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Sunday, 19 August 2018

11 Types of People you find in the Marketplace

photo credit: The Trent

I  devised a strategy when going shopping in the marketplace- you don't dress too expensively less the seller would use that to determine your worth.  It actually works most times because the seller tends to increase the prices of her/his wares after she/he 'sizes' you up to know whether he/she made a good catch.

Interestingly, I buy things impulsively sometimes. At other times, it could be deliberate. When It falls into the later, I just deck up a tee shirt, shorts or trousers as it were and slippers and dash to the market. That way, the seller might not be able to tell or have an idea of your kind of person.

Funnily enough, it is at such times when I am 'too casual' that I get to meet people  I know on the way. It is annoying that times when you put so much effort into your dressing and look 'glammed up', you don't get to see familiar faces and nobody tends to notice.

Well, the essence of the casual look is to get a good bargain and not come off too wealthy less the seller uses it against one.

In the marketplace, I noticed that there are certain people you find. See them below and identify your category ;)

1. The Window Shoppers
These people have no intentions of buying anything. They are just there to know the prices of commodities. Hoping from stall to stall,  shop to shop, they inquire the cost of goods and services as it were. And off they go!

2. The 'No Time' Shoppers
They buy from their port of call-the very first seller they meet. They don't have time to go around the market, comparing prices and standards of goods or commodities. They usually leave the market in a jiffy. They get there, get want they want and disappear.

3. The Prudent Shoppers
These ones take time. Unlike the 'No time' shopper, they go from stall to stall, comparing and bargaining prices of commodities, ensuring that they make the best bargain and get value for their money.

4. The 'Lazy' Shoppers
They would prefer to send someone else to do their shopping for them. In some cases, you have to lie that you are not available or going to the market or they would cajole you to help them to do 'small' shopping for them. These set of people also have errand boys and girls that can do their shopping for them.

5. The Online Shoppers
They belong to the new school. they are conversant with the latest technologies. They have all the apps for online shopping. Everything is done online from shopping to payment to delivery. They live in a fast-paced environment and cannot be tied to traditional methods.

6. The 'Forgetful' Shoppers
They forget their list and end not buying all they wanted to buy. At times, they buy want is unneeded and other times, go out of budget.

7. The 'Sharp' Shoppers
They have a programmed memory. They do not need any list. They have everything in their memory. They are so used to going to the market that they do not need to scribble down any list.

8. The 'Mall' Shoppers
For them, they prefer going to the mall to buy what they need than go to the market. They have the advantage of dodging the harsh weather condition, be it rain or sunshine. The only issue they may face is long queues during peak periods of sales.

9. The 'Regretful' Shoppers
Have you ever bought something, only to find better ones or fresher ones (in terms of perishable commodities)? Well, then you fall into these set of people. It is usually wise to 'sample' all corners of the markets to search for the best to get the best.

10. The 'Undecided' Shoppers
They are usually indecisive. They do not how to choose what they want. Most times, they prefer going with someone more 'experienced' in shopping to help them in making their choice.

11. The 'Persuaded' Shoppers
These set of people like being persuaded to buy stuff. If the seller does not beckon to them or persuade them, forget it, they would not be moved to buy anything.

Having said these, which shopper are you or which one did I leave out?

Saturday, 17 March 2018

KopaConnect- An Online Community for N.Y.S.C Corps Members

CorperConnect NG announces that it will be launching its web-based online community calledKopaConnectthat helps corps members stay connected with their friends and colleagues, share digital content, build new relationships and provide value for their time and skills throughout and after their service year.  Corps Members on the platform get opportunities to collaborate, get freelance jobs and access to development tools that will be useful after they leave the scheme.

The platform has a marketplace called “Mami-Market” where corps members can advertise their S.A.E.D products and services for free. In this market-place, the corps members have unlimited access to marketing tools needed to make their products and services stand out. Furthermore, on Mami-Market, corps members with skills will get access to freelance jobs focused on their career path or passion, this jobs will not only give them extra income, it will provide them with experience needed in the labour market after their service year.

What makes KopaConnect different is the community reward system called “Alawee” a feature that encourages user’s adoption and increases their hierarchy in the community. The hierarchy levels are as follows: State Commandant (highest), Director, Zonal Coordinator, Local Commandant, Senior Kopa, Otondo (lowest). These points (Alawee) are allocated for certain actions performed by each corps member.

Kalu KaluKalu, the founder of KopaConnect, created the company and its services so that as the corps members are serving the country, they are also served. Also, to connect corps members all over Nigeria through a user-friendly, innovative and effective engagement platform where the skillset of the corps members are honed and converted to value.  Our core purpose is to build a community of patriotic youths that are passionate enough to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild Nigeria through their engagement.

To learn more about KopaConnect and the services it offers, visit


Kalu KaluKalu