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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

One of life's lessons...#Finishing well


Borrowing from african rapper number one, M.I's "brother" track, he said " No be how the story start, na how the story end.."

Didn't get it at first but after much thought it made sense. One of life's lessons I learnt was finishing well.
Basically  it is about how the end justifies the means. Every thing in life  is not only about starting well, finishing is more important. Of what use is starting something only to back out towards the end or spoil all efforts.Why waste time and resources when approaching the end? Why throw away all that has been amassed in the course of ones journey when reaching the finishing line?

You know at times a person could start off anything maybe a project or task or examination but towards the end become laid back. I'm speaking from experience...

There was a training I was opportune to be among the selected few. It was organized by a popular multinational bank.The training commenced 8.00am but all participants were supposed to be in training school latest 7.30am. This required my waking up 4.30am everyday and leaving home latest 5.30 am or I would get caught up in serious morning traffic.

Everyday the training finished 6.00pm latest. Going back home, I would face traffic congestion,sometimes it was better off trekking. Getting home, I would be completely fagged out yet I had to make plans for the next day and also set alarm to wake up early.

I noticed that the momentum I started with was fizzling out towards the end of the training. On this particular day, I left home later than usual, I had become laid back. The outcome of such actions is still one of my regrets.

 Scenario Two: Cooking a meal begins with getting all the required ingredients. But you and I know that the meal can only be eaten when it has been finished. The food can not be eaten raw.There is a cooking process and resultant prepared dish to savour.

Finishing is what really matters in the long run. The building of a house requires a solid foundation but it cannot be inhabited on the foundation alone. It is the finished building that makes it habitable.

Do you see athletes, those that make effort to start well and towards the end of the race give it their best shots are the ones who come out tops.

I watched a marathon race. After an athlete had maintained a considerable
lead,he relaxed. Unknown to him, another athlete who had saved the best for the last, over took him and grabbed first position.

It is not everybody that enrolled for a programme in the university that gets to graduate. Those who fall by the way side are those who lost focus and became lazy.

As the year coming to an end, we need to retrospect and make necessary adjustments to area that we would consider to have failed so that we finish well nevertheless.

The energy at the start of a journey should be increasing and not diminishing. What is required is getting to ones destination. Like Jesus, let's hold on and stay strong so that we may boldly say "It is finished" and we finished well!