know of a couple that they fart amongst themselves. While some see it as a sign of openness and developing trust, this does not portray polished etiquette. I think the proper thing to do would be to take excuse and fart away somewhere in the toilet.

The one that pisses me is using the toilet without flushing. I cannot remember where I saw the inscription '' Use these toilet the way you want your life to be". In other words, if you use the toilet well, then ones life will be well and vice versa. It has not reach that level but some people do not know how to make use of the toilet. It is not nice making the toilet a mess. Sometimes, it can not be helped particularly if there is no water. No matter what it would be better to behave like a like someone civilised, abi?

There are people who once they get paid they go on shopping spree. It is the leftover that they end up saving. Before you know it they become indebted. Financial intelligence is not only about wealth accumulation. It is also virtually about self-discipline. Would pretend that I have good habits but I know I am working on my bad habits and I think everyone should too.Bad habits can be corrected with discipline.

My focus today is on bad habits. I did a short video to that effect. Kindly watch and tell me what you think *winks*