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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Nigerians can run for their lives! Why?

Photo credit: Lade Signatory

I am reminded of the saying: 'Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die" when people virtually freak out at the slightest noise. A spark, a gunshot, an accident can cause a stir and make people run for safety without thinking twice. Life is very precious and besides, it is just one life so why won't one cherish it? But wait...isn't it a Nigerian thing that we are known how to run for our lives at the slightest scare?

This week had been quite eventful. One of the events that was quite striking though was a fire scare. In the course of this week, as I journeyed back home from a stressful day at work in a 'danfo' bus, the last thing on my mind was death but what happened got me thinking about it.

While I was engrossed with the soothing music from my headphones, the conductor was busy 'shadowing'  his passengers. The bus seat that was designed to accommodate four people, had five of us packed together. To make matters worse, the fat man by my side sat with his full weight, opened his legs wide and spread his arms like a king as if he was on his throne.

"Oga, Please adjust... "I politely said to him, hoping he would do the needful.

Thankfully, he adjusted a bit and a bit I heaved a sigh of relief. The journey home inside the bus was meant to last 45 minutes or so. It was not so comfortable but I decided to endure, I after all in no time I would get to my bus-stop.

And then, traffic showed its ugly head and the bus got quite stuffy. Then the bus made a turn into a dusty road to beat this traffic, and from nowhere we heard:

'Fire! Fire!! Fire!!! "From an unidentified person up to this moment.

That was how everyone started scampering without verifying the cause for alarm. There was no time to form James Bond moves or act CIA agent.  It was quite a struggle to get out of the bus, passengers were pushing, jumping over others. Those who were impatient sought another alternative and flew out through the bus window!  The conductor of the bus was the first to run for his life! He left his passengers to sought themselves out. And where was I during the whole incident? Still inside the bus? Your guess is as good as mine.

Just imagine, it was later discovered that it was a wave of dust that was the supposed fire outbreak. And where was the false witness, he had disappeared into thin air otherwise he would have received the beating of his life to reset his brain to stop playing pranks on people.

That's how bus loaded with people; both young and old alike got pranked. As annoying as it was, it was funny. All passengers re-entered the bus after confirming that they were fooled and we started laughing at ourselves.
This reminds me of two other scenarios. One was during my undergraduate days. I was in the company of my course mates,  chatting all the way as we headed for lectures on the popular tech road in University. The next thing, we saw a group of students running towards us, without thinking my friends and I followed suit. We all ran for our lives without asking what was going on?

Different things came to mind that suggested worst case scenarios. Who knows maybe the lion in the zoo had escaped? Or were cultists displaying? Or did a Masquerade go loose?  These and many more worst imagined scenarios crossed my mind at that instant.

It was embarrassing when we later discovered that they were running because they wanted to get the available limited seats in the lecture room. And my friend and I didn't bother to know what was wrong, we just joined them to run away!

The other scenario was on day one at the Lagos Fashion Design Week show. During the introduction of one of the designer's collection, the lighting started to spark. While I was still observing and trying to understand if the situation was very critical, my colleague had already disappeared. Funny enough, we sat at distance from the stage where the lighting was sparking. So if it was going to be so bad, the people close to the stage were likely to be much affected. But those of us that were far off were the ones to 'pick race' first.

As the lighting continued to spark, the hall started getting scattered with everyone trying to get out at the same time. Few minutes later, it was announced that the lighting issue, which was a minor issue had been sorted out. So I picked my phone to call my colleague to inform her. Imagine! She was already outside the venue by the gate, ready to go home. According to her, she cannot risk her life for her job when she has a loving family and glorious future!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Can you work for a younger boss?

Photo credit :Shuttershock

Even though we are made to believe that age is just a number, it is very serious issue particularly in the African setting. Those older usually have the lion's share and the best of everything. They are more privileged, believed to be more experienced, matured and of course responsible.
In some cases,  it is believed that older people are more ripe for marriage than younger people because they appear to be  better off in their choices having had their share of life experiences.
 How about in the work place? Ideally, one is supposed to have a boss that is older and more experienced. That way you don't feel intimidated or envious. And then the workplace would be conducive and less tense since you know your place. But what happens when it is the reverse?
For Betty, as she welcomed the new year, it was time for her to make a shift from her comfort zone in her workplace. Having spent five years in the same position,with no promotion, no form of visible growth and to top it all boredom of the highest order due to doing the same routine week in, week out, she thought it best to seek for another job. This time, she aimed for a higher position with obviously a higher pay in a new establishment.
She was fired up. You know the new year feeling, when you feel motivated to pursue new goals. One of her goals was to make the switch into better establishment with better opportunities, exposures, skill acquisitions and mouth-watering worker's package.
As she made adjustment to her CV, she embarked on a job search, sent in her applications, kept her fingers crossed while hoping for positive outcomes. Soon, her phone beeped, it was a message that she had been shortlisted for a job interview in three days time.
Her next move was to prepare for the interview as the day drew closer. The day before her interview, after ironing her wear for the interview, she packed all the needed items into her handbag. Looking at the mirror, to see her facial expressions and body language  as she rehearsed possible answers, she felt confident that she would definitely get the job.
Fast forward to the D-day, she woke up quite earlier than usual, performed her morning routines and left for the job interview. Thankfully, she got there on time. She would have been disappointed if she had allowed the traffic show its ugly head. She was the first candidate at the job interview. That was a good sign for her.  Taking a deep breath before she was called upon, Betty maintained her composure and calmness.
Then, the time drew near and she was ushered in to meet the interviewer. As she opened the door, she was shocked to her bone marrow. The interviewer was a much younger lady than herself. Betty was in her mid thirties and the interviewer should be around her mid twenties. In her mind, she was like 'What does this  one know?'
Looks can be deceiving, true! but she was sure than she was very much older than the interviewer. She had already started calculating how she would be saying 'Yes Ma' and taking orders from this young lady.
Based on the research that she conducted on the establishment, she was expecting to meet with the Managing Director. It was later that she learnt the person had retired recently before handing over to his daughter and that was the person interviewing her.
Even though, several thoughts were going through her head, Betty carried on with the interview professionally. She saw that the lady in question, even though younger, demonstrated competence, high level of expertise and IQ. She didn't know whether she would like to work for someone younger than herself.
Being the eldest child in her family, she wasn't answerable to her younger siblings,  who looked up to her for virtually everything. This was going to be a tough pill to swallow if she lands the job.
As she left the place of her job interview, pride crept in and Betty muttered that she would not like to work for someone younger than herself. It was 'unto the next one for her'. She took time to  google her interviewer name and what she saw was very impressive. Her academic and professional qualifications were no where near hers yet she was older. For her, it was a wake up call, to acquire more skills, do a professional course, go for a higher degree, anything to step up her game but working for her junior, obviously a no-no.
On the flip side of side,  we see older women getting married to much younger men acknowledging them as the  head and being submissive, so then why is it difficult for people to work for younger bosses in the workplace?

Friday, 15 December 2017

#WCW: Check out 10 beauty looks from media guru, Mo Abudu

I remember I got glued to the television screen watching the delectable Mo Abudu on her show-Moments with Mo as she hosted great people from different walks of life. 

Then, her favourite mantra;' If you can think it, you can be it' stuck in my subconscious and became my watchword. From there, I got endeared to her personality and went on aquest to learn from her and what makes her thick.

Asides her business acumen, eloquence and accomplishments, Mo Abudu is a beauty to behold. Mind you, she is not just a pretty face, she is what we would call a " 'Three-in - one' woman". 

The University of Westminster graduate proved to her naysayers that you can be a combination of beauty and brains. With several awards and of late, the IoD Entrepreneurship award off her shelf, Mo Abudu is a woman to reckon with. 
She wears her many caps effortlessly and is indeed a role model to many.

As we celebrate this icon, we take a look at her as she gives us different shades of her beauty with make up on fleek as always. From nude to bold to subtle to flirty make up, we can't help but appreciate her beauty. 

Take a look at 10 beauty looks of Mo Abudu. Which is your favourite? 

Photo credit: Instagram @moabudu

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What's the difference between 'being educated' and 'getting an education'?

Here are some things I think does not make you appear educated:

Kindly watch this short impromptu video then come back to read:

  • You use the toilet without flushing.

  • You defecate in the bush along the express way
  •  You urinate by the roadside and by people's fences.

  • You throw waste from your vehicle or from inside a bus.

  • You think using swear words is fly.

  • You make noise while eating.

  • You don't apply what you learnt in school.

  • You go through school but do not let school go through you.

  • You scratch your groins in public.

  • You yell at the top of your voice when receiving or making calls in a public place.

  • You disobey traffic lights.

  • You take one-way roads.

  • You don't mind spitting anywhere and anyhow.


  • You are one of those guys that think a woman's place is only in the kitchen and that she is none other than a baby producing factory.

  • You blame the government for everything!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

#WomanCrushWednesday: Check out 8 beauty looks from super diva, Kate Henshaw

The first thing that captivates you about Nollywood actress,  Kate Henshaw is her endearing smile and the gaiety of her laughter which is so infectious. Do you know that this beautiful actress, who is also a fitness guru, is also a very good dancer? Follow her on Instagram and watch videos of her busting those moves and you are hooked! 

Kate Henshaw  was born in Cross River and is the oldest of four children.  She had her early school education in Lagos and Calabar. Although she enrolled in University of Calabar to study Medical Microbiology, she later ventured into acting when she auditioned and landed a lead role in the movie-When the Sun sets. That was how her journey into acting began.

Having starred in over 45 movies, Kate Henshaw  remains one of the most soughted-after actresses in Nollywood.  She is the recipient of several awards and endorsement deals.

On the red carpet, Kate Henshaw always the graces events with her presence, outfit and style. In celebration of her, she is our  woman crush this Wednesday. So I bring to you eight beauty looks of this diva. See them below:

Which is your favourite? 

Photo credit: Instagram @k8henshaw

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

10+ 2 things you would find in my handbag


I know some guys be like whatever! duh*!@??? wetin concern me? and all that but notwithstanding decided to share. I heard that men are not supposed to check a woman's bag. Probably for the fear of seeing the unexpected(P.A.D and co...)All join.. .
Women have been known to carry all manners of things in their handbag. Women of different shapes and sizes rock handbags that also come in different sizes, shapes and brands. A woman's dressing is never complete without her handbag. Don't know about you but handbag is a must for me when I am going out. If at all, at all then I must carry a purse.

A little flashback, a friend of mine came visiting and she was all dressed up. She was literally dressed to kill and to add more elegance, her handbag totally slayed her looks. Playfully, I took her handbag to scrutinise its contents and then something made me to open it. Lo and behold, the only thing in her handbag was maize cob.:...Hmmm laugh wan scatter my belle that day.

So I ask her why now?
She was like the bag was too big and that she had to put something inside to make it balance. Okay, that being said, so allow me to let you into things in my bag:

1. Earphones: As a diehard music enthusiast particularly of the new school, I may state that I can hardly do without my earphones. Music is like food to me. I hear it everyday. It gives me joy ,energizes and motivates. Asides music, I use my earphones to listen to sermons.

2. Biro: I love writing. As an undergraduate/Postgraduate while others would be photocopying notes, I would rather spend time copying notes in my handwriting. I just love writing. Biro or pencil helps me write ideas and my to-do lists. Remember, the shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory.

3. Notepad: Biro and notepad go together definitely. They are complimentary.

4. Powder: There was a time I dreaded looking at the mirror because I was always having pimples. Thank God, gone are those days because now I carry my powder that comes with mirror to occasionally look at myself and appreciate God's beauty and also to do touch ups.

5.Hanky: For those of us who sweat-thanks to the tropical climate in this part of the world where we come from. Handkerchiefs helps to blot oil and clean sweat.

6. Purse: It contains my ID cards, passport and key. And then, I keep the money for daily use in it.

7. My phone: This is another item that I hardly forget. As humans we must communicate so I always ensure that my phone is in my bag.

8.Bottled water:  Water is the universal solvent. Studies show that a large percentage of the human body is made up of water.More so, water has been proven to help the body immensely in a number of ways-good skin, relieves stress, aids hair growth and more.

9. Mint chewing gum: I tend to keep these in my bag. Sometimes I experience dryness of the mouth so I use mint chewing gum to the rescue. It also helps my breath stay fresh#IDoNotHaveBadBreathSha

10. Book: I think I should have been nicknamed akwukwo. I tend to carry book(s) to give my bag a little weight and to read when bored. These days most of the reading is done online but I try to go the traditional way from time to time.

11.Shades:  I like to protect my eyes and at the same time look chic. A pair of sunglasses or normal glasses does the magic for me.

12. Tissue paper: It is a tale of once bitten twice shy. After I had a running tummy one time, the tissue became a sure buddy.
So its a wrap from me. Those are the main things you get to find in my handbag.For the ladies, what do you have in yours? For guys, what do you carry in your bags, too? Please share....