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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

But all that glitters is not gold now

What's up with ladies and material things? From my own angle, it is not just a lady's thing. It applies to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Truth be told, everybody desires the good things of life-lots of money, fancy clothes, luxuriously furnished mansion, posh cars, latest gadgets and the list is endless. The desire is not bad but when it becomes out of control or one has to break a bank then wahala dey!

These days people want to cut corners to have access to wealth. They don't want to go through the process. The process could be long and quite stressful but that what makes the journey interesting. When the opportunity presents itself to get wealthy and live large, one would not think twice before grabbing it, myself inclusive.

Brings me to the point that keeping up with the Joneses.  Trying to gain acceptance and recognition. Like they say all na for show. Have you come across persons who drive posh cars but can afford to fuel it? They still beg for transport fares from their friends who live ordinarily. What of those that use the latest phone but still borrow people's phone to browse because they cannot buy data for their latest gadget.

What's the point of wearing designers clothes and you still beg for meals? Is it not  pointless driving a very expensive car and yet the person remains a tenant?

All these show that all that glitters is not gold. Some people are simply living other people's lives. They are faking it. The rule of fake it to make it does not apply here.

On one fateful day, I came across a display picture, where a girl gave a dude wrong number after he had toasted her in a shopping mall. Obviously, the girl in question was not interested in him and all his gibberish talk. So she had formulated wrong numbers and had given him to sha drive him away. But the moment she saw him enter a homer jeep, the story took a new twist. The girl left all that she was doing and pursued him in the jeep screaming that she had given him wrong numbers. This harm could be undone because the jeep had sped off leaving the poor girl regretful.

My point is why is she so sure that the guy is the owner of the jeep? For crying out loud, he could have been a driver or something?Or he could have borrowed his friend's or uncle's jeep to impress people at the mall. My candid advice to the girl-take chill pills,  remember all that glitters is not gold...