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Friday, 17 November 2017

How do you deal with a difficult co-worker?

Photo credit :Botswana Youth magazine

When people of different backgrounds and personalities come together in the workplace, there is bound to be conflicts. The beauty of this is that they can come to a compromise, get to understand themselves better and know how to relate to one another properly to avoid any friction.
However, how about that coworker who this does not seem to apply to because it is just difficult to get along with them… no matter what? While such persons might test your endurance level and develop your character, if care is not taken, they might just make you frustrated and unfulfilled on the job. 
This brings me to an incident that happened some days ago. I was thinking of the work load and how I was going to meet deadlines, so dragging for my change with a bus conductor was the last thing on my mind. It so happened that the bus conductor was not only bent on delaying me from getting to work early, but also planning to spoil my happy mood.

Thankfully, a passenger was kind enough to part with her change and that solved the issue. She obviously was embarrassed by the way I kept thanking her for kindness until she disappeared into the crowd. I looked at my watch, I thought it best to board a bike instead of a bus to get to work on time. This time I was prepared and I had my change, so no worries.
Getting to work, I had mapped out my plan for the day. Knowing that I was the one on duty, I had the whole office to myself. I stocked my food pack, downloaded podcast messages from some amazing people to listen to while working. These would come in handy and would definitely make working today quite interesting.
I heaved a sigh of relief that I made to work at the nick of time. So I went to the rest room to freshen up and lo and behold! You won’t believe what I saw in the toilet seat. Two heavy chunks of faeces popping their ugly heads at me!
I rushed out of the restroom immediately for the smell from there was quite nauseating. I thought of who was guilty of this atrocious act, and from all indications, the possible culprit appeared to be Milicent.
Milicent represents that coworker who is just outrightly difficult. She sees you as her biggest competitor. You try to be nice, she interprets it that you have ulterior motives. You are not nice and gbam, she becomes happy that she has something as evidence to use against you.
What did I do? I just kept my distance to avoid any alterations. I could not help but point a finger that she was the one who messed up the toilet. First, she was on duty while I was away, and since I would report the next day, it was possible she committed the act to spite me. Besides, we are the only ones that have access to that office, so who else could it have been?
Well… I could be wrong, but we all know that coworker who is just so difficult no matter how you try to blend with them. Having devised all means to friends with her, my last resort was to keep my distance to avoid any friction.
I remember how work became unbearable because we had to work as a team. For no reason, she would just stir up drama and I promised to keep my cool.
Back to my ordeal in the rest room, while I was being pressed, I was still contemplating what to do. Should I clean it up? Or should leave the mess for whoever did it? That was how I was muttering and complaining, until I realised that I had work to do. Retreating to my seat, I thought of all that I mapped out to do. Would I allow one incident spoil my mood?
My thoughts went back to the annoying conductor and for a moment, I thought that day was supposed to be one of those days. Then I thought about the kind passenger and smiled. Meanwhile, I was still pressed. Somehow, after pleading the blood of Jesus, I cleaned the restroom for my use. I didn’t want to go through the process of contacting the cleaners and hear their own complaints.
The day had just started and enough drama already, determined to not let things take a toll on me, I cleaned the toilet and let it go! However, it left me wondering how long I would be condoning such acts.
Now, I understand while most cleaners are usually grouchy. It is not easy when people make your work difficult for no just reason. Why would anybody use the toilet without flushing for goodness’ sake?  I don’t quite get it at all!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Still on the matter….#MyOffice

Image credit: Information Nigeria

Drama unfolds anywhere and anytime. It is even very peculiar if you commute in public transport. Is it the annoying conductor who insists that you must always have the exact fare or else he would harass you? Or is it the bus driver who drives carelessly as if it is farm animals loaded in his bus? There are many scenarios that happen in the course of a commuting from place to place on daily basis. Some annoying, some funny, some exciting and others risky but none can take the place of having your own vehicle.

On a bus to Iyanaipaja, a fellow passenger did not let us rest with the call he was making. He spoke English so it was very easy to deduce the direction of his conversation. Normally I would have just minded my business and go on with listening to music on my earphones but his voice tone made him noticeable.

What struck out of his conversation on phone was the way he kept on mentioning "my office". It appeared he was using it to brag because the way he mentioned it was countless. From the beginning of the journey to the end, all we heard was '' in my office'' '' bring it to my office''....

I could not help but wonder if the passenger just got a new office or he just landed a job that he could not help but make emphasis with the word '' office''.  So I had to really understand what an office really is. According to the dictionary, the word '' office'' refers to a room, set of rooms or building used for non-manual work. Based on definition, anything done in room(s) asides non-manual work is not an office probably a workshop or workspace. Brings me to the topic of how we love to show off with office. It is not unusual to see some people take selfies and tag it # office things. Working in an office kinda builds ego and creates some form of respect, abi? There seems to be a perception that one working in an office is a big salary earner.  The office is also linked with white- collar jobs.

 Then I used to cringed with the thought of an office environment. When I go for interviews, the first thing was to look at the office space and ask myself if it is really office-like. You know how it is more dignifying to work in an office that has all the furnishings, air conditioner and all, than a '' pako'' office. It is not new to see graduates lust for office jobs because of the dignity attached to them and the thought of the working in an office.

Whether it is a farm,bus, stall, laboratory, workshop, shop or school, there is dignity provided you do the needful and improve yourself. Working in an office is not the standard. After forcefully listening to the passenger echo of '' my office'', I was forced to believe that office or no office, there is dignity in labour.

 On a lighter note, please don’t brag about your office if it is not in Chevron or Sahara group or UBA or Shell …..

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Living with the sense of entitlement


Somethings given are privileges and not rights.I have came to realise this.Being the youngest in my family, I had grown up to believe that I was entitled to virtually everything. But remember that no pain, no gain. It had made so over dependent that I was laid back and expected to get everything from my older ones.

 Am sure you must have encountered security men at the banks?They "harass" you when you are spending time with the ATM machine downloading cash. For no reason,the security man starts hailing you because he feels he is entitled to a percentage of the money being collected. Likewise, these scenes happen in eateries. Imagine over your hard earned money! You are still expected to shake body. You could be in a good mood and start forming father christmas, if you ask me its your money!

In college, the cleaner "harasses" the student anytime she sees the student carrying big bags or just returning from the market. She feels that she is entitled to some gifts. After graduating from school,the normal thing would be to do clearance. Do you know that in some offices before they sign your documents, they feel they entitled to some amount of money. As in you must drop something before your documents would be released to you signed.

When getting a job is trough an agency, the agent feels that he is entitled to a certain percentage of ones salary because he/she has influenced your getting the job.In politics, godfathers use their sense of entitlement to collect from their candidates because they were part of their success story.

How about the police? Never mind that the police is your friend but you must part with some cash whenever they stop whether faultless or guilty of offence. "Sir/Madam,anything for the boys?" must not return to the policemen void, it must produce cash.

  Bobos and babies in relationship or even married couples, you would agree with me that living with the sense of entitlement is killing relationships... There is a thing line between being generous and being put under undue pressure to be generous. Lets choose wisely...