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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

14 Types of People You Find on Whatsapp Groups

Photo credit: ShutterShock

It was a painful exit, but I had to move on. Knowing I am still guilty of this till now, I have decided to make changes. It was just when I thought I was getting accustomed to the group page that was when I got the shock- they removed from the Whatsapp group just like play.

I could have heaved a sigh of relief with the action. But then, the Whatsapp groups were becoming so many and monotonous on my device. They were killing my battery with their notifications and occupying my storage space. However, after carefully thinking through, I think I didn’t do well to have at least contributed to that particular Whatsapp group because it kind of aligned with my purpose and the members were of like minds, same interest and age group.

I consoled myself that after all I had other several Whatsapp groups I was part of. But really, it could be tasking when there are so many of them and then you decide which is important to stick with. So have you been in a Whatsapp group you were not participating that the administration had to remove you?

 I came up with a list of people you find in Whatsapp group, see them below and identify yourself:

1. The Talkatives
They are the ones who run your phone battery chats with their posts whether relevant or Dr irrelevant. They have something to say. In a way, they give the group life and keep it active. One would wonder if we don't hear from them throughout the day.

2. The Cliques
When a member of the cliques makes a comment, it is hard for another outside the cliche to contribute. It is only for the known cliches. An 'outsider' that tries to join the conversation would be ignored or made to feel they said something inappropriate.

3. The Silent ones
They keep mute. The only work they do is to go through other people's posts and comments.They say nothing probably because they have nothing really to say.

4. The Anonymous
No display picture, no status update.... for crying out loud, it is social media; they supposed to be social but no they are not. They are just been secretive or some would say they are displaying a high level of maturity?

5. The Stalkers
They are there to know what members of the group are up and about. Sometimes they go through the display pictures of members of the Whatsapp group just to feed their curiosity and 'taste buds'

6. The Smileys
They rarely say anything. Most times they use smileys to convey their thoughts. They are very good with the use of smileys.

7. The Rule breakers
Most Whatsapp groups have rules and regulations that guide the group but the rule breakers take no heed. From hate speeches to inciting religious posts to blackmailing posts, they break rules until the admin remove them from the group.

8. The Private chatters
It is group for crying out loud, must they announce that they would private chat another to make others curious or left wondering? They could have silently message whoever they wanted to without letting others know what they what up to.

9. The Bored ones
They are only active on the Whatsapp group to ease their boredom. At other times, they are busy with other activities with little or no time for Whatsapp messaging.

10. The Oppressors
The display pictures are always on fleek. It is a show off of their daily or life activities. This is for mostly the fashionistas or those that engaged with many activities.

11. The Impatient ones
Yes, they are impatient. Who gets added to a Whatsapp group and after one or three posts, leaves? It is more annoying when you make a comment, and suddenly some one leaves the group. You would be like- did I say something wrong?

12. The Lazy ones
They are lazy to type. I mean, how would one still be using social media shorthand to write? That's the height of laziness. Good enough, phones have auto correct to help typing fast, so what's the laziness about?

13. The 'Shellers'
They don't want to be left out. So to show  they have a voice and are 'English professors' in their own right, they end up 'shelling' on the WhatsApp group. Sometimes they are excused because it could have been the fault of their device or autocorrect became autowrong.

14. The Latecomers
They are usually the last to chip in their thoughts so that other members of the group would record that they added their comment. They might just end up starting another chat history.

Who did I leave out? Add yours

Sunday, 19 August 2018

11 Types of People you find in the Marketplace

photo credit: The Trent

I  devised a strategy when going shopping in the marketplace- you don't dress too expensively less the seller would use that to determine your worth.  It actually works most times because the seller tends to increase the prices of her/his wares after she/he 'sizes' you up to know whether he/she made a good catch.

Interestingly, I buy things impulsively sometimes. At other times, it could be deliberate. When It falls into the later, I just deck up a tee shirt, shorts or trousers as it were and slippers and dash to the market. That way, the seller might not be able to tell or have an idea of your kind of person.

Funnily enough, it is at such times when I am 'too casual' that I get to meet people  I know on the way. It is annoying that times when you put so much effort into your dressing and look 'glammed up', you don't get to see familiar faces and nobody tends to notice.

Well, the essence of the casual look is to get a good bargain and not come off too wealthy less the seller uses it against one.

In the marketplace, I noticed that there are certain people you find. See them below and identify your category ;)

1. The Window Shoppers
These people have no intentions of buying anything. They are just there to know the prices of commodities. Hoping from stall to stall,  shop to shop, they inquire the cost of goods and services as it were. And off they go!

2. The 'No Time' Shoppers
They buy from their port of call-the very first seller they meet. They don't have time to go around the market, comparing prices and standards of goods or commodities. They usually leave the market in a jiffy. They get there, get want they want and disappear.

3. The Prudent Shoppers
These ones take time. Unlike the 'No time' shopper, they go from stall to stall, comparing and bargaining prices of commodities, ensuring that they make the best bargain and get value for their money.

4. The 'Lazy' Shoppers
They would prefer to send someone else to do their shopping for them. In some cases, you have to lie that you are not available or going to the market or they would cajole you to help them to do 'small' shopping for them. These set of people also have errand boys and girls that can do their shopping for them.

5. The Online Shoppers
They belong to the new school. they are conversant with the latest technologies. They have all the apps for online shopping. Everything is done online from shopping to payment to delivery. They live in a fast-paced environment and cannot be tied to traditional methods.

6. The 'Forgetful' Shoppers
They forget their list and end not buying all they wanted to buy. At times, they buy want is unneeded and other times, go out of budget.

7. The 'Sharp' Shoppers
They have a programmed memory. They do not need any list. They have everything in their memory. They are so used to going to the market that they do not need to scribble down any list.

8. The 'Mall' Shoppers
For them, they prefer going to the mall to buy what they need than go to the market. They have the advantage of dodging the harsh weather condition, be it rain or sunshine. The only issue they may face is long queues during peak periods of sales.

9. The 'Regretful' Shoppers
Have you ever bought something, only to find better ones or fresher ones (in terms of perishable commodities)? Well, then you fall into these set of people. It is usually wise to 'sample' all corners of the markets to search for the best to get the best.

10. The 'Undecided' Shoppers
They are usually indecisive. They do not how to choose what they want. Most times, they prefer going with someone more 'experienced' in shopping to help them in making their choice.

11. The 'Persuaded' Shoppers
These set of people like being persuaded to buy stuff. If the seller does not beckon to them or persuade them, forget it, they would not be moved to buy anything.

Having said these, which shopper are you or which one did I leave out?

Saturday, 1 July 2017

11 types of people you find in banks

Photo Credit: Peace Ben William Blog

It was a long weekend; very much needed for rest and to prepare, plan and project for the coming working days.Since money had been spent over this weekend, I needed to dash to the bank to get some money to sustain my expenses.

 Do you know that the bank is a drama house? You meet different kinds of people with different occupations, agendas and motives. Besides, whenever there is a gathering of different people, drama is bound to abound. Brings me to the list of certain peoole you find in virtually any banking hall, they include:

1. The Latecomers
 Banks normally close at 4.00 p.m but somehow they just seem to get there late. These people might have been victims of poor planning or we could blame it on traffic or just some other pressing engagement that took most of their time. They may resort to begging the security guards for favours that is if these men in uniform would listen to their pleas.

2. Biro borrowers
I mean you are coming to the bank, you would need a pen! Okay, may be it didnt occur to them but thses people borrow pens in the banking halls. The most annoying thing is when you have to beg for your biro to be returned or you cant find the person who borrowed your pen again.

3. The Rule breakers
 They jump the queues. They do not respect other people. They also disobey bank rules like receiving calls in the banking hall e.t.c. These people just believe in  ''playing smart'' and think they are immune to any form of sanctions.

4. ''Pepper dem gang''a.k.a Slay Mamas
With their make ups on fleek, latest hairdos, trendy clothes, these people particularly ladies make heads turn in the banking hall. Most times they get preferential treatment from the men folk because of their sex appeal. They might be the reason a  jealous female worker would deliberately delay people or develop attitude towards them when on the queue waiting for their turns to carry out their transactions.

5. The  Complainers
 For them, they would always remember the ''good old days'' when everything seemed good. They would complain of poor customer service, bad network , poor delivery , lack of infrastructure and everything else that has to do with the particular bank. As if that is not enough, they start making comparisons with other banks that appear to do better than the one they are patronising.

6. The Door Rejectors
At times you wonder if the bank is out to get them out because no matter the number of metals they remove form their body and personal belongings, they are rejected at the entrance. Most times, protocoal have to be broken for them to gain entrance.

7. The Seat occupiers
 They are in the bank to occupy the available seats that because  they simply accompanied the bank user to the bank. So instead of loitering around ,they deem it best to take a seat and wait for their friend, relative or colleague or whomever they came with.

8. The Unschooled
These people are in need of assistance. You might want to appear to arrogant showing that you are learned when they approach you for help on what to do , how to do, what to write, where to go.........Sometimes you find them at the ATM struggling on how to carry out an operation. You have to be careful that you don't laugh when they start ''blowing fuse'' with their bad English grammar.

9. The Not Interested
No matter what goes on in the banking hall whether good or bad, they would show lack of interest. They are just there top do what they have to do and get out. the complaining, the praises , the dramas, the activities does not in any way interest them. Probably, their mind is somewhere else and on something else. You might even find these set of people stuck with their headphone listening to music.

10.  The Over schooled
Just as we have the ''Not so schooled'', we have the overschooled. They bombard us with ''Big big grammars''. we might consult them for assistance and directions.  They seem to know everything banking.

11. The Uncategorised
We do not know why they are in the banking hall probably to supervise or to observe what is going on. Or they are just there for being there. Well, you never can tell. May be they are on a mission.

Did I leave any one out? Please add yours xoxo