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Saturday, 8 December 2018

My Trip To Olumo (God Moulded) Rock (Photos)

It was D-day for the Olumo rock trip -one I anticipated and was eager to go to ever since. The opportunity came and I jumped on it gladly. However, that very day I woke up feeling like a log of wood. I hit my snooze button thrice and on the fourth touch, I got up when I remembered that the Olumo rock trip was not free, it was a paid trip, ding! So would I sacrifice my sweet sleep for a day at the beautiful edifice? Definitely not. I wondered why of all the days the sleep was not as sweet that very day. 

After my usual morning routine, I hit the road dressed in sleeveless black top tucked in Ankara trousers on rubber Gladiator heels. Trust me, I went prepared with my knapsack. Inside it, was my face cap and sunglasses to protect me from the ranging sunrays, a bottle of water, and a book to read if bored, my earphones of course, my music playlist, my phone, a note book and handkerchief. 

We were to take off after church service from the church premises. I could tell it was going to be a good day, first all, I slept well then I bumped into a long time schoolmate that morning, for me that was a good omen and it sure was. 

I think the excitement of going to Olumo rock robbed my concentration of the church sermon. Immediately after service, I rushed to meet with other people going on the trip. As usual we didn't leave at the 'appointed time'. We fell for the 'Nigerian time plague' because logistics and planning was still ongoing. Finally, we left for Olumo rock. 

I must admit I had fun in the journey going because of my interesting bus mates. The journey to Olumo rock from take off point was approximately 2 hours.

Alas, we landed on Olumo rock. The sun welcomed us as it intensified its rays. The tour guide was a jovial chap who was glad to tell us the history of Olumo rock. According to him, Olumo  is Yoruba word 'God moulded'. He also took us down memory lane of the Egba people of Yoruba land who sought fortress in Olumo rock during the time of war in the 19th century. He also show us lovely art works, art designs, tie and dye(adire), accessories, books(It pained me that I didn't buy any), artefacts and others. 

Olumo Rock is located in the ancient city of Abeokuta in Ogun state. For more information,please check Olumo Rock

From the Olumo rock trip,  I learnt that if you want to go fast, you go alone but when you want to go far, you go with others. It was not easy getting to the top of the Olumo rock. I would not lie that I was scared of looking down or climbing the rocks but I overcame my fears. Yes, I learnt strength and overcame fear of heights. 

The laws of motion was applicable it wasn't easy climbing up but  it was much easier going down- same with life, isn't it? 

My shades and face cap were handy, the sun was so overjoyed it baptised us with intense heat but that the stop us from enjoying the adventure. I made new friends, I got a new perspective, mostly I saw the world from the peak, hence I would not be myopic minded anymore..... 

See more photos from the Olumo rock trip below:

Thursday, 11 January 2018

#NewYearBodyGoals: Detox with Bitterleaf juice

Photo credit : youngandraw

Happy new year! After a wonderful feast during the festivities, it is time to listen to ones body. A good way to do so is by detoxification, which is a type of alternative medicine treatment that aims to rid the body of unspecified "toxins". Not bad if you ask me since we might be having #NewYearBodyGoals. Without spending money of drugs and medicines, you can make do so with the bitterleaf plant right at your back yard!

Now, bitter-leaf, botanically known as  vernonia amydalina, is an ubiquitous plant. To the  Igbos, it is called Onugbu, to the Hausas, it is known as Shirakawa while the Yorubas call it Ewuro.  It is called Bitterleaf because of its bitterness from the leaves to the stems to the roots and bark.

This plant is used as a delicacy mostly in the eastern part of Nigeria. However, it is not just a delicacy, it has medicinal value.

The bitter-leaf plant contains Vernodalin, Venomygdin and Saponins, which is good for the body system particularly  the kidney and liver.    It is advisable to take your bitter leaf juice  fresh.  Most times, boiling or cooking reduces the potency of most herbs.

When you have a sweet tooth, ice cream, chocolates, cakes and everything sweet become quite appealing but from time to time, it is good to detox ones system particularly the liver and kidney. The extract from bitter leaf i.e.juice is one way to detox your body from all toxins and impurities.

Below are some of the many uses of bitter leaf juice:

Pound the fresh leaves in a mortar and press out the juice. Add a pinch of salt to three tablespoons of the undiluted juice and drink to stop the stomach ache.

Skin Infection:
For skin infections such as ring worm, itching, rashes and eczema, the pure, undiluted extract of bitter leaf is excellent. Simply apply it to the affected part daily.

Bitter leaf juice does not only reduces the sugar-level, it also helps to repair the pancreas. Simply squeeze ten handfuls of the fresh leaves in ten liters of water and take two glasses thrice daily for one month, this amounts to six glasses daily.

Loss of Memory
To cure memory loss, take one glass thrice daily for a least two months.

Prostrate Cancer
Prostrate cancer is common among men who are over forty years old. Its symptom is difficult and painful urination, among others. Bitter leaf is very good for this ailment.  It increases the flow of urine and reduces the pain, as well as regulates the spread of the cell. Simply squeeze the fresh leaves in water and take a glassful four times daily.

General Weakness:
For vitality and vigour, squeeze the bitter leaves in water and take a glass thrice daily. Be sure to experience a new lease of energy.

Bitter leaf solution calms the nerves, strengthens the muscles and cleanses the system.

Squeeze the fresh leaves of the plant in water.  Take a glass-full thrice daily. Warm the solution on fire each time before drinking. Remember, do not boil, just warm. Then continue the medication for a month.

Bitter leaf extract has done wonders for those suffering from sleeplessness. Simply take two glasses of bitter leaf solution every night.  You will experience great calm and well being.  You may add a little honey if needed.

Arthritis or rheumatism patients who have tried bitter-leaf solution as described above attest to its effectiveness.  It soothes inflamed joints and eliminates the pain.