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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Science versus voodoo?

Science versus Voodoo???

Different explanations for the occurrence of phenomena in space.I thought phenomena can be proven scientifically but appears tradition still stands. History makes us know that before the introduction of science, our forefathers practised voodoo (black magic)-as we speak, it is still very rampant. Have you heard of court cases where witnesses are made to swear by Ogun (god of iron) or by the god of that locality? The witnesses are moved  when it comes to swearing to traditional gods than what they practice in their religion. They seem have reverence for the deities.

On a mission to Badagry to collect data for a survey on climate change, engaging in Focus Group Discussion with respondents, I was quick to draw that they believe changing weather patterns is a function of divine powers not climate change as science makes us believe. According to them, it is that serious that ceremonies, social functions can be disrupted if permission and consent of the rainmakers are not granted.

Speaking to one of the respondents that was very lettered, he still believed that the rainmakers could alter climate patterns to suit them. He gave examples of how a wedding was disrupted because the couple failed to appease the rainmakers. The rainmakers had sent a heavy downpour of a sudden in what happened to be a bright sunny day. The wedding guests were running helter skelter for shelter. The wedding cake was almost marred. The white gown of the bride was covered with mud. The wedding had to be solemnized indoors.

Another incident was during an inter-house sport competition. The school compound was not large enough for the competition so we sought space in another school in nearby locality. The name of the place is as fetish as it sounds. This one I witnessed with my two korokoro eyes because I was one of the teachers then.  After so much preparation, the D-day finally came. Immediately the umpire blew the whistle for the commencement of the inter-house sports competition, the rain came down with annoyance. The children had to match in the rain, run in the rain...they did all the sports that could be done in the rain others were cancelled because of the slippery ground and mud.

I didn't understand until another teacher was lamenting. She was like the people in that neighbourhood were very  diabolical to have not allowed the success of the sports. She was also like the principal was to stingy too  and that instead of her to drop something in form of cash or kind  for the village head, she did not. Hence, the rainmakers withheld  their blessings.

Science makes us believe that it is when the clouds are heavy from evaporation that rain falls. Other schools of thought attribute to divine forces. Notwithstanding, climate change is real and visible. It will continue to show its ugly head because of human activities and also physical forces. If properly manage, it would turn out to be a burden. Poverty would be on the increase. Food security would surely be affected. Rural and urban livelihood would be altered. Large influx of migrants to less depressed regions would be the norm.

 When it comes to who controls the forces of nature? Would we say it is backed by scientifically proven theories or black magic as tradition makes us believe or it is something that is only  answerable by religion.

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

How superstitious are superstitions?

Do you believe in superstitions? What are superstitions exactly?   According to Google,Superstitions are the belief in supernatural causality—that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events—such as astrology, religion, omens, witchcraft, prophecies, etc., that contradicts natural science.

 In our advanced world, people tend to draw the line between superstitions and science backed up facts. However, there are people who still hold their superstitious beliefs. You can call them primitive or relics of a lost age. Apparently it works for them.
There are so many I have come across and would be sharing. I wonder if they are valid.

  • Hitting your foot on a stone: Well it is believed that hitting your left foot on a stone unintentionally is inviting a bad omen. That day has a lot of bad things going for the victim. The reverse is the case for the right foot on a stone unknowingly. The victim in this case should expect good things that day-good news, good rewards, good will, good luck

  • Wearing your cloth inside-out: The victim would attract monetary rewards according the belief. Whether it is ones shirt, pants or undies as long as it is inside-out then money was coming to that individual provided it wasn't planned.

  • The use of the left hand:In this part of the world,the use of left hand signifies bad tidings. The giver with left hand obviously does not wish his receiver well by using his left hand and vice versa. Well...I wonder if the giver was giving a cash sum of a million dollars with the left hand would the receiver say no because of the hand the giver used???
  • Breaking a mirror: Hmmmm, don't know but I heard breaking of a mirror amounts to seven years of bad fortune. How true is this?
  • Calling someones name at night: This is like an invitation to witches and wizards to visit that person that night.
  • Putting safety pins on the belly side of pregnant women: The resulting effect was to repel demons and enemies of the unborn child
Caveat Emptor: These are superstitions and have not been proven to be authentic . The choice is yours to know what to believe... you can add yours please!