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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Enroute Gidan Makama

Going on a trip to the emirate city,left me with so much excitement and expectations. My first point of attraction was the museum regarded as Gidan Makama.It was a 20-minutes drive on a bike from my destination in Dala.I just needed to tell the bike man that I was heading for Gidan makama and without blinking twice or scratching his head,he told me to hop in.  On getting to the museum,my hausa sounded shaky so I had made an easy transition to turachi while speaking to the attendants at the gate of the museum. They were very receptive and helpful throughout my visit.

 The museum was situated in the core center of the emirate city and that meant that severe principles were to be adhered to.  It was opposite the emir's palace. I had planned going there but somehow my liver failed me. As lady,I was supposed to be covered up with the hijab. My hair was exposed. Thankfully, I had on trousers and a long top.I was a little bit frightened with the way people were looking at me. They can always decipher a non-indigene from any distance.Obviously,I was the odd one.

Mistake I made was going there solo,it would have been better in the company of people but no one seemed to share my interest and excitement. Trust me, I had my notepad and pen as good company. They are my buddies anytime!

Sadly,it was one of the rules to not take a camera along. My camera phone turned out to be very useful  as I was able to take some shots in the museum.It was as busy as ever with people and children trooping in and out.There was a section that revealed the Islamic faith,another focused on the marriage ceremony-everything that concerns the new bride.The entrance was filled with artifacts that dealt with the history of Northern Nigeria and the existence of Kano state.

There was a guide to escort me around and quench my numerous inquisitive questions.He was very patient and delighted to show me around and explain things in details.There was also a section that showcase the leadership of Nigeria from the the era of colonial rule to the very present day Nigeria.It was a sight to behold.I learnt the names of war tools and how they functioned.It was worth the journey and it was a thrilling experience.

 Kano state is situated in the North Western region of Nigeria.It has been regarded as the land of commerce and according to the last census conducted,it is the most populous state in the country.The people of Kano state are very homely and accommodating.  they are also very religious. Fridays are very sacred. The whole roads are blocked during jumat prayers.They are  also very commercial people. You have dealers of all sorts of merchandise there from clothing to foodstuffs to cosmetic and  aha! jewellery. Then I remember how  I was bugged to get enough jewellery when returning back to Lagos from my trip to the emirate town. You get quality gold and silver in Kano state.Hausa language serves as their communication tool. A large percentage of the inhabitants are the Hausas and the Fulanis. It also houses other tribes like the Igbos (they are everywhere even in Ice land),Yorubas and others.

Gidan Makama Museum is one of the thirty-two Museums under the National Commission for Museums and Monuments of the Federal republic of Nigeria.It is both a National Monument and a Museum. It is known for its traditional architectural excellence. It has superb historical and ethnographic collections on Kanawa civilization and Hausa land in general. Gidan Makama was built in the 15th Century A.D by Emir Abdullahi Burja as residential complex for Rumfa his grandson. Prince Rumfa was later appointed the Makaman Kano, Heir Apparent to the Emir. This explains why the house is referred to as Gidan Makama, though some prefer to refer to the complex as Gidan Rumfa. When Rumfa moved to his new Palace, the subsequent Makama’s continued to use the complex as their Official residence a situation that more or less persists today. The complex was split into three. The West most sectors houses the Museum, while the central area is used by the Makama and the east most area houses two educational Institutions. Read more here

  After my expedition, It was to relax at the mai suya and  mai kilichi joint. Trust me they did justice to the pangs that I was feeling in my tummy.  It was a long fulfilling day and to crown it all was suya and kilichi like never before!