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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

When he is not just in your league???


So there are some people that cannot fill in the gap no matter what. But they are also God creations naa. Brings me to the story of Sheneneh.

She is a Masters degree holder and works in telecommunications company. Sheneneh is not your everyday lady. She has ambition to go for a PhD degree.She is what we call a very independent woman.Shoes on her feet-she bought it. Clothes she wears-she bought them. House she lives in-she bought it.  For her relationship is 50/50.

That's how the other day, someone came to block her. It was in the bank. She had gone to deposit some money into her account. While she was removing the money from her bag, a flier dropped. She had picked it up and it drew attention she did not expect.

The security man could identify with the flier. It was for an upcoming programme in a church that he attended too.

The guy summoned courage and that's how he started chatting Sheneneh up.
" Do you also attend CCA?"
"CCA?" She answered back with a question.Nigerians and answering question with question.
" I mean Christ Church Apostolic?"
Now she could not lie or feign surprise so Sheneneh answered in the affirmative acknowledging that he must have seen the flier.

It didn't end there he went on .
"I also attend CCA. I am in bible study unit?"
In Sheneneh's mind she was like did I ask you. That's how the security guy was talking until the bomb dropped after she had done what she needed to do at the bank and was on her way out.
"Lemme have your number?" The security lad asked.

Sheneneh had already calculated...two plus two must add up to four oo.This security guard has liver to chike her even with her class.
Sheneneh did not want to appear like a snub so she was "politely rude". In the end,she ended up giving the security guy ela. Meanwhile an onlooker, another customer in the bank started singing "nobody wey no fit too make am" by  Patoranking. Her conscience would not let her be so she went back to the bank to collect his number than give him hers.  At least that was fair enough if she needed him he was among her contacts ko?

It doesn't go because he is not in her league.
Am sure sisters out there can relate to this. There are certain occupations, permit to list them that are not in your league especially if you are educated e.g ("comment reserve")you know now???
But wait shebi Rome was not built in day.And we know that these people are human beings also created by God. Personally, if you are not in my league i might not be good enough especially if you are someone that I would not be proud of. Mind you I am not a snob cos I'm very approachable.
Some guys be like- be doing shakara when you get to a certain age then you realise man na man(any man would do?) because oko won lo de ( translation men are scarce)# Well that's another talk for another day. Back to the matter, are there people you regard out of your league? It is not snobbery, I think its what we should call  ones standard.