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Sunday, 4 September 2016



Habits are easy to form. They could also be hard to drop. I was told that it takes virtually 21 days to form a new habit. Just as there are good habits, there are also bad habits. Taking time to discuss some bad habits that could be appalling.  Would not act like am an etiquette champion but I am sure everyone can relate to what I am trying to point out.

 I have one bad habit. You can hardly watch T.V with me because I am always flipping the channels. I rarely watch a station, I would rather watch all stations that    appeal to me at a go than stayed glued to one. That way I get a bit of all stations. It is not a good habit particularly when I'm watching T.V in the company of others. To correct this anomaly, make sure I am not with the remote control.

I know of a couple that they fart amongst themselves. While some see it as a sign of openness and developing trust, this does not portray polished etiquette. I think the proper thing to do would be to take excuse and fart away somewhere in the toilet.

The one that pisses me is using the toilet without flushing. I cannot remember where I saw the inscription '' Use these toilet the way you want your life to be". In other words, if you use the toilet well, then ones life will be well and vice versa. It has not reach that level but some people do not know how to make use of the toilet. It is not nice making the toilet a mess. Sometimes, it can not be helped particularly if there is no water. No matter what it would be better to behave like a like someone civilised, abi?

There are people who once they get paid they go on shopping spree. It is the leftover that they end up saving. Before you know it they become indebted. Financial intelligence is not only about wealth accumulation. It is also virtually about self-discipline. Would pretend that I have good habits but I know I am working on my bad habits and I think everyone should too.Bad habits can be corrected with discipline.

My focus today is on bad habits. I did a short video to that effect. Kindly watch and tell me what you think *winks*

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Living with the sense of entitlement


Somethings given are privileges and not rights.I have came to realise this.Being the youngest in my family, I had grown up to believe that I was entitled to virtually everything. But remember that no pain, no gain. It had made so over dependent that I was laid back and expected to get everything from my older ones.

 Am sure you must have encountered security men at the banks?They "harass" you when you are spending time with the ATM machine downloading cash. For no reason,the security man starts hailing you because he feels he is entitled to a percentage of the money being collected. Likewise, these scenes happen in eateries. Imagine over your hard earned money! You are still expected to shake body. You could be in a good mood and start forming father christmas, if you ask me its your money!

In college, the cleaner "harasses" the student anytime she sees the student carrying big bags or just returning from the market. She feels that she is entitled to some gifts. After graduating from school,the normal thing would be to do clearance. Do you know that in some offices before they sign your documents, they feel they entitled to some amount of money. As in you must drop something before your documents would be released to you signed.

When getting a job is trough an agency, the agent feels that he is entitled to a certain percentage of ones salary because he/she has influenced your getting the job.In politics, godfathers use their sense of entitlement to collect from their candidates because they were part of their success story.

How about the police? Never mind that the police is your friend but you must part with some cash whenever they stop whether faultless or guilty of offence. "Sir/Madam,anything for the boys?" must not return to the policemen void, it must produce cash.

  Bobos and babies in relationship or even married couples, you would agree with me that living with the sense of entitlement is killing relationships... There is a thing line between being generous and being put under undue pressure to be generous. Lets choose wisely...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Corporate Beggars.

Photo Credit: Vanguardngr
There are different ways of begging for alms but the one that is disturbing is the one done corporately.
I remember as an undergraduate, while walking to my hall. I was being stopped by a man. He was dressed corporately as in long sleeves with tie on trousers. The glasses he wore even made him look learned.

The discussion that ensued with our meeting:
" Hello my sister!"
I turned and replied" Good evening!" Flashing my immaculate set of teeth
 Though I was on my guards because one had to be careful. We hear stories of kidnap, gbomo gbomo and other vices.
" Please my sister, I am travelling to Lagos and my wallet was stolen....please can you help me with 2000 naira"

In my mind I was like I must have been looking like a bag of money for him to demand such an amount at a go.he didn't even start from 200 naira. He went straight. O ye of mighty faith, ask and ye shall receive
" Uhmmm... Sorry I don't have that amount. But I could assist with a token" I replied, opened my bag,looked for cash and gave him what I could.

He managed to mutter a thank you and disappeared to countered the next victim.
I felt happy that I had supported someone and rushed to my hall.
Two days later, same spot!Guess who approached me again? This same man or is it Bro!

 Apparently he didn't recognise me  but I did. He had on the same clothes and used the same rehearsed lines. I didn't answer him this time just waved my hand and left with full speed.

So this was his own style of raising cash. There are people who have devised this means of robbing their unsuspecting victims. These sets of people are corporate beggars .  They beg money in a tush way for a living.Some even go as far as naming their certificates and displaying them to their gullible victims. They dress formally and develop a cock and bull story that is almost believable to the hearer.

These people flood the streets and that's their means of livelihood. Have you had a similar experience, please share....