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Saturday, 8 December 2018

My Trip To Olumo (God Moulded) Rock (Photos)

It was D-day for the Olumo rock trip -one I anticipated and was eager to go to ever since. The opportunity came and I jumped on it gladly. However, that very day I woke up feeling like a log of wood. I hit my snooze button thrice and on the fourth touch, I got up when I remembered that the Olumo rock trip was not free, it was a paid trip, ding! So would I sacrifice my sweet sleep for a day at the beautiful edifice? Definitely not. I wondered why of all the days the sleep was not as sweet that very day. 

After my usual morning routine, I hit the road dressed in sleeveless black top tucked in Ankara trousers on rubber Gladiator heels. Trust me, I went prepared with my knapsack. Inside it, was my face cap and sunglasses to protect me from the ranging sunrays, a bottle of water, and a book to read if bored, my earphones of course, my music playlist, my phone, a note book and handkerchief. 

We were to take off after church service from the church premises. I could tell it was going to be a good day, first all, I slept well then I bumped into a long time schoolmate that morning, for me that was a good omen and it sure was. 

I think the excitement of going to Olumo rock robbed my concentration of the church sermon. Immediately after service, I rushed to meet with other people going on the trip. As usual we didn't leave at the 'appointed time'. We fell for the 'Nigerian time plague' because logistics and planning was still ongoing. Finally, we left for Olumo rock. 

I must admit I had fun in the journey going because of my interesting bus mates. The journey to Olumo rock from take off point was approximately 2 hours.

Alas, we landed on Olumo rock. The sun welcomed us as it intensified its rays. The tour guide was a jovial chap who was glad to tell us the history of Olumo rock. According to him, Olumo  is Yoruba word 'God moulded'. He also took us down memory lane of the Egba people of Yoruba land who sought fortress in Olumo rock during the time of war in the 19th century. He also show us lovely art works, art designs, tie and dye(adire), accessories, books(It pained me that I didn't buy any), artefacts and others. 

Olumo Rock is located in the ancient city of Abeokuta in Ogun state. For more information,please check Olumo Rock

From the Olumo rock trip,  I learnt that if you want to go fast, you go alone but when you want to go far, you go with others. It was not easy getting to the top of the Olumo rock. I would not lie that I was scared of looking down or climbing the rocks but I overcame my fears. Yes, I learnt strength and overcame fear of heights. 

The laws of motion was applicable it wasn't easy climbing up but  it was much easier going down- same with life, isn't it? 

My shades and face cap were handy, the sun was so overjoyed it baptised us with intense heat but that the stop us from enjoying the adventure. I made new friends, I got a new perspective, mostly I saw the world from the peak, hence I would not be myopic minded anymore..... 

See more photos from the Olumo rock trip below:

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

5 tips on how to travel on a budget

Photo credit: concrete 

Yay!!!First of all, compliments of the season. It is the festive season; a good time to go holidaying. In spite of recession and the present fuel scarcity, you can still make the best of this season.

While many would choose to spend their money on items, others prefer to spend theirs on experiences. Come to think of it, experiences do not fade away, they are evergreen memories that can be cherished forever.

  A good way of having wonderful experience is through travelling. We do know that these days travelling does not come cheap(especially now)  so most people would opt to travel on a budget.

Here are 5 tips on how to travel on a budget without breaking the bank:

1. Do your research
 Adequate planning is necessary for you to make that trip. Most times it is tempting to rush into planning and you might end up going off your budget. The best thing to do is to do a thorough research on your travel destination. Check travel blog posts on the destination, discuss with other travellers that have been to the place to learn from their experiences, spend time reading reviews e.t.c. If a particular mode of transportation is quite expensive, you might want to consider other alternatives that are cheaper but make sure they are credible/ laudable.

2. Sort out your accommodation
The next thing to sort out would be your accommodation. This is not the time to lodge in a five-star hotel.  As you consider your comfort, what is more important is having a place to sleep. So think of cheaper accommodation services in your travel destination. Another thing to consider is your safety.  The surest bet is to contact friends that you can stay with when you travel. That way you save yourself some money. Remember to play a good guest when you are hosted by keeping your space clean, helping with chores and others.

3. Don’t overspend during your stay
Take time to visit tourist attractions that comes with little or no costs.  You could ask the tourist’s guide on how you can maximize your stay without overspending. Hiring a cab driver may incur more costs. This is the time to take shuttle buses or cheap public transport. Try as much to limit your eating out because that might be more expensive. If you are going to staying in your travel destination for more than a day, buy groceries. This would save more cash than eating out at a restaurant.

4. Make money while you travel
 Put on your thinking cap and take hold of this your travelling opportunity to generate other streams of income by running a website, go job hunting in the places you would be visiting, being a freelancer/ virtual assistant, sell products, house-sitting, earning passive income, working remotely and so on.

5. Staying in touch
Make sure your cell phones are handy to communicate with people back home. These days cell phones are quite affordable and easy to buy even for the shortest trip. More so, talk is cheap. You can make phone calls via the internet. This would also be a good time to source for free wifi connections so that you can enjoy a facetime connection without borders. Skype is another option that is good and quite inexpensive.