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Friday, 8 May 2015

Can we have some quiet, please?

 # Drawing the line between intruding into people's privacy and evangelism

It was a much desired holiday. Break from waking up very early and joining in the Lagos traffic. As if that was not enough, one still faced traffic coming back and you had to wake up early again the next day when you must have gotten home pretty late.

So thankful for the Easter break.  It was a long weekend.Good Friday had gone. Saturday took me away from home, had to go to the market. It was shopping and cooking all day. Sunday was church.  My surest bet was Easter Monday.  I had special plans for Easter Monday.It would be for me and my bed only.

So happy that the day came at last.Reluctantly  I did not want to get up from bed in my pyjamas.It felt so cozy under the blanket and suddenly, I was awakened by the noise from the speakers.
"Oh my Gosh!"I screamed and the noise continued

" Good morning my brethren! I greet you in the name of the Lord..." Those were the words from the speakers
Imagine someone leaving his house and vicinity to come and disturb others in another area.Kai!

So this preacher was so loud even the blast from from earphones could not subdue it. Imagine I was forced to listen to a whole sermon. Chei!
 So this sermon lasted for up to two hours thirty minutes and I was tossing all over thinking of ways to run away for this forceful message. My privacy had been intruded. All my plans for that morning was spoiled. The frown on my face was dancing awilo.

 Reminiscing it is very funny but that very day I was grumbling. I could not understand how someone would leave his area and cause nuisance in another all under the guise of propagating the gospel. Don't get me wrong I'm a staunch believer, I believe in spreading the gospel but not at the expense of intruding into other peoples' privacy and disturbing their peace.

Daily we are faced with all forms of noise pollution and we all crave for peace away from the screeching horns, music from loudspeakers, yellings of conductors and agberos, sirens, generator sounds you name it.
Lagos is filled virtually with noise pollution. From the market to the bus stops to the roads, there is noise everywhere.

On Sundays, the churches would bring theirs, Fridays the mosque would contribute theirs. If its not music blaring from speakers on the roads, it would be conductors beckoning to their passengers forgetting, noise from engines in factories.

After the hustle and bustle of the day, one gets home to be welcomed by the sounds emanating from the generator.This has become commonplace. People are getting used to the systems. When it gets so bad, the aspirin or panadol becomes your closest paddy within your reach in your bag waiting to be swallowed.

Noise has become part of our everyday life in this part of the world. People hardly speak in low tones, they must shout when greeting or during a conversation. This is the effect of living in noise.
Noise does not allow focus. It is a distraction. It could result to partial deafness too.

The long and short of this turachi is to minimise noise to the barest minimum and respect each other privacy. I have said my own, please talk your own...