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Sunday, 14 June 2015

When nature calls....
Heading straight to the library to digest three hefty books into my brain. The motivation was there because it was either success or nothing else. I had smuggled chocolate bars in between the books lest I got caught at the entrance of the library for taking in food.

Got a good seat devoid of distractions. Started reading as I chipped in the chocolate bar into my mouth until there was none left.Fifteen minutes later, my tummy was aching. My thoughts wondered:"Could it be amala and ewedu I ate before the chocolate or the chocolate itself???"
I could not continue the thought process to identify the cause of the problem. I had to rush to the toilet ASAP!

Beautiful me ,all tushed up, no one would understand that I was pressed and about to drop bombshells. I managed to catwalk inspite of the pain in my tummy and the sensation going on in my anus.Reached for my bag-it was just small toilet roll, Yay!!!

Next I was on a mission to beg for toilet roll from sisters/babes walking past the library. I did this codedly to avoid embarrassment. But to no avail, I just could not get more tissue. It was either sisters were just being plain wicked or they really didn't have to give me. There was no time to continue in the tissue escapade because my tummy has given signal that time was running out. I went to the toilet.

Thankfully, there was water. Oh water! I love you water!! I emptied my bowels and felt relieved. Heaving a sigh of relief, I used the little tissue judiciously. How it became enough to wipe my bum-bum clean remains a mystery. Mind you I was kinda scared I was oozing but after I walked pass some group of guys and nothing happened , no side comments or covering of nose, I knew there was nothing to worry about.

Being the civilized lady that I am, I had flushed properly and washed my hands thoroughly before taking the exit of the toilet. Coming out, nobody would understand the battle I went to fight in the toilet. I had also learnt to be prepared. What if there I had no tissue at all? Maybe I would use water. What if there was no water? That I do not know and would not want to think of the effect.

Thank God!I let it out and I'm relieved. Same with life, there are some things you have to let out to make you free and light.Painful experiences, disappointments, envy, hatred... the list goes on.Now to the part of the tissue, it is an indication to stay prepared. After that ordeal I have a full tissue in my hand bag readily available and within my reach in emergencies.
Has nature whispered or called you in unexpected situation? Please share the ordeal and let's laugh it off...