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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Rural versus Urban

 In the Oba's palace

Sometimes I question myself on which is better-rural life or urban life? Having gone on a trip to the rural area, Apa settlement to be precise in Badagry West local council area, I was kinda confused. Seeing women twice younger my age with children. At a point, I was like which is important-  education,career or raising children. We both had something that made us envious of each other. Seriously, it appears that there is a trend that we seem to follow. It is like during adolescence  and labour years the urban centre proves attractive but at retirement there is need to return to the rural life.

So what makes urban- urban? It has many infrastructure in terms of good roads, medical facilities, better communication network, housing, recreational facilities, financial and educational facilities. It has prospects for better job opportunities. Take the case of Lagos, it has been reported that daily about 3000 people migrate to the centre of excellence daily.  What exactly are they seeking for?  Greener pastures! There is the perception that the urban centre holds possibilities for many business ventures. Surprisingly, when one persons hammers in a one industry, others follow suit e.g pure water business, make- up,event planning e.t.c. There is competition for virtually everything.

On the other hand, the rural centre is basically devoid of everything that is obtainable in the urban centre. The habitants are used to primitive ways of doing things. Well...we are in 21st century and things have taken a u-turn. Nevertheless, the rural cannot compete with the urban in all ramifications.There is a knowledge gap. Most of the populace are into blue collar jobs. The white collar jobs are being reserved for their counterparts in the city.

The good thing about rural life is that it is devoid of congestion.  They play a key role in the development of any society. Rural areas are the food basket of any society. Their focus is primarily on agricultural activities. They provide the raw materials for industries to transform to finished products for consumers.

 Urban areas tend to be overpopulated. Traffic and housing congestion is peculiar to the urban centres. There is also high rates of crime and lawlessness in the urban centers.  There is competition for who lives in  the biggest mansion, drives the poshest cars, wears the designers and works in the best organisation.The rural people are in no competition with their neighbours. Unlike the urban centres,  there is the rush to hammer. The air in the rural area is fresh doesn not constitute carbon monoxide emissions. Food stuffs are cheaper and fresher in the rural areas because it is from the source. Land full brekete but some people would prefer to buy land in the happening areas in the city. Land remains an asset and  is invariable affordable in the rural areas.

My trip to Apa settlement in Badagry West left me thinking on the subject of rural life and urban life. Would I love to live in a rural area and forfeit the strife, stress, excitement and dramas of urban areas.Back to my expedition to Apa settlement, the people were very homely and accommodating. They were willing to oblige me and my accomplice. We went there for research mission but took time to visit the Oba's palace. Trust me, it was the right thing to do. We had to remove our sandals before entering the palace. As I lady, I was told to remove my cap. Funny enough, we didn't get to see the Oba's but we were able to grab some snapshots at his palace as you see below.

Is the rural areas meant for people who have retired and want to stay away from the stress of city life? Can the youth make it in the rural area? Why does the rural area seem so underdeveloped? Why is there large influx of people into the city? All these questions are not JAMB questions but require honest evaluation and reply.

As far as I am concerned, both the rural and urban area are important. Concentration should not only focus on the urban areas at the detriment of rural areas. There is the need for the creation of prosperous cities. rural areas should also be made attractive  and developed for human capacity building.
 Pictures are below;
 In the midst of  the Oba's awards and throne


 And  a Holy Bible was on the throne and the  two  seats at the sides had the Holy Quran

 Some portraits of the past Obas
 Beside the portrait  of the current King-Oba Oyekan Ajose Ilufemiloye Possi III

Visitors shown around

More portraits

 More awards and artifacts

The king's subjects seats

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

On Geography Field Trips

On Boat Trip # This is not my real face oooh

 Rural Life
Geography is dynamic. It remains one of the most versatile courses. Reason that it can fit anywhere, it is evident everywhere and applied everywhere.
Geography is tied to the question of what, when, where and why.
As we speak, new geography findings are evolving daily.

As a geographer, my learning is not limited to the classroom alone. I get the chance to explore and go on field trips.On this fateful day, I had gone on field trips with my amiable lecturers and colleagues. We set out very early. As early as 6.30am.Destination was Badagry, one of the coastal areas in Lagos.

Every one of us was delegated to perform different roles. For me, it was the administering of questionnaires. The questionnaires were structured to know about climate trends in the study area,demography, impacts of climate change on land and vegetation and description of the area in time past.
Trust me it came with challenges.First of all, I was not fluent in the native dialect-egun yoruba. Thankfully, I got help and assistance from the team.
 (a) Soil Samples ( b)  Discussing with respondents

Looking at the respondents who form the rural populace, they seemed satisfied with their lifestyle.
There was no traffic.The air was fresh. The area was peaceful and calm. No noise or the usual b laring of. Vehicles horn, rantings from bus conductors And roadside loudspeakers.Not the usual Lagos hustle and bustle. Food was pure-fresh fish and vegetables.  But I ask myself can I live in rural area?*Scratching my head.Women in their teens and early twenties were already mothers.Leaves me wondering which is more important-school or having children??? It was an open show of breastfeeding, they did not send anybody. Farming and breastfeeding, walking and breastfeeding, too.
The field trip was strictly business before pleasure. We had gone to the field with light breakfast of sliced bread and sardine. By the time we were done, hunger entered gear five.
I love adventure. I got to see life from the rural people's lens. Their buildings and livelihood differ from what I was used to.

Entering a boat on the sea, was the height of the field work. It brought so much satisfaction sailing on the sea.
As much as we went to the field for research, we bonded with the people met and took their contacts for future benefits. After working, we stopped at mama put to attend to the hunger pangs.It was amala and egusi for me .Two wraps did the magic. May be others went for more. We could not return to the campus that same day so we spent the night at a guest house close by. I love the fact that the rooms were labelled according to different African countries. Guess where I spent the night-in Nambia.

"Namibia" was tastefully furnished.It also had a frame telling me more about the country. Slept like a log of wood. Had to wake up early next morning to head back to destination. Then it would be for analysis.
At the end of it all, it was a thrilling experience.Geography is life. Life is Geography!