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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

#WomanCrushWednesday: Check out 8 beauty looks from super diva, Kate Henshaw

The first thing that captivates you about Nollywood actress,  Kate Henshaw is her endearing smile and the gaiety of her laughter which is so infectious. Do you know that this beautiful actress, who is also a fitness guru, is also a very good dancer? Follow her on Instagram and watch videos of her busting those moves and you are hooked! 

Kate Henshaw  was born in Cross River and is the oldest of four children.  She had her early school education in Lagos and Calabar. Although she enrolled in University of Calabar to study Medical Microbiology, she later ventured into acting when she auditioned and landed a lead role in the movie-When the Sun sets. That was how her journey into acting began.

Having starred in over 45 movies, Kate Henshaw  remains one of the most soughted-after actresses in Nollywood.  She is the recipient of several awards and endorsement deals.

On the red carpet, Kate Henshaw always the graces events with her presence, outfit and style. In celebration of her, she is our  woman crush this Wednesday. So I bring to you eight beauty looks of this diva. See them below:

Which is your favourite? 

Photo credit: Instagram @k8henshaw

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Picking up the broken pieces

Photo credit: Oko's Blog

These things  normally happen in Nollywood but no, it was live. It happened to her. It was either the guy breaks the lady’s heart or vice versa and then the  hurting one goes mad or life becomes meaningless. She neither went mad nor lost her life purpose but she felt dejected.”

They say that time is meant to heal wounds but she was unsure if she would get over knowing that her ex just tied the knots. Yes! He just made her know she was history while his wife was his present and future.
She had  had big hopes that he would return. It was her belief that they were destined to be together. They had a lot in common. They were namesakes, from the same tribe, attended Sunday school together and the attraction was there.

However, she had pushed him to the wall ignoring his constant complaints of  her annoying behaviour. To her, he would forgive her as he always did. One day, he told her that he was no longer interested in the relationship. She thought he was joking. This was the same guy who confessed to love her always regardless. May be she banked on his forgiving nature that she forgot that he was human and would have breaking points. Then, it dawned on her that she was no more his priority, his bae, his woman and his heart.

It broke her heart. For nights she cried and cried, tried to make amends through various means and channels. She went through his siblings but to no avail. She went through his mentors and friends instead they advised her to moved on that she had stretched him beyond limit.

How would she live without him? No more calls? No more chats? No more outings? No more gists? No more planning together for the future? No more visitations ? No more games? No more eating together? No more laughing together?No more pictures together? No more praying together? No more….she could go on and on….

She thought she should give him some time probably he would come around. However, things turned out for the worse. It was like she was so obsessed with him. The more she tried to win him over, the more he withdrew. He resorted to blocking her on all social media platforms when she constantly tried to communcate with him. Facebook blocked. Whatsapp blocked. LinkedIn blocked, too. Okay, he was not on twitter. Then he stopped picking her calls.

The silent treatment nearly drove her nuts but she had something else that she had to hold on to or else her life seemed meaningless. She just got admission for a Masters degree. Would she allow the heartbreak to allow the opportunity to further her studies slip away? No! She had her education to fight for too. She would still go back to school, with a broken heart though. Also, she had a career in line, she could not allow her emotions get the better part of her and allow her career suffer.

Althrough her studies and career, she was hoping that one day, he would come back and say ”I am sorry, let’s start over again” and then that one day came and she got the biggest shock of her life. She found that he was now married. Thanks to social media and other sources. She could not believe it. It should have been her in the picture with him? But No, she was not.

Wow! First it was the denial stage. She said to herself that the woman in the picture with him could not be his bride probably a friend but pictures don’t lie. She had to admit the lady appeared beautiful but was the direct opposite of her in terms of physical appearance. It was far from friendship, this picture revealed they were life partners.

First impulse was to scream but instead she sent a congratulatory message to him hoping he would read it. He had completely blocked her from his life. Sadly, they had parted ways in the most bitter manner. No form of reconciliation or making peace with ones past girlfriend(s) as some guys do before tying the knot. (Most guys are guilty of this, when they are about to get married they start calling ex-gilrfirends to make peace so that they dont go with baggage into their marriage.)

Back to her story. It has been three weeks since she got to know that he was now married. She had lost weight and the pain in her chest was excruciating.
” Will you die because of one guy?” came one advice” Remember, if you die because of a man, many better finer men would pass by your grave and say ”omashe oo”’

If not for support from family and friends, she would have been a shadow of herself. She craved for encouragement as a newborn crave for breastmilk from the mother. The future looked bleak for her. This was someone she dreamt of the future with. Would she forgive herself for stretching him too far? Would she get over her regret?Would she find someone better than him? Does she need to revenge and let him know that he has no control of her happiness? Would she continue to stalk him on social media and give him the power to hurt her the more? These and many more questions filled her mind that she barely knew the answers to.

Her career was at stake and she still hopes to further her education. She was not ready to throw all her aspirations away even though the man she thought she loved was now married to someone else. She would just take a day at a time, her life was very precious to be wasted in regret.
As she wished him well in all his endeavours, she also muttered a prayer to her God that their parts never crossed and that she looks back at this phase in years to come and have a very good laugh because she thought she would never get over it.

Friday, 22 April 2016

This is why I love Naija

  I think the post came at the wrong time because  Nigerians are not smiling presently. However, I am a proud Nigerian to the core. Would never deny my nationality for anything. Nigeria may be facing issues from corruption to greed to poor leadership and the likes but there are many goods in the midst of the ills.  Do you know we have best brains in this part of the world?  The likes of Philip Emegwali, Chike Obi, Prof. Alele Williams to mention a few need no introduction.

Here are my reasons for rocking my green passport and green white green flag any day anytime:
 Nigeria is strategically positioned in Africa. More so, it is the most populous black nation and the giant of Africa.  This makes it very attractive for business investments.

Nigerians can adapt easily to any situation. Even in the phase of fuel scarcity and epileptic power supply, Nigerians are still keep up and going about their various activities normally. Somehow, we still device strategy on how to charge our phones and laptops, watch T.V and listen to radio. There is always fuel station that we are lucky to get fuel or one neighbour whose inverter can be used for this activity. Someone actually said that he goes to the bank to charge his phone while pretending to be a customer. Others have one way of managing the fuel crisis.

Nigerians make good use of opportunities. Everything and anything is a business venture. Have you been traffic and someone appears and  starts cleaning your windscreen? That's a business for him. What of construction of bridges in flooded areas? Someone literally turns this pseudo bridge to his means of livelihood, collecting toll fee. One day when it rained continuously, someone turned the use of umbrella as a money making venture. He would walk you to the bus-stop with his umbrella for a token?

Nigerians have good sense of humor. These days comedy is making waves. More and more people are going into comedy. After a stressful day, listening to Nigerian comedians using everyday occurrences and happenings as jokes is comic relief to a stressed mind.

Nigerians are industrious. We love doing many things. Jack of all trades, master of all. You would see a banker that is also into shoe trading and makeup business. A man who is the principal of a school has his wife managing the school bookshop. His daughters are in charge of the school cafeteria. Then his sons are the account officers. This same man is also into consulting and import and exports. Sometimes, it is difficult to say what one does because one does many things.

Nigerians are creative. If you doubt google the likes Chinua Achebe( Of blessed memory), Chimamanda Adichie, Cobhams Asuquo, Clarence Peters, Kaffy, and many more. Nollywood is one of our greatest import. It has opened doors. Listened to Tonye Cole speak at a seminar of how he was granted preferential treatment because of Nollywood and his nationality in Mozambique even without a visa.

Do you remember " My Oga at the top" era? Someone turned it into a money making venture and started making shirts with the inscription. Do you also remember "Na only you waka come?" popularised by the former first lady. Heard a song on radio by an artiste who used those words to make a hit song.

Nigerians have rich culture. With over 300 languages, Nigerians are very peculiar. Their native dialects, lifestyle, ceremonies, festivals, dress sense all add up to make Nigeria one of the best lands. The native food would always stand out. Chinese and American cuisine might be very tasty but can not be substituted for local delicacies. Banga and starch, amala and gbegiri , poundo yam and egusi, tuwoshikafa always have their way in my stomach.

Nigerian tourist attractions are well placed globally. No wonder we have tourists from far and wide visiting from time to time to behold their beauty and gift of mother nature. Some of music videos of Nigerian artistes are shot there. Olamide's "abule sowo" video was shot in Olumo rock.  Others too have done so.The likes of Olumo rock in Abeokuta, Zuma rock in Niger state, Erin Ijesha waterfall in Osun state, great walls of Kano, Oban hills in Cross Rivers state to mention a few.....all add up to create a wonderful scenario of  the Nigerian landscape.

Nigerian women are tenacious and prove to be good home managers, mothers and entrepreneurs. The likes of Ibukun Awosika, Prof. Alele Williams,Tara Fela Durotoye, Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Olajumoke Adenowo, Joe Okei-Odumakin to mention a few show that you can be a woman and still have and maintain it all- family, career, education, religion, business and looks.  Their stories inspire me. Nigerian women are A-list dressers and this goes for the men too.

This post would have been better on independence day but nevertheless I have the burning desire to stay true to being a proud Nigeria. I just want to let it out! Indeed,Nigeria is the best land....Awooo!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

2015 Epilogues: My latter shall surpass the former

 2015 ...I came, I saw and I conquered{Sounds cliche but thats the way it is( In Celine Dion's voice)}
This year was very dramatic for me. Looked like I was acting a movie script for Nollywood. It was like I played the lead role in one of  Zeb Ejiro soap operas. The story line was about one girl like that was confused.Guess I did a good job....

This year I had to question my maker.I was completely lost and questioned my purpose. I sought help from whoever came to mind.I just didn't give in until I got redirection. I drew closer to God and He drew closer to me.Kai, I never knew I was this strong.

 Amidst my search for God existence of which I found Him, this year had started off with winning a makeover. Before then I was lucky to get a goodie bag from a beauty company. It was more like a  year of winning freebies.Then I entered into a new environment. Met new people of like-minds. Made new friends,some I am keeping and some I would be dropping before next year. Remember, friendship no be by force...To my old friends, tried reconnecting with those who wanted to and those that were probably to busy to have my time...well done o

Girlfriends who got married and had to cut me off because of their new status,na so life be???Makes me wonder if I would do the same when it gets to my turn. Would I see every single lady as a threat and enemy of progress,hia!
Anyways I understand,its allowed...

2015 was spiced with disappointments. Disappointments that I thought I would never bounce back. Rejection,ridicule,carelessness,loss of weight, bitterness all made the year long. Paradoxically, 2015 turned out to be one of my fastest years so far on earth....

Thankfully, the children's laughters, the smiles received and given to brighten my day, the new and old friendships secured, family support, adding a feather to my cap,  unexpected favours, adventures, skills acquired, improvement on my blog and its recognition, being noticed even when I thought I loved to take the back seat made the year a joyous and quick one.Then finding love in places least expected made 2015 a year to reckon with.

Aha, I joined departments in church. It was transition from a church goer to a church worker. That for me was a quantum leap! Normally I would just want rest in my comfort zone but I made a decision to be more active in the House of God . It is rewarding big time!

As the year draws the curtain, I can say I am no longer the girl I was...Still I rise like garri in water

N.B Please I take una grandma beg una ( As my maths teacher in secondary school used to say to catch our attention), don't kill my blogging career #SupportTheMovement #support my blog...lolzzz
See you in 2016 by God's grace#Peace

Compliments of the season!!!